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Study the table below

Clothes   Outer garments Parts of clothes and their types
clothes, garments, wear, dress, outfit, ladies' wear, men's wear, children's wear, baby clothes, footwear, headgear, underwear, beachwear, sportswear, sleepwear, winter clothes, summer clothes; casual clothes, formal clothes, expensive clothes, cheap clothes; nice clothes, shabby clothes, designer clothes, hand-made clothes, ready-made clothes, fashion, vogue, haute couture winter coat, warm coat, fur coat, sheepskin coat, storm coat, parka, snowsuit, coat, topcoat, overcoat, trench coat, raincoat, waterproof (coat), slicker, leather jacket, bomber jacket, car coat, windbreaker, windcheater, sports jacket   collar, turtleneck collar, shawl collar, stand-up collar, V-neck, crew neck, collarless, sleeve, long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless; padded shoulders, cuffs, pocket, front pocket, back pocket, side pocket, patch pocket; slash pocket, inside pocket  
Underwear, hosiery, sleepwear, robes Ladies' clothes  
panties, bikini, bra, slip, half slip, briefs, underpants, undershirt, pantyhose, tights, leggings, stockings, socks, slouch socks, knee-high socks, pajamas, sleep shirt, nightgown, housecoat, robe, bathrobe, terry-cloth robe casual dress, formal dress; summer dress, woolen dress, cocktail dress, low-cut dress, evening dress, evening gown, business suit, pants suit, button-through dress, pinafore dress, house dress, maternity wear, maternity dress, jersey, cardigan; jacket, vest, blouse, shirt, tunic, T-shirt, tank top, halter top, skirt, miniskirt, long skirt, pleated skirt, black skirt, culottes, pants, slacks, trousers, jeans, denims, shorts, bathing suit, swimsuit, jumpsuit, warm-up suit


2. Cross out the odd word in each block of words:


a) car coat, windbreaker, patch pocket , windcheater, sports jacket, slicker

b) house dress, maternity wear, blouse, tunic, halter top, headgear

c) miniskirt, panties, bikini, bra, slip, briefs, underpants

d)stand-up collar, sleeve, cuffs, pocket, windbreaker

e)V-neck, T-shirt, low-cut dress, crew neck, collarless

f) shorts, bathing suit, parka ,halter top, beachwear


3. Look at the pictures. Sign each circle with numbers using the words from the box below. There are some words which were not listed in your vocabulary. What are the words? Explain their meaning in English.


4. Continue the sentences with the words from the vocabulary table


There are different types of winter wear. There are …

To underwear belong…

In summer I like to wear…

I hate when people wear…

There are different types of clothes which suite different occasions…

I would never wear…

Clothes that protect us against rain are …


5. Describe the photos below using the active vocabulary from the table above as well as the useful language box below:






Example: Personally, I don’t like that new trends in animal fashion.

The problem illustrated here is much more series then just an ill-tempered child. It seems to me that in spite of her young age the girl is a fashion victim.






Write an essay to comment on the following statement: "One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress."-Karl Lagerfeld.




Translate the given text into English



Word list


1. A pear shaped woman

2. Baby clothes

3. Back pocket

4. Bathing suit

5. Bathrobe

6. Beachwear

7. Bikini

8. Black skirt

9. Blouse

10. Bomber jacket

11. Bra

12. Briefs

13. Business suit

14. Button-through dress

15. Car coat

16. Cardigan

17. Casual clothes

18. Casual dress

19. Cheap clothes

20. Children's wear

21. Clothes

22. Coat, topcoat

23. Cocktail dress

24. Collar

25. Collarless

26. Crew neck

27. Cuffs

28. Culottes

29. Denims

30. Designer clothes

31. Develop your own sense of style

32. Dress

33. Ear muffs

34. Evening dress

35. Evening gown

36. Expensive clothes

37. Fashion

38. Fashion victim

39. Footwear

40. Formal clothes

41. Formal dress

42. Frilly-tiered skirt

43. Front pocket

44. Fur coat

45. Garments

46. Gloves

47. Half slip

48. Halter top

49. Hand-made clothes

50. Haute couture

51. Headgear

52. Highlight

53. Hips

54. House dress

55. Housecoat

56. Imperfections

57. Impulse buys

58. Inside pocket

59. Jacket

60. Jeans

61. Jersey

62. Jumpsuit

63. Knee-high socks

64. Ladies' wear

65. Leather jacket

66. Leggings

67. Long skirt

68. Long sleeve

69. Low-cut dress

70. Maternity dress

71. Maternity wear

72. Men's wear

73. Miniskirt

74. Muffler

75. Natural waist

76. Nice clothes

77. Nightgown

78. Obeys fads

79. Outfit

80. Overcoat

81. Padded shoulders

82. Pajamas

83. Panties

84. Pants

85. Pants

86. Pants suit

87. Pantyhose

88. Parka

89. Patch pocket

90. Patterns

91. Pinafore dress

92. Plaid skirt

93. Pleated skirt

94. Pocket

95. Precise measurements

96. Problem areas

97. Pull off

98. Raincoat

99. Ready-made clothes

100. Rectangular body type

101. Robe

102. Shabby clothes

103. Shawl collar

104. Sheepskin coat

105. Shirt

106. Short sleeve

107. Shorts

108. Side pocket

109. Skin-tight dress

110. Skirt

111. Slacks

112. Slash pocket

113. Sleep shirt

114. Sleepwear

115. Sleeve

116. Sleeveless

117. Slicker

118. Slip

119. Slouch socks

120. Snowsuit

121. Socks

122. Sports jacket

123. Sportswear

124. Stand-up collar

125. Stick to one’s budget

126. Stockings

127. Storm coat

128. Suit

129. Summer clothes

130. Summer dress

131. Swimsuit

132. Tank top

133. Tape measure

134. Terry-cloth robe

135. Tights

136. To draw the eye

137. Trench coat

138. Trends

139. Trendy pieces

140. Trousers

141. T-shirt

142. Tunic

143. Turtleneck collar

144. Underpants

145. Undershirt

146. Underwear

147. Vest

148. V-neck

149. Vogue

150. Warm coat

151. Warm-up suit

152. Waterproof (coat)

153. Wear

154. Windbreaker

155. Windbreaker

156. Windcheater

157. Winter clothes

158. Winter coat

159. Woolen dress



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