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Using the text above find English equivalents for the words in the box



3. Make up 5 English and 5 Ukrainian sentences using the word combinations from exercises 1-2. One by one read out your sentences for the group to translate them.

Example: I donít like floral print blouses even though they are fashionable in this season.




Round table: share your ideas

Students are invited to take their chairs and to form a circle in the middle of the class. (The teacher is standing out of the circle so that the students could not see him/her.) The teacher voices an idea and fixes 5 minutes for the students. The students are to discuss the idea for 5 minutes. The teacher does not ask particular people to speak. Students speak when they feel like to speak and share ideas, taking turns to speak. They can share their point of view on the given problem, agree or disagree with the previous speaker or start on a new point on the problem. The main requirement for the students is that they should not have a pause longer than 10 seconds. After 5 minutes the students get another topic for discussion.


Ideas to be discussed


Ø fashionable clothes really change the way a person looks

Ø secondhand clothes may also look great

Ø wearing uniforms is a good idea



Watch the video item Ladies Day At Royal Ascot. Cross out the words which were mentioned in the video:






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