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How to choose the clothing colour?

It seems to be very easy, but there are a lot of variants and that is the difficulty. To choose the right colour – means that this colour perfectly combines with your character, mood, style of life and it can make you look even more attractive. Certainly, clothing colours should suit the person.

Task 1. Read the information about the colour combinations and speak about the way you combine colours.

The style and cut of an individual's clothes are only two facets of personal fashion. Clothing colours and their combinations are equally important. Understanding how to mix and match clothing colours can break you out of fashion ruts and give you a new avenue to express your personality through your clothes.

Analogous colours are colours that lie directly next to one another on the color wheel. When worn together, these colours harmonize in such a way that they decrease the visual effect of either colour worn on its own. Analogous colours are best worn when you are looking for eye-catching but understated colour combinations. The key to pairing analogous colours together well is to match the relative darkness or lightness of the hues of the clothing. For instance, blue lies next to green on the colour wheel. Dark blue shades should be paired with dark green shades, while lighter hues of blue should be matched with lighter greens.

Complimentary colours are colours that lie directly opposite to one another on the colour wheel. When these colours are paired together, they act to emphasize the visual effect of both. Because of this, they are good choices when you are aiming for a striking, memorable look. Matching clothing in complimentary colours is more difficult than matching analogous-colored clothing; however, it can be done successfully if you are careful to match similar hues of colors--bright colors with bright colors and softer tones with similarly subdued tones.

Wearing different shades of one colour, such as a blouse, jacket and skirt all in various shades of blue, is another fashionable way to match colours. This type of clothing colour matching works best when the colours are ones that lie directly next to one another on the color wheel.

Task 2. Every person has a natural undertone and it can usually be divided into three categories – warm, cool and neutral. Wearing colours that just don’t flatter you will make you look washed out and tired, even if you’ve had a good eight hours of sleep. Look at the list of colours and choose the ones that match one of the three types of skin tones: red, bright pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue, dark brown, green, beige.


Task 3. What is your favourite colour? The clothing colour can tell us a lot about the man, his personality and even his mood. You can use this knowledge to choose your dressing colours. Below you can find characteristics of some colours. Guess them.

a) It is a very energetic and stimulating colour of live energy. Its activity and passion usually attracts curious and courageous people, who want to have an interesting life and seek for new adventures. Psychologists recommend to wear this colour for cheering up and to impress others.

b) This colour usually suits romantic people who need tenderness. It emphasizes their wish to meet new people. People who wear this colour may often be emotional and selfish.

c) This is a colour of rivalry, unity with the world and people. It suits shy and reserved people, who need confidence and friendship. It can help you to have a rest and to lower high pressure.

d) It is associated with dreams and fulfillment of wishes. Atmosphere of harmony surrounds people wearing this colour.

e) It is primarily a colour of youth and hope. This is a colour of persistent people, sometimes stubborn, accurate and critical, but they are always ready to give a helping hand. It is calming, it helps to concentrate.

f) This colour is chosen by people, who are looking for coziness and the feeling of safety. A wish to overcome a conflict, discomfort or depression is associated with a choice of this colour.

g) People, wearing this colour are stiff and boring, but they are looking for easiness and freedom. This colour symbolizes purity and innocence, but it may also mean emptiness and death.

h) This is the colour of protection from the outside world. It suits the people who are inclined to percept the reality negatively, with a strong desire not to depend on the opinion of others. People who often wear it are frequently depressed or in a bad mood. However, for certain occasions this colour is a must.



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