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Yes, that’s the problem in England.

I know, I know. I know that’s the problem today is that they don’t want to know and they are very skeptical. But things are working out nicely now. You see, what it is after all, God is also anxious that people should get it. Now I’ll tell you how it’s working out. Like the other day, I was not there but My husband saw a program about a comedian who said that he gets a cool breeze –you see, he was talking about his revelation. He said, “Suddenly I started getting cool breeze in my back and I don’t know what it is, but I felt very relaxed and so many people feel relaxed when they sit together with me.” Now, he doesn’t know anything, he’s very vague about the cool breeze, but he, he felt it. That’s a revelation he gives.

Now just before that, a day, two days before, we were discussing amongst themselves and they said, “Mother, how many people you need to have that syndrome?” What is it called as?

[Yogi: The hundred monkey syndrome.]

Hundred monkey syndrome. I hope you have heard about it, that when the hundred monkey learnt a trick, every monkey everywhere started doing that trick, sort of a thing. I said, “It will be very soon.” And just imagine, this fellow started feeling this cool breeze on his back. Now he came on the television, and the television were very, very skeptical as you say – very, very. And I didn’t bother much about it. I said, “The time will come by itself” – because we don’t take any money, and we cannot pay any money for any such things. Now when somebody met them and told them that this program has taken place, there’s somebody who knows all about this thing, immediately they came to Me. And now they want Me to have a program. And once it starts like that, people will come round.

The trouble is, you see, human beings have so much of a barrier of their ego also. They are very insensitive people. Moreover, say, a traditional country like say, Rome, Egypt, I find they are much more sensitive to divinity than to absurd things. You’ll be surprised, in Rome now – we are sitting down here, so I can tell you – in Rome no guru has been successful. No guru has been successful. But when I went there, just seeing My photograph, just seeing My photograph the mayor was so amazed. He said “It’s divinity” – just seeing My photograph. And he took it over, he gave us a hall free, he published it and he made so many posters, he put it all over. And it’s working very well in Rome. But not in England. I have been here for ten years working hard, but English are rather hard people. Doesn’t matter, it will work out.

And then also in Egypt. Egypt is another place which are very traditional people. Another I have found is Greece. They are very traditional, and they – in tradition what happens, you start learning by making mistakes, you see. You believe in Rasputin, you believe in this and believe in that; and then you start understanding what is reality, how we’ll get it. And that’s how they come to it. But here just people read, read, read and they reach nowhere, they are so confused. I don’t blame them for all this. But I must say that they must come to terms with reality and try to understand that you cannot purchase it, first of all, and you cannot work for it. It is a spontaneous, living process of the living God. This is what we have to understand. And once we understand that it will work out, I’m sure. I understand that people are like that.

And you’ll be surprised, I’ve been working ten years in England and we don’t have so many Sahaja yogis as we have in other, other countries. Even France is better, surprisingly. Much better off,France, and Switzerland is much better. But England is the one that is lacking very much, and I’m working very hard here. India of course, is thousand times more. So it’s all right, it will come. English are that way very balanced – sometimes over-balanced, you see! One thing good about them, they know how to laugh at themselves. So it may work out.

[Audience question repeated by a yogi: She says that You said that the gurus often do more harm than good. How do we know that You may not be doing more harm than good?]

Yes, of course, may be, I may be doing, no doubt; you must keep that open. But you can talk to people who are …. Always, when you go to a guru – actually I’ve seen when you come to Me, you ask Me questions, but when you go to these people you go headlong, absolutely headlong. I’ve known people who paid six thousand pounds to go to Switzerland and eat only potato, water of the potato that is boiled. And they lived there without asking a question. That is one of the signs that you are free. Secondly, you must know that what others have been, others have been to Me, what has happened to them. Thirdly, you should know, why should I harm you? What is My advantage? Because I don’t take any money from you, nothing of the kind. By God’s grace, I’m living very well in My life. Perhaps I’m very well-off in life, I don’t need anything from anyone, so why should I do it? On another life where I am, I’m at a very high level, so why should I come to you? For what? What am I going to gain out of you?

So credibility must be established through the disciples. You never see the disciples. You just go headlong because you are mesmerized. You don’t even think about it. You don’t even ask questions. I asked them, “Why didn’t you ask questions, why are you taking six thousand pounds?”

“Oh,” they said, “Mother, we were walking under the blanket.”

And the person who was the head of that organization in Scotland became epileptic, his daughter became epileptic, his wife became epileptic, and he was – he then, then he came to Me. Then he came to Me in that state and I took him, them in My house to cure them.

So those people who have been to Me, like Dr. Warren has been: now he was a patient of high blood pressure, all kinds of things, he got cured – not only, he’s cured many people. And there are so many here who have been helped. People who used to, were alcoholics, drug addicts, this, all of them have become all right. So you must see them and see how they are, and you can see how they talk, how they know. But in any other guru’s place, they – it’s such a hierarchy you cannot even reach them. And somebody who talks is, remembers everything by heart and says something, there’s nothing spontaneous, nothing; they don’t know anything about it.

So credibility must be established first of all. But that you don’t do with anybody else, only with Me. That’s a good sign for Me, that I give you freedom.

[Yogi repeats question: She says that surely all paths lead to Rome. You were speaking about the Dalai Lama, and so what's wrong?]

No, but some lead to hell also. We must know. Every doesn’t go to Rome, but can go to hell also. Of course, all paths lead to Rome if the person who takes you there is a right guide, is the right guide. You cannot go to hell and then, say, come back to Rome. You cannot. But the people who are right guides can do it. They don’t take any money, they don’t do. They give you realization. They make you something different. They make you righteous, virtuous and great people. It’s a very different thing: are not those who just profess something, or say something. They do not accumulate wealth. You see, they are self-respecting people, they are not parasites. They don’t live on your living.

How much did Christ earn? You have such a great example of Christ. Why do you go to anybody else? Did He take any money? He was sold for thirty rupees. What Christ has said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” I would like to know what Christians are there, which Christians have those eyes which are not adulterous. Have you got innocent eyes? There’s no lust and greed in your eyes? Face yourself up. Those who talk of these things have all those, much greater sins than what you have. How can they improve you? They are the ones who are living on others’ property, others’ money. Will you live on somebody else’s property and earnings? They are making the children to get out of their houses, sell their houses, go on the streets. Will you do that? For anyone? Taking money from the poor, will you do that? You are so good! Must understand. Use your brains.

But when you get realization, you develop those innocent eyes. The eyes are so powerful. Even looking at somebody with those eyes, you can give realization. You can cure them. Like the other day we had one – what was his name, the one who came to …? One journalist, you see, who came and who said that “It is said that You can cure people.”

I said, “All right.”

So he said, “There’s one lady who’s suffering from the disease of agoraphobia, and she doesn’t want to come out of her house, so how will You cure her?”

I said, “All right, if she cannot come, get Me her photograph; I can’t go to her house” – sort of challenging Me. I said, “All right, bring her photograph to Me.” He brought a photograph to Me. I just looked at the photograph.

“She’s like this for ten years,” he said; and he said, “You must cure her.”

I said, “All right, I’ll try. It’s very easy to cure this disease at least.” And I said, “You just leave her alone for eight days.” But he couldn’t, you see, resist, so he went like a C.I.D. there to find out what was going on. And when he went to her house she was not there. She was out on the move with her husband, having a nice stroll. And he’s now going to publish a very good article about it.

[Question: Do You see Yourself as a spiritual healer?]

No, not at all. Not a healer. I’m not a healer at all. I am a person who wants to give you Self-realization. It’s not question of spiritual healing. Spiritual healing are also two types: one of them is of course the people who are realized souls. Like the other day we went – of course, we met somebody. (Where was that, a taxi fellow who came with us?) [Yogi: In Nottingham.] Aah. The taxi gentleman who came in the car thing, I knew he was a realized soul. So he just started talking to Me. He also felt that nearness. And I said, “Do your fingers tingle sometimes?”

He said, “Yes, very much.”

I said, “Are you a healer?”

“Yes,” he said, “I’m a healer.” He said, “How do you know all about it?”

I said, “Do you feel very guilty?”


“Oh,” I said, “I know that.”

He said, “How do you know?”

I said, “I know somehow. But you want to know about it.” Because he was a realized soul. He was a realized soul. But there are healers who are not realized souls. They are the people who use spirits. They shake before you and shout and – that’s very dangerous. A realized soul doesn’t have to do anything. Only touches you, you’ll be all right. He doesn’t have to shake and do all these tantrums.

Because you are so naive, I must say, that’s why there is such a problem. Very naive. In the West we have developed our tree very well, but not the roots. We don’t know anything about the roots. I was amazed Myself, because there’s no idea at all. Not in India – India people know this. They know this. Like we put dead in the church. In India nobody would put dead in the church – it’s a, is a holy place, how do you put the dead there? But this is what it is. You are naive, I know, and despite that, that naivety, you are also very adamant. Though what to do now: it’s a difficult question sometimes for Me. Doesn’t matter. It works out. Yes?

[Inaudible question.] What say?

[Yogi repeats: Could You explain what You mean by this energy rising through the spine? And isn't it just really the same thing as a tingling up the spine, perhaps… (addressed to questioner: Do you mean of a more physical kind?)]

[Questioner: A feeling of awe.]

Yes. Feeling of …. Awe?

[Yogi: Yes, he's relating the feeling that you might have up your spine to a feeling of awe, and perhaps saying it’s … ]

There is not, no – I have not known such a thing as that. I don’t know. That’s a – it doesn’t happen like that. You see, when the kundalini rises you don’t feel anything, nothing of the kind. Only thing you feel at top of your head a cool breeze. All right? And in the hands you feel a kind of a cool breeze coming out. But in the beginning you might feel little heat, because if you have too much heat in the body, then you might feel a little heat coming out. Sometimes people who are very nervous type shake a little, that’s all. But this thing I have never known, is some sort of a funny thing maybe coming from somewhere – I don’t know. All kinds of permutations and combinations I’ve seen happening to people.

Like one gentleman, he sat on the ground with the feet towards Me – in India is not done. So people said that “How can you put your feet towards Mother? It is not done.”

So he said, “No, my kundalini’s awakened and I’ll jump like a frog.”

I said, “Who told you?”

He showed Me a book of his guru, written down that you jump like a frog. Can you imagine? I asked him, “Will you, are you going to become a frog now?” All kinds of permutations and combinations: you don’t know how many things are there published all over the world.

[Yogi: Right, he wants to know how is this awakening initiated – the awakening of the kundalini.]

It’s very simple as I told you, just like sprouting of the seed. That’s My job. But then once I have done it, you have to do it also. All right? On that promise.

[Question: You say that false gurus and teachers can lead maybe to hell. Can You define hell?]

Now, at this good time, why do you want to know hell? You see, it is described very well if you read any one of these great poets. Specially I would say, read William Blake. All right? It’s already described so much, why do you want? I want, I want you to enter into the Kingdom of God. Hell is, when I’m saying “to hell”: you might get epilepsy. Now I’ve seen people getting epilepsy, people getting lunatic, leaving their homes, running away, hitting everyone, killing each other, killing themselves, killing their parents, violent, they take to drugs, take to all kinds of things which are self-destructive. What I mean is “self-destructive”, in one word. All right?

[Question: What about people who suffer from these things from birth?]

Yes. All right. If they suffer from this, there is something else is responsible. But they do suffer, isn’t it? But those who have not suffered and are normal and go to these gurus, pay money and get it, then at least you will hold these great gurus responsible, or not?

What is it, what is it?

[Question: Do you feel there are not any other gurus who are ... ]

Oh, many! There are many. But they are not in the market. There are many, many more. Many there … beg pardon?

[Yogi: Are there any who can be beneficial to you?]

Beneficial to you? To anyone? Yes, they are. But just see now, in this crowd I’m talking to you, you’re asking ten questions. They have no patience. They have no patience at all. I tell you, they are so impatient, all these gurus, that you have no idea. They just can’t bear it. I asked one gentleman to go to America, with great coaxing and everything, because I had no time to go there. Within three days he ran away from there. He said, “I have no time for these stupid people.” Just he cancelled it, you see. Because I’m a Mother, I have patience for you. They have no patience for you. What am I to do? They are telling Me, “After twelve years we’ll come and help you, Mother.” They know Me very well. They are so many, so many. They have met some, but they don’t want to talk to people who are – they think they are stupid. What to do, now? They think all seekers are stupid people. What am I to do? They have no patience. You have to have a Mother to have patience, isn’t it?

[Yogi: Let's finish here. Mother’s …]

Now. There’s no end to it, my child. These questions have no meaning. By asking questions you are not going to get realization, I must tell you. I cannot guarantee it. I cannot guarantee it. If you get it, it’s your luck. If you don’t get it, it’s your luck. So be careful. There’s no need to discuss, argue; by argument you are not going to get it. Listen to Me. What am I going to gain out of you? This is the first place where we have so many questions. Must be some Romans are around here, I think, reborn. Otherwise I can’t explain. I mean, nobody asked so many questions as you have asked Me which has no meaning. And supporting the, these fake gurus who have taken money from you, have disturbed so many people; supporting satanic forces. Something surprising, isn’t it? All right, doesn’t matter. Now, I have already told that I’m – now, that’s all. If you want Me to come back to Bath, please, no more questions now.

[Yogi: Let's have the experience.]

But we’ll see how many get realization here. That’s the main point. Main point is not …. You are going to be judged by your kundalini – let’s see. Before you judge Me, she’s going to judge you. So let’s see how many of you get realization. I cannot promise you. That’s the main thing, I must tell you. All right. Let’s see how it works out.

Now whatever I have said, forget it. Let’s have a pleasant relationship. That is, you are not to feel any guilty about anything, whatever I have said. You might have been to guru, you might have done anything that’s supposed to be wrong – all right. Just forget it. Just now you sit in the present. You have to be in the present to get your realization – that’s the most important thing. You are born on this earth to be that, you are a human being to be that. You are not here just to waste your life. And that’s what I have to tell you as a Mother, that you have to be humble about it. It’s a very different realm you are in. It is nothing is selling here, it’s not a shop. And here, it’s a temple. And in a temple you have to be humble, and you have to get your realization: that should be your determination. But how many will get, that I cannot say. I’m sorry, but it’s not a thing that I can promise all of you. But if it works out on some, I’ll be very satisfied. That’s My job is.

Now let’s have very simple things, without asking any more questions. Now there’s no need to be disturbed about it. If you have not asked one question, nothing goes wrong with you or with audience. I tell you, even if you ask hundred questions it’s not going to make any difference. I must say, so far nobody has asked anything that is intelligent, and I think you’d better now give up asking questions. I’m bit too intelligent for that.

Now, let’s have it the way it has to work out. Let’s have it the way it has to work out. If you are seekers and if you are in the present, I’m sure you will get it. Now forget the past. Forget the past. One more thing I have to request, as I requested yesterday, that you are not to feel guilty about anything, because guilt comes from the past. So forget the past and you have to assert that you are not guilty. There are many people who are good, and they’ll get it. So you have to assert that “I’m not guilty.”

Now, you have to call Me as Shri Mataji when you address, which is difficult. You can call Me Mother, to make it simpler – whichever way you like. So you have to say “Mother, I’m not guilty,” just before starting this process. Now, we have to humble down in our hearts, because we want to enter into the Kingdom of God. But the one who is trying to do it, if you are all the time attacking that person, how will you go? How will you enter in? Just look at that. What is our attitude? Is it proper? It’s not being fair, not just.

All right. So we take out our shoes just to take help from the Mother Earth. One of the very important elements is the Mother Earth. And this kundalini is based in the sacrum bone, and the lower chakras are made from the element of Mother Earth. So just take out your shoes, very easily, to touch the Mother Earth with your feet. This Mother Earth is very important.

[Yogi: Anyone who doesn't want the experience, please, you should leave now, anyone who doesn’t want …]

Leave. Don’t disturb others. You be kind. You have to be civil. You have to be civil people. Don’t disturb others. If you don’t want to have, well and good. It’s all right; you can go.

Those who were yesterday in Bristol know how much I have worked hard on so many people for hours together to give them realization. And it’s a thankless job. I tell you, it’s a thankless job; because unless and until you establish yourself, it’s such a waste, I feel, it’s a tremendous waste. Is just good for nothing, because you give them realization, they do not establish themselves and it’s just such a waste. Now, age does not matter, race does not matter, community does not matter. As long as you are a human being, it works out – is as simple as that.

So now you just have to put your hands straight on your lap, without feeling any discomfort while you are sitting. That’s important, because I do not want that your, you should feel uncomfortable, and by that you start moving about. Now, you have to take out your shoes, please, because as it is Tibetan problems are there. If you want to have realization, take out your shoes, all right? Yes, just take them out. It’s better. Socks, yes. Will be better because I want to work on you, definitely you are a seeker, all right? Put your hands like this. Yes.

Hmm. (Starting.) Now. Despite everything, it’s good. It’s not so bad.

Now, this left hand, as I told you, represents the left side, the emotional side; and the right side is the hand that represents the action. Now this is the desire that we have, the desire. So to put the desire hand on the left-hand side like this, straight all the time, when we have this process of giving relaxation to your chakras. Because some of the chakras are in augmented state and they are to be relaxed. You can do it yourself, and how you will do it I’ll just tell you. There are, on the left-hand side we’ll be touching those centers. Now one is in the heart where resides the spirit. Then one is in the upper part of the abdomen. And then another one in the lower part of the abdomen – all of them are on the left-hand side. Now, then one is here. This is the one you catch when you feel guilty. Like this, here, on the left-hand side of your neck. And then another one is here, and maybe here we may have to ask. And then you come up here on the fontanel bone area, where I’ll ask you to put the palm on top of your fontanel bone area. Just now it’s hot, but it will be all right. Let’s do it.

Now, it’s very simple. You have to keep your eyes shut throughout, because there’s no mesmerism, nothing like that. It has to happen within yourself. The attention is sucked in, and it’s better to keep your eyes shut, because if your eyes are open the kundalini may not rise. And it doesn’t trouble you, it doesn’t give you any problem – nothing of the kind; and you feel extremely relaxed, and you feel fine. All right. So now we close our eyes. First of all, please do not feel guilty for anything, even for asking questions or anything, don’t feel guilty. Whatever I have said, just forget it. Be kind to yourself. Be very kind to yourself. And you have to respect yourself.

Now, at this stage put your right hand on your heart, on the left-hand side. Left-hand side is the heart, so put your right hand on the heart. Now keep your eyes shut, and try to look within your heart, in the sense, put your attention to your heart and say – you have to ask now, Me, a real question which is the intelligent question. Ask a question, “Mother, am I the spirit?” Ask this question three times, “Mother, am I the spirit?” Ask this question three times, “Mother, am I the spirit?”

(Left is too much, it’s left … Hm.)

Now, raise this hand – I mean, lower this hand on the abdomen, on the upper part on the left-hand side. Lower this hand on the left-hand side, on the upper part of your stomach. Here is another center, the center of the Primordial Master. As you become, you become the spirit, you become the master, you become the guru. So now logically you have to ask another question, “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask a question, “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask the question three times. That’s a sensible question. You are your own master, you don’t need any master whatsoever. I’m not your master, I’m just your Mother, that’s all.

Now. After asking this question you lower your hand again, on the lower part of your abdomen. And this is a very important center which is called as Swadisthan, which looks after the aortic plexus in our being. Now, press the fingers in and say at this point – because at this point, I must confess, I cannot cross your freedom. You are free to choose. If you want to have the true knowledge, you have to ask for it, I cannot force on you. So you have to say, “Mother, please give me true knowledge, give me pure knowledge. I want pure knowledge, the technique of pure knowledge” which is the another meaning of the word “yoga.” You have to say this six times because there are six petals to this center. There are six also plexuses, sub-plexuses to the aortic plexus. (Terrible! Left Swadisthan.)

Hm – now. Again you are feeling guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel guilty for anything. You have done nothing wrong. (Ah, now better.)

Now raise this hand again to the upper part of your stomach, where the center of the Primordial Master is. As you have asked for the technique, I will tell you, you have to at this center assert, to say, “I am my own master.” Just say that. You have to say ten times with full confidence, say, “Mother, I am my own master.” Because there are ten sub-plexuses, like ten valencies, we have these ten plexuses. Aah! Forget your masters. And forget all the slavery. Hah! All right. (All right. Good.) Ten times.

Now, raise this right hand to your heart, again to your heart. Here resides your spirit. Again in the technique, you assert – this is the mantra you have to say at this point, “Mother, I am the spirit.” In all humility, in all your glory you accept, assume. “Mother, I am the spirit.” (It’s good, very good.) You have to say this twelve times. But don’t feel guilty.

Now I have to tell you that God is the ocean of love. He’s the ocean of compassion. But best of all, He is the ocean of forgiveness. So please don’t feel guilty, because what sin can you commit that He cannot forgive? We are challenging His power of forgiveness when we feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. Without feeling guilty, say “Mother, I am the spirit.” ( Come down. All right. Ah, it’s better.) Twelve times, because there are twelve petals. (Left Nabhi. It’s more on the left, it’s all right. There’s nothing on the right. Ah! Better. But left Nabhi is too much. It moves from here.)

Now, move this hand upward and put it, the right hand – you have to move the right hand, left hand towards Me – put it on the left-hand side of your neck. At the base, touching almost the left side of your spinal cord and pressing it a little with it. At this point, from the front – you have to do it, take the hand from the front, not from the back but from the front side – hold it tight. Here now you have to say, with full confidence, with all love and understanding about yourself, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Please say that, sixteen times. And if you are too much of it, you’d better say it hundred-and-eight times to punish yourself, if you are too indulgent in that kind of a thing! (It’s good. It’s rising up to the Agnya. Ah!)

Now raise this hand on top, on top of your forehead across. And hold it, your forehead. At this point – you know, as I told you, is the center of Christ – you have to forgive everyone. Some people might say, “It’s very difficult, Mother, how can we forgive?” But it’s a myth that you do not forgive anyone or you forgive anyone, because when you do not forgive, you suffer, not the other. So please say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” You’ll be surprised, when you say that from your heart, this center will open out.

(Better.) Now, if you are still feeling guilty, it’s better that you put your hand at the back of your head. Hold it tight – all of you should do it – and once for all say, “Oh Lord, forgive me if I have done any mistakes.” Just once for all; but don’t feel guilty after saying that, or not before also. Just say that “Oh Lord, forgive me if I have said anything wrong or if I have done anything wrong against You.” Hold your back, back of your head. Back of your head – as they call it, the optic lobe. Three times. But don’t feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. That’s very important. (Go to the guilt again. All better. Hm – rising.)

Say from your heart that “if I have done anything wrong” – now don’t count that, just say it in general. Don’t count what you have done wrong, whatever you have done wrong. Please don’t count. Just say, “If I have done anything wrong, please forgive me.” That’s all. Because you are the spirit; and if you are the spirit, what wrong can you do? You have to just become the spirit, that’s all. You come out of the mud like a lotus. (Hah!)

Now, put this hand on top of your head on the fontanel bone area which was soft in the childhood, which is called as taloo. Now press it with your palm and move your scalp. At this point again – the another part of yoga – I cannot cross your freedom, because you have to ascend in your own freedom and glory. So you have to say that you want your realization, and that I should give you that realization. So you have say, “Mother, I want my realization. Please give me realization.” And that you have to say seven times because there are seven centers, the seat of seven centers, in the brain. Now. And push it hard and move it clockwise. Push that part hard and – with your palm.

Now put down your hand, please, down below. And lift your left hand, and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out. Move it up and down. Pay attention there. About four inches or five inches there – just move it up and down. Now put the another hand. Now see with that hand. On top of your head.

(It’s all … Because so many Sahaja yogis are sitting there; but I don’t know these people if they are feeling it.) Now put another hand like that.

[Blowing into microphone.] (It’s like a mountain.)

Change your hands please, again. [Blowing into microphone.] Do you feel the cool breeze?

Now, for your information, we have many people who are realized souls who have come to Bath. And they will have a look at you. You can put your hands like this. Those who are not feeling the cool breeze, raise your hands first of all. Raise them high. All right. Come along now. Sahaja yogis should come and see them. Are you feeling the cool breeze? In the head? In the head. Are you feeling relaxed? Good, good. What about you, from the Tibetan thing? Caleb – he’s good, good, good, he’s done well!

Caleb, see this one from the Tibetan one. He’s a seeker, out and out. He’s got it? No? He’s been to some guru, I … Just see their chakras, is what are catching is. Just work on the chakras. Ah, better. It’s better now. But in the hands you have to feel. Now keep your hands like this. Hands you must feel it. Beg pardon? … It becomes cooler. First it is hot. Hands are hot now? All right. Now this is a miracle, isn’t it? Now, you put your left hand on your stomach, here. No, this side. Right hand towards Me, yeah. Now, it’s good.

She’s feeling the hot, that’s all. But she’ll get it. Just she will be … no, put her on the liver – left hand on the liver, yes. He is himself a doctor, you see. Did she get, this lady who was asking questions? What do you say? No? Warm? What’s, where is she catching? He’s feeling it? Good, good. That’s nice. A Vishuddhi he has. He has a Vishuddhi. Let him ask if he – “I am the part and parcel of the whole” will work out with him, because the Vishuddhi is catching. [Hindi]

Is she? God, thank God, now! All right. Yes, what is it? (So much of left, I tell you, really.)

Hmm. What about you, why didn’t you work? What do you say? Caleb? Anybody who has not felt it, please raise your hands. They have come all the way to help you, some of them have come from north country. Yes, sir. Someone there. Can you see there?

You all just watch Me without thinking. Just watch Me without thinking.

Subtitling recording ends here. Original recording continues:

He’s got it? Good. I’m very happy. What about you ladies? You got it? Good. Look at them. Such wise people. May God bless.

Just watch Me without thinking. It will work out better.


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