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Tasks and Exercises

Exercise 1 Explain the meaning of the following combinations of words: a) as free word combinations and b) as phraseological units.

Be on firm ground, best man, the bird has flown, black ball, blow one's own trumpet (horn), break the ice, burn one's fingers, first night, keep one's head above water, meet smb. half-way, show smb. the door, run straight, touch bottom, throw dust in one's eyes, throw fat in the fire.

Exercise 2. State which of the phraseological units are a) fusions b) unities c) collocations (combinations ).

Bark up the wrong tree, air one's views, turn a blind eye to smth., to hit below the bolt, to lower one's colours, to make a mistake, once in a blue moon, to make haste, sharp words, to stick to one's guns, to know the way the wind is blowing, small talk, take the bull by the horns, pull smb's leg, cat's paw, lady's man, by heart, green room.

Exercise 3. Match the combinations on the left with explanations on the right:

1) put through a) at the centre of public attention
2) put in a good word for b) immediately or at the place of action
3) on the spot c) connect by telephone
4) bring up d) tolerate, endure
5) have your back against the wall e) explain or communicate clearly
6) in the spotlight f) consider carefully, assess
7) put up with g) recommend someone
8) put across h) raise, mention a matter
9) weigh up i) say something irrelevant
10) get away from the point j) be in a difficult situation

Exercise 4. In the list below find set expressions, corresponding to the following definitions.

1. Express one's opinion openly, often with the suggestion of doing so to the annoyance of other people. 2. Direct one's attack, criticism or efforts to the wrong quarter. 3. Bear the3 main stress or burden (of a task, contest, etc.). 4. Talk around the point instead of coming direct to the subject. 5. Fail to carry out one's promise. 6. Change ownership (generally used of a business). 7. Constantly follow smb. importunately, thrust one's presence upon smb. 8. Fail to gain any information, or achieve any result from inquiries, investigation, etc. 9. Be docile; give no trouble; do whatever smb. wishes. 10. Pay all the expenses incurred. 11. Do smth. completely; not stop at half-measures. 12. Give in, surrender. 13. Be almost decided to do smth. 14. State the real facts about a situation, guess accurately. 15. Push oneself in front of a queue in order to get on to a vehicle, or to get served with goods before one's turn. 16. Remain mentally calm, and keep control of oneself in an emergency or a difficult situation. 17. Know, from experience, the best way or method of doing something. 18. Help, assist. 19. Indulge in strong or violent language to relieve one's feelings. 20. Pass the time by continuing some kind of work or activity without getting any father in it. 21. Draw an inference from given facts. 22. Be in agreement, hold similar views. 23. Run away hurriedly. 24. Ignore smth., pretend not to see it, 25. Disclaim further responsibility or concern.

The list:

Jump the queue; bark up the wrong tree; foot the bill; let off steam; see eye to eye; air one's views; lend a hand; haul down one's flag; beat about the bush; take to one's heels; eat out of smb's hand; mark time; hit the nail on the head; keep ode's head; change hands; turn a blind eye to smth.; put two and two together; bear the brunt; know the ropes; have a good mind to do smth ; break one's word; draw a blank; go the whole hog; dog smb's footsteps; wash one's hands of smth.


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