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1. Put the following into the correct order.


1) Suede / Italian / new / red / soft / shoes

2) Elderly /tall/ Englishman

3) Oval /Venetian / ancient / valuable / glass

4) Shiny / large /expensive / brown/ leather /case

5) Square / wooden / old / nice

6) Modern / stone / large / beautiful / cottage

7) Porcelain / tea / blue / thin / old / cup

8) Young / blonde / handsome / tall / man

9) Old / several / English / beautiful / castles

10) Pretty / French / young / a lot of / girls

11) Dark blue / best / silk / my / shirt

12) Young / many / factory / German / workers


2. Open the brackets and give the comparative or superlative degree of the following adjectives and adverbs.


1. That is (incredible) story I have ever heard. 2. It is not always (bright) students who do well in tests. 3. Terylene shirts are (hard) wearing, but cotton shirts are much (comfortable). 4. Which is (deep), Lake Michigan or Lake Superior? 5. She is far (self-confident) than she used to be. 6. (tall) man among the guests is a basketball player. 7. I like both of them, but I think Kate is (easy) to talk to. 8. Most people are (well of) than their parents used to be. 9. She has a lot to be thankful for; but (sad) thing of all is that she does not realize it. 10. I want to buy a car – (powerful) one you have.


3. Open the brackets and give the correct forms of the comparative constructions.


Example: (Much) you read, (well) you will know English. – The more you read, the better you will know English.


1. (Interesting) the book is, (fast) you read it. 2. (Early) you come, (quickly) we finish the work. 3. (Hot) the weather is, (bad) I feel. 4. (Soon) he takes the medicine, (well) he will feel. 5. (Little) she ate, (angry) she was. 6. (Long) the children saw the film, (frightened) they felt. 7. (Late) you come, (little) you will sleep. 8. (Much) you study, (clever) you will become. 9. (Cold) the winter is, (hot) the summer will be. 10. (Near) you come up, (well) you will see the picture.


4. Complete the sentences with than … or as … as or the same … as.


1. Everybody was shocked. Nobody was more shocked ____ Nick. 2. I wish you were ____ pretty ____ your mother. 3. He is ____ age ____ my brother. 4. I earn ____ much money ____ he does. But she earns more ____ we both. 5. I ordered ____ drink ____ he did. 6. Your car is much more powerful ____ mine, but my small car is ____ expensive ____ yours. 7. I spent ____ much money ____ he did. But I didn’t spend ____ sum ____ Mary did. I spent much less money ____ she. 8. Petrol is more expensive now ____ a few years ago. 9. Prices are not ____ in the 1990s. 10. Paris is ____ exciting ____ London.





1. His father is a very short man. I’d better say that he is the … man I have ever seen.

a) shortest b) most short


2. I think that Shakespeare is … author in the world.

a) the most famous b) more famous


3. Have you already known the … news of today?

a) last b) latest


4. The … type of thermometer is the mercury thermometer.

a) commonest b) more common


5. My native town is the … in this region.

a) largerest b) largest


6. My suitcase is … than yours. Let’s change!

a) more heavy b) heavier


7. Little Peter saw a mouse and wasn’t frightened by it. Everyone realized he was … boy in our street.

a) more courageous b) the most courageous


8. They said that we would find our … instructions on our desks in the office.

a) further b) farther


9. I can’t afford such an expensive dress. I’ll buy something …

a) more cheap b) cheaper


10. … the sun, … the days.

a) The brighter, the warmer b) Brighter, warmer


11. … woman in our village is ninety years old.

a) The oldest b) Older


12. This book is not interesting. It is … than the book I read before.

a) worse b) worst


13. Tom’s story about his vacations is … than hers.

a) much more thrilling b) a lot more thrilling


14. She wondered … if he wanted anything and if she could hear him if he called.

a) more restless b) restlessly



15. Your husband is … his father.

a) more generous b) as generous as


16. Their family lives in … house in this street.

a) further b) the furthest


17. Take the dictionary. It will be … to translate this text.

a) easier b) easyer


18. It’s … to make up a question than to give an answer.

a) more difficult b) difficulter


19. Our house is … than yours.

a) bigger b) the biggest


20. Mary’s hair is … than mine.

a) longer b) more long


21. Edward is … football player.

a) better b) a good


22. Look at Lora! She buys a new dress every week. Her husband is getting … and … every day.

a) richer, richer b) more rich, more rich


23. One of … language families in the world is the Indo-European family.

a) most large b) the largest


24. Florence was … city of its time.

a) the most rich b) the richest


25. I visit my cousin … than I visit my grandparents.

a) less often b) most often


26. He gave … of the gifts to his … sister.

a) the least expensive, elder b) more expensive, older


27. Our garden is … than Mr. Wilson’s one.

a) much larger b) more lager


28. Amanda is the … girl in our class; she hardly knows how much is five and five.

a) most intelligent b) least intelligent

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