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The Wizard of Oz

Retold by Elizabeth Walker




A Note about the Author

A Note about This Story

The People in This Story

The Cyclone

2 In the Land of the Munchkins

Dorothy Meets the Scarecrow

Dorothy Helps the Tin Man

The Cowardly Lion

The River

The Field of Sleep

8 The Queen of the Field Mice

The Emerald City

The Great Wizard of Oz

11 The Wicked Witch of the West

12 In the Power of the Wicked Witch 47

Dorothy and the Winged Monkeys

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Journey to the South

Home Again

Points for Understanding




A Note About The Author

these stories and his books of fairy tales became very popular.

Frank had at last found the work that he could do best.

L. Frank Baum's most famous book was The Wonderful Lyman Frank Baum was born in 1856 near Syracuse, in New Wizard1 of Oz, which was published in 1900. The book made York State, in the Eastern part of the United States. His Frank a great deal of money. In 1908, he was able to move his father made a lot of money in the oil business and Frank family to California, where they lived in a house called grew up with his brothers and sisters in a beautiful house in

"Ozcot". Frank Baum wrote many more books about Oz.

the countryside.

These include Ozma of Oz (1907), The Road to Oz (1909), Frank was not a healthy child. He had a weak heart, so he The Lost Princess of Oz (1917), and Glinda of Oz (1920). But could not play games like other children. But Frank enjoyed The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has always been his most popular reading and he also liked writing his own stories and telling book.

them to his friends.

Frank lived his last years in California, and he finally When Frank was fifteen years old, he started a newspaper.

died from several illnesses in May 1919. He had worked very At the same time, he also became very interested in the hard all his life and his health was never good. But his books theater. Frank's father owned several theaters and he asked have brought pleasure and delight to thousands of readers—

his son to manage one of them. Frank wrote a play for this children and adults alike.

theater and he played the leading part himself.

In 1882, Frank married Maud Gage. Although Frank and Maud were very different, their marriage was a happy one and they had four sons.

Frank continued to work very hard and his health became worse. He joined his father's business, but that later failed and most of the money was lost.

Frank and his family moved to the Midwest in 1882 and in 1888 he opened a shop called "Baum's Bazaar". The shop was very popular, but it only lasted two years. People in the Midwest were poor and they could not afford to buy very much. Frank went on to manage a weekly newspaper, but this also failed.

After this, Frank worked as a reporter on a newspaper, and then as a traveling salesman, in Chicago.

Although Frank worked very hard, he always had time to tell his stories to his children. He decided to write stories for other children, too. A few years later, he began to publish 4


The People in This Story

The Cyclone

orothy lived in the State of Kansas with her Uncle Henry and her Aunt Em. They all lived in a little wooden house in the middle of the great Kansas prairie. The land was very flat and there were no trees or other houses nearby.

Uncle Henry was a farmer and he had built the wooden house himself, many years before. The house only had one room. That room was used for eating and for sleeping in too.



Tin Man

There was a little hole under the house that was called the

"cyclone cellar". The family hid in the cellar when the strong winds of a cyclone blew across the prairie.

The hot sun had burnt the paint on the little house. Now the paint on the house was gray. The sun had burnt the land around the house too. Everything on the prairie was gray.

Uncle Henry and Aunt Em had gray hair and gray, tired faces.

Dorothy's Uncle Henry and Aunt Em were poor and they had worked very hard all their lives. It was not easy to be a farmer on the prairie and Uncle Henry was always very tired.

Cowardly Lion

Aunt Em

Uncle Henry

He never smiled and Aunt Em always looked sad too. But Dorothy was always laughing. The girl had a little black dog called Toto. Dorothy played with Toto all day long.

But today, Dorothy and Toto were not playing. Uncle Henry was standing with Dorothy in the doorway of the little house. He was looking at the gray sky and he was very worried. Then they heard the sound of a strong wind. It was coming from the south. It whistled11 and roared12. It blew The Wizard

The Wicked

Glinda, the


the long grass of the prairie until it was flat.

of Oz

Witch of

Good Witch

"There's a cyclone coming, Em!" Uncle Henry called to the West

of the South


his wife. "Get into the cyclone cellar! You get in too, Dorothy. I'll look after the cows and horses."

"Quick, Dorothy! Get inside!" Aunt Em cried as she opened the wooden trap door to the cellar.

Aunt Em climbed down through the trap door into the little hole. Dorothy ran into the house with Toto. But the little dog was afraid of the wind. He jumped down from Dorothy's arms and ran under her bed. Dorothy caught h i m quickly and ran back across the room. But it was too l a t e .

The wind had blown into the house and shut the trap door.

Dorothy could not get into the cyclone cellar. The w i n d blew harder and harder. The little house shook and D o r o t h y fell down onto the floor.

Then a strange thing happened. Uncle Henry and A u n t Em's house began to move. It turned around and around and went up and up. It was in the center of the cyclone where the north and south winds met. The winds pushed the bouse higher and higher, like a balloon13.

The little house was carried over the prairie for miles and miles. Many hours went by. It was very dark now and the wind went on making its terrible roaring sound. At last Dorothy lay down on her bed with Toto beside her. The girl closed her eyes and she was soon fast asleep.

Hours later, Dorothy was woken up by a hard bump14.

Everything had gone still. The house had stopped turning and bright sunshine filled the room with light.

"Quick, Dorothy.' Get inside.'" Aunt Em cried as she opened the wooden trap door to the cellar.


"Oh, dear," Dorothy said, looking down at the witch's legs and the beautiful Silver Shoes on her feet. "What can I In the Land of the Munchkins


"Nothing," the little woman said. "The Wicked Witch of orothy jumped down from her bed and ran to the door.

the East is dead. I am the Good Witch of the North, my When she opened it, she gave a cry of surprise.

dear. I am the Munchkins' friend and now yours too."

She was not looking at the gray prairie anymore. The Dorothy was very surprised.

house was in a beautiful country that was covered w i t h green

"I thought that all witches were wicked," she said slowly.

grass and tall trees. There were flowers of every color in the

"No, that's not true," the Good Witch of the North grass and the trees were full of delicious fruit. Birds sang and replied. "There were four witches in the Land of Oz—two there was a little stream of clear water.

were good and two were bad. But now, thanks to you, there is

"How different this country is from Kansas!" D o r o t h y only one wicked witch—the Wicked Witch of the West.

cried. "I have never seen such a beautiful place. Where am I ?

There is a wizard too. He is the Great Wizard of Oz and he And how did I get here?"

lives in the Emerald City."

At that moment, Dorothy saw some p e o p l e c o m i n g

"I am a girl and I live in Kansas with my aunt and uncle,"

towards her. The people were small, b u t t h e y w e r e n o t Dorothy replied. "Well, I used to live with them," she went children. The three men had beards and the woman's h a i r on sadly. "I was carried here by the cyclone and now I want to was white.

get back to Kansas. Can you help me?"

They were all very strangely dressed. They wore b l u e hats The Good Witch shook her head.

that were tall and pointed. The men were all dressed in b l u e ,

"There is a desert18 all around the Land of Oz," she said.

but the little woman was dressed in white. She w a l k e d

"No one can cross it. You will have to stay with us, my dear."

towards Dorothy and bowed15.

Dorothy began to cry.

"Welcome to the Land of the Munchkins," t h e woman

"This is a beautiful country," she said. "But Kansas is my said. "Thank you for killing the Wicked16 Witch of the East.

home. Uncle Henry and Aunt Em are there and they will be You must be a witch too. You have killed the Wicked W i t c h worried about me. Home is always the best place to be. Please with your magic17 and now we are free. Thank you."

help me to go home."

Dorothy was very surprised. She had no magic and she The girl went on crying and the Munchkins began to cry had never killed anyone in her life.

too, because they felt sorry for her. The Good Witch of the

"You have made a mistake," Dorothy replied. "I am a g i r l , North thought for a moment.

not a witch. I have not killed anyone."

"You must go to the Emerald City," she said after a while.

"Well, then your house killed her. It fell on top of her,"

"The Great Wizard of Oz lives there. Ask him to help you."

said the woman with a laugh. "Look, you can see the legs of

"How do I get to the Emerald City? Is it a long way? Will the Wicked Witch sticking out from under the house. You you come with me?" Dorothy asked.

can see her Silver Shoes."

"You must follow the yellow brick road," the Good Witch 12


replied. "It is a long way. But my kiss will protect 3

19 you. No

one will hurt you when they see this mark20."

The Good Witch kissed Dorothy and smiled. The kiss Dorothy Meets the Scarecrow

had left a strange mark on Dorothy's forehead.

orothy was feeling hungry. She went into the house and found some bread. She gave some bread to Toto and ate some herself. Then she picked some fruit and drank some water from the stream.

A clean blue and white dress was hanging by Dorothy's bed. The girl washed herself carefully and put on the dress.

Then she put some more bread in her basket. She picked some more fruit and put that in the basket too.

Dorothy looked down at her shoes. They were old and dirty. Then she looked at the Wicked Witch's Silver Shoes.

"I will wear them if they will fit me," she said to herself, and she put them on. Toto barked21 loudly and wagged22 his tail.

"Come along, Toto," Dorothy said. "We will go to the Emerald City and see the Wizard of Oz. This is a beautiful country, but I must get back home to Kansas."

The brave girl picked up her basket and shut the door of the house behind her. Then they started on their journey.

Soon they found the yellow brick road and walked along it happily. There were fields on both sides of the road. All the

"Go to the Great Wizard. You will be safe now," she said.

houses that Dorothy saw were painted blue—the Munchkins'

Dorothy stopped crying and thanked the Good Witch.


"Look, the Wicked Witch has turned to dust!" one of the In the evening, Dorothy was very tired and she wanted Munchkins said to Dorothy. "Take her Silver Shoes, my dear.

somewhere to sleep. Then she saw a large Munchkin house.

They may help you on your journey. Goodbye."

It was painted blue, like the other Munchkin houses. But this The Munchkins walked away through the trees, t a l k i n g house belonged to a very rich Munchkin. He had invited happily. The Good Witch of the North smiled and w a l k e d his friends to supper and the food was on two long tables in away too.

front of the house. Music was playing and the Munchkins Dorothy and Toto were all alone in the Land of Oz.

were all dancing on the grass.


The rich Munchkin looked at Dorothy's Silver Shoes.

the crows and stop them eating the corn."

"You are young, but you must be a very good witch," he

"That's right," the Scarecrow said.


Dorothy looked at the Scarecrow in surprise.

"Why?" Dorothy asked in surprise.

"But our scarecrows in Kansas don't talk," she said.

"You are wearing the Silver Shoes. They belonged to the

"I don't talk much," the Scarecrow replied. "I'm standing Wicked Witch of the East. This means you have killed her,"

here because I can't get down. The crows are not scared of the Munchkin explained. "Please eat with us. Your little dog me. They have brains and I don't."

can have some food too. And I have a room where you can

"Oh dear," Dorothy said kindly. "Perhaps I can help you."


She stood up and lifted the Scarecrow down from the After her supper, Dorothy was very tired. She was taken pole. He was dressed like a Munchkin, in blue clothes.

into a room where everything was blue. The bed was very soft with blue sheets. Dorothy and Toto fell asleep at once.

When Dorothy woke up, breakfast was ready for her. After she had eaten, the girl asked the Munchkin a question.

"How far away is the Emerald City where the Wizard of Oz lives?" she asked. "I want to see him."

"The Wizard never sees anyone," the Munchkin replied.

"And many people are frightened of him. It is a long way to the Emerald City and the journey will be dangerous."

"But I want to get home to Kansas and the Great Wizard is the only one who can help me," Dorothy said bravely. "So I must go to the Emerald City. Goodbye and thank you."

And Dorothy and Toto started on their journey again.

After they had walked several miles along the yellow brick road, Dorothy sat down to rest. There was a big cornfield by the side of the road. In the middle of the f i e l d was a Scarecrow. It was fixed onto a pole23.

The Scarecrow's head was made from a sack24 which was stuffed25 with straw26. He had two painted blue eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

Dorothy looked at the Scarecrow and smiled.

"We have scarecrows in Kansas too," she said. "They scare 16


"That's better. I can move my legs now," the Scarecrow 4

said. "What is your name, my dear? Where are you going?"

"My name is Dorothy. I am going to the Emerald City to Dorothy Helps the Tin Man

see the Great Wizard of Oz. I want to go home to Kansas."

"The Emerald City? The Wizard of Oz? Kansas? I don't hen Dorothy woke up, the Scarecrow was waiting by know anything about these things because I have no brains,"

the door. Toto was running around and barking, and the Scarecrow said sadly. "My head is stuffed with straw."

there was sunlight shining through the trees.

"Well, Kansas is my home," Dorothy said. "And there is

"I must find some water," Dorothy said to the Scarecrow.

no place like home, you know. The Wizard of Oz lives in the

"I need to wash and drink. The bread in my basket is very Emerald City. He is very clever. I hope that he can get me dry."

back to Kansas."

"I am made of straw, so I don't need water," the Scarecrow

"Do you think that Oz would give me some brains?" asked said. "You are made of flesh27 so your life is more difficult than the Scarecrow.

mine. But you have brains and you can think."

"I don't know," Dorothy replied. "Why don't you come

"You will soon have brains too," Dorothy said kindly.

with me and ask him?"

They continued on along the yellow brick road and came

"Thank you," the Scarecrow said. "That is a good idea."

to a stream. Dorothy washed and drank, and Toto drank too.

As they began to walk, Toto barked at the Scarecrow.

Suddenly, they heard a shout.

The little dog had never seen a straw man before.

"Who's that?" Dorothy cried. Then she saw something

"Don't be afraid. Toto won't bite you," Dorothy said.

shining under the trees and gave a cry of surprise. It was a

"I'm not afraid," the Scarecrow replied. "I'm only afraid of man made of tin! The Tin Man had an axe28 in his hands, but one thing."

he did not move at all.

"What is that?" asked Dorothy.

"Can I help you?" Dorothy asked the Tin Man.

"Fire," the Scarecrow replied.

"I hope so," the Tin Man said. "I am a woodman29. I was They walked all day. In the evening, they came to a great working here when it rained. My joints30 rusted31 and I forest. It was dark under the trees, but the yellow brick road couldn't move. My oil can" is in my house. Please get it for went on into the darkness. Dorothy could not see and she me."

held the Scarecrow's arm.

Dorothy ran back to the little house and found the oil

"I must rest soon. I have been walking all day," she said.

can. She poured oil over the Tin Man's joints. First, the Tin

"Well, I feel sorry for you. I never get tired, because I Man moved his neck, then he moved his arms. Last of all, he have no brains," the Scarecrow replied. "I can see a little moved his legs.

house under the trees. Shall we stay there tonight?"

"That is much better," he said. "I have not been able to

"Yes, please," Dorothy said. She went inside the little move for a year and my axe is very heavy. Not many people house and fell asleep at once. Toto was soon asleep too. The come this way. Where are you going?"

Scarecrow, who never got tired, stood by the door all night.

"We are going to the Emerald City, to see the great Oz,"


Dorothy replied. "I want to go home to Kansas with Toto, my So the friends went on their way along the yellow brick dog. I hope that the Wizard can help me. My friend, the road. Soon, the trees became very thick. Then the Tin Man Scarecrow, will ask Oz to give him some brains."

was a great help. He cut the trees with his axe and made a

"I have no heart," the Tin Man said sadly. "Could Oz give path" for them all.

me a heart?"

"You must have brains," the Scarecrow said. "Because you

"Why don't you come with us and find out?" Dorothy know how to make a path through the trees."


"I used to have brains and a heart," the Tin Man replied.

The Tin Man thought for a while. Then he said,

"Now I have neither. Do you want to know why?"

"Thank you, I will. Please put my oil can in your basket. I Dorothy and the Scarecrow nodded.

will need it if it rains."

"When I was a man of flesh," the Tin Man said, "I loved a Munchkin girl, but her mother hated me. She asked the Wicked Witch of the East to put some magic in my axe."

"That was very bad of her," Dorothy said.

"Every time that I used my axe, it slipped," the Tin Man went on. "First, it cut off my left leg, then it cut off my right one. I asked a tinsmith34 to make me new legs and I went on with my work. Then, the magic axe cut off both my arms. So I asked the tinsmith to make me new arms. Then I cut off my head, so he had to make me a new head. But when my body was cut in half, I lost my heart. Now I cannot love anymore."

"Brains are better than a heart," the Scarecrow said Dorothy did not answer. She had brains and a heart, but she could not get back to Kansas. She was worried too. The bread in her basket was nearly all gone. Her new friends did not need food. But she did, and so did Toto.


With another roar, the Lion knocked over the Tin Man 5


The Cowardly35 Lion

Toto was very brave. He ran up to the Lion, barking loudly. The Lion opened his mouth.

he yellow brick road went on through the forest and

"No, no!" Dorothy shouted and she hit the Lion on his Dorothy was becoming a little afraid.

nose. "How dare you! You coward36! How dare you bite a

"How big is this forest?" the girl asked the Tin Man. "Are poor little dog!"

we far from the Emerald City?"

"I didn't bite him. I only opened my mouth," the Lion

"1 don't know," the Tin Man replied. "There may be wild said. "I am a coward and I am afraid of everything. When I animals living here, but don't worry. Animals don't eat straw roar, my heart beats very fast because I have no courage37."

or tin. You are made of flesh, but you are safe because the

"At least you have a heart," the Tin Man said. "I don't. I good Witch has kissed you."

am going to ask the Wizard of Oz for one."

"But what about my dog, Toto?" Dorothy asked.

"You have b r a i n s too," the Scarecrow s a i d to the At that moment, they all heard a terrible sound. It was Cowardly Lion. "I don't. But I am going to ask the Wizard of the roar of a Lion! Then the Lion ran onto the road and Oz for some."

knocked over the Scarecrow.

"Toto and I want to go home to Kansas. I am going to ask Oz to help us get back there," Dorothy said.

"Do you think that Oz can give me c o u r a g e ? " the Cowardly Lion asked. "Then I w o u l d n ' t be a coward anymore."

"The Wizard of Oz is very powerful," Dorothy replied.

"You are welcome to come with us and ask him."

And so they went on their way. The Scarecrow carried Dorothy's basket and the Cowardly Lion walked by her side.

Toto was afraid of the huge animal at first, but they soon became friends.

That night, they had to sleep in the forest. The Tin Man cut down a tree and made a fire with the wood. Dorothy and Toto ate the last of their bread.

"There is no food for breakfast," Dorothy said.

"I can kill an animal for you," the Cowardly Lion told her.

"Then you can cook it on the fire."

"I think that it is wrong to kill anything," the Tin Man said. "But as I have no heart, I am not sure."


The Cowardly Lion did not answer. He went into the

"Will this forest never end?" Dorothy asked sadly.

forest and was away for some time.

They walked on and soon they came to another ditch.

The Scarecrow found a nut38 tree and he picked some

"I'm sorry, but I can't jump that. It is too wide," the nuts.

Cowardly Lion said. "What can we do now?"

"Put them in your basket, my dear," he said to Dorothy.

"I have an idea," the Scarecrow said at last. "Look, there

"You can have them for breakfast. Now you and Toto must is a tall tree next to the ditch. If the Tin Man cuts the tree sleep. I will stand under this tree, away from the fire."

down, it will fall across the ditch like a bridge. Then we can Dorothy and Toto slept well. In the morning, the girl ate all walk across to the other side."

the nuts and drank some water from a stream. Soon, all the

"That is a great idea," the Lion said.

friends were walking along the yellow brick road again.

The Tin Man picked up his axe and began to work at once. He chopped41 at the tree for some time. When it was It was not an easy day. After a time, they came to a very wide ready to fall, the Lion pushed the tree hard and it fell across ditch39. The ditch divided the forest in two and it was too the ditch. Now they could all walk to the other side.

wide to cross. Dorothy walked to the edge of the ditch and Dorothy went first, with Toto in her arms. The Tin Man looked into it.

followed, then the Scarecrow. The Lion came last of all.

"We can't climb down there," she said. "The ditch is too Dorothy was very tired so the Lion carried her on his deep and there are rocks40 at the bottom. What can we do?"


The Scarecrow and the Tin Man looked at each other, but they did not speak. The Cowardly Lion walked to Dorothy's side and looked across the ditch.

"I think that I could jump over it," the Cowardly Lion said at last.

The River

"Then you can carry us on your back," the Scarecrow said. "Take me first. If I fall, the rocks won't hurt me."

n the afternoon, they came to the end of the forest. There

"If I fall, I will be killed," the Lion replied. "That makes was a wide river in front of them. On the other side of the me very afraid. But get on my back. I will try to jump across."

river were beautiful green fields which were covered with So the Scarecrow got on the Lion's back and the animal flowers. The yellow brick road went on through the fields.

did a great jump. When he landed safely on the other side, On each side of the road there were trees too, with many the Tin Man and Dorothy shouted happily.

kinds of fruit.

The Lion jumped back for Dorothy and Toto.

"Oh dear, how can we cross this river?" Dorothy asked.

"Hold on!" the Cowardly Lion cried and he jumped again.

"That's easy," the Scarecrow replied. "The Tin Man must When Dorothy was safe on the other side, the Lion went make us a raft42. Then we can all float43 across it."

back for the Tin Man. Then the huge animal had to rest.

The Tin Man started work. He chopped down some small The forest was dark now, but the yellow brick road went on.

trees and joined pieces of wood together. The Tin Man was a 24


good woodman and he worked very hard. But night came

"Goodbye," the Scarecrow shouted to his friends on the before the raft was finished. So they all went to sleep under raft. "Good luck!" Then he thought to himself, "I will never the trees. Dorothy dreamed of the Emerald City and of the have any brains now. When Dorothy found me, I was on a Great Wizard of Oz. She dreamed that Oz was sending her pole in a field. Now I am on a pole in the middle of the river home to Kansas.

and no one can help me."

When Dorothy woke up, she immediately saw that she was not in Kansas. But she felt happy now, because the dark forest was behind them. The girl picked some fruit for her breakfast and washed her face. Then she was ready.

The Tin Man had finished the raft and they were ready to start. When the raft was in the water, Dorothy sat down on it, with Toto in her arms. Then, very carefully, the Lion got on too. He was very heavy and the raft moved up and down.

The Scarecrow and the Tin Man had long poles. They stood at the end of the raft and they held it steady. Then they slowly began to push the raft along with their poles.

At first, everything went well. But in the middle of the river the water was moving very fast. It was deeper there too. The water carried them further and further away from the yellow brick road.

"This is very bad," said the Tin Man. "The river is carrying us into the country of the Wicked Witch of the West. She might catch us!"

"Then I will never have brains," said the Scarecrow sadly.

"And I will never have courage," said the Cowardly Lion.

The raft floated on. Soon the Scarecrow was left far

"And I will never have a heart," said the Tin Man.


"And Toto and I will never get back to Kansas," said

"I have an idea," the Cowardly Lion said to the Tin Man.

Dorothy, and she began to cry.

"I think that I can swim to the river bank44. Hold onto my

"Please don't cry, my dear," the Scarecrow said kindly.

tail. Then I will pull the raft after me."

"We must try to get to the Wizard, if we can."

So the Lion jumped into the water and started to swim.

Then he pushed very hard on his long pole. The raft The Tin Man stood on the raft and held onto the Lion's tail.

moved very fast, but without the poor Scarecrow. He was Dorothy pushed with the Tin Man's long pole. Very slowly, left holding his pole, in the middle of the river!

the raft moved nearer to the land.


At last they were on the river bank and they sat on the The Scarecrow was so happy that he hugged45 everyone.

green grass to rest.

"Thank you for helping me," the Scarecrow said to the

"What must we do now?" the Tin Man asked Dorothy.

Stork. "If I ever get brains, I'll come back and help you too."

"We must get back to the yellow brick road," the girl

"That's all right," the Stork said. "I hope that you find the replied. "If we don't, we'll never find the Emerald City."

Emerald City. Get back to the yellow brick road as soon as

"If we walk back along the river bank, we'll come to the you can."

road again," the Lion said. "Let me get dry under the sun.

"Yes, we will," Dorothy said. Then the Stork flew slowly Then we can start."


So they all rested and looked at the beautiful country around them. Dorothy was almost happy again. But then she thought of the poor Scarecrow and she felt very sad.

"Let's go," the Tin Man said at last and they started off.

Soon they saw the Scarecrow in the middle of the river.

"We can't leave him standing there. How can we save The Field of Sleep

him?" Dorothy asked her friends. But no one knew how to he friends walked as fast as they could. As they walked, save the poor Scarecrow.

they looked at all the beautiful things around them.

At that moment, a big bird called a Stork flew by. When Brightly colored birds were flying about and singing in the the Stork saw the friends, he stopped.

trees. The ground was covered with yellow, white, blue and

"Hello," he said to them. "Who are you and where are you purple flowers. There were lots of bright-red poppies too.

going? I have never seen people like you before."

"The poppies are the most beautiful flowers," Dorothy

"I am Dorothy," the girl said. "This is my dog, Toto. This said. "They are so bright and their scent46 is beautiful."

Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion are my friends. We are all

"I have always loved flowers," said the Cowardly Lion.

going to the Emerald City, to see the Wizard of Oz."

"But these are more beautiful than the ones in the forest."

"You should be on the yellow brick road," the Stork said.

"I would like them more, if I had brains," said the

"Yes, we know," Dorothy replied. "But that Scarecrow in Scarecrow.

the river is our friend. He wants to go with us, but we can't

"And I would love them too, if I had a heart," said the Tin reach him."

The Stork looked across at the Scarecrow.


"I can carry things," he said. "But he is too heavy for me."

There were more and more poppies now. Their scent was

"Oh, no, he is not heavy at all," Dorothy said quickly. "He very strong and Dorothy began to feel sleepy. Toto was sleepy is made of straw. Oh, please do try to help him!"

too. Dorothy was in danger, but she did not know it. If she

"Well," the Stork said, "I will try."

fell asleep in the poppy field, she might never wake up again.

So the Stork flew slowly across the water and picked up

"I'm very tired," Dorothy said. "I must sleep."

the Scarecrow easily. Then he flew back to the bank.

"No, you can't sleep here, my dear," the Tin Man told her.


"We must get back to the yellow brick road before dark."

"Stop!" he cried, and he raised his axe. As the Wildcat But it was too late. Dorothy's eyes had closed.

ran by, the Tin Man cut off its head and killed it.

"What shall we do?" the Tin Man asked.

The little field mouse stopped. Then it slowly moved

"If we leave her here, she will never wake again," the toward the Tin Man.

Lion replied. "You are safe, but I'm made of flesh. I'm

"Thank you," said the mouse. "You have saved a Queen!"

becoming sleepy too."

"A Queen? But you are a mouse!" the Tin Man said.

"Then run as fast as you can," the Scarecrow said to the

"I am the Queen of all the field mice," the mouse replied.

Lion. "The Tin Man and I will carry Dorothy and Toto out of

"I and all my people thank you."

the field. But we can't carry you! Go quickly!"

As she spoke, several other field mice ran up and bowed.

The Cowardly Lion began to run through the poppy field

"We are so glad that you are safe!" they cried to their Queen.

and the friends carried the girl and her dog between them.

"This Tin Man killed the Wildcat and saved my life," the They walked on through the poppies. Near the end of Queen told them. "Now you must all do whatever he wants."

the field, they found the Cowardly Lion. He was fast asleep.

"We will!" all the field mice cried.

"We can't carry him. He is too heavy," the Tin Man said

"Well," the Queen said to the Tin Man. "What can we sadly. "He will sleep here for ever. Perhaps he will dream mice do for you?"

that he has courage."

"I can't think of anything . . . " the Tin Man began, but

"I'm sorry to leave him," the Scarecrow replied. "He was a then the Scarecrow had an idea.

coward, but he was a good friend. He helped us all."

"You can help our friend, the Cowardly Lion," he said.

Dorothy and Toto were fast asleep too. The Scarecrow

"He is asleep in the poppy field."

and the Tin Man carried them out of the poppy field and put

"A lion?" cried the Queen. "If he wakes up, he'll eat us!"

them down on the grass. Then they waited for Dorothy to

"Oh, no," the Scarecrow said. "This Lion is a coward and wake up.

he would never hurt our friends. Please help us to save him."

"What can we do?" the Queen asked. "We are small, but there are thousands of us field mice."

"Then tell all the mice that they must come here. Each 8

mouse must bring a long piece of string48," the Scarecrow said.

The Queen of the Field Mice

Then the Scarecrow spoke to his friend, the Tin Man.

"Cut down some trees and make a truck49, with wooden e must be near the yellow brick road now," the wheels. The truck must be big enough to carry the Lion."

Scarecrow said. But before the Tin Man could reply, a The Tin Man began work at once. When the mice little gray field mouse47 ran by. It was followed by a yellow arrived, the flat wooden truck was ready.

wildcat. The Wildcat's mouth was open.

There were thousands and thousands of mice now. Each The Tin Man had no heart, but he felt very sorry for the one had a long piece of string in its mouth.

little mouse.

At about this time, Dorothy woke up from her sleep. She 30


was very surprised to find herself on the ground, with Slowly, the mice pulled the Cowardly Lion out of the thousands of gray field mice looking at her. Then the poppy field. Then Dorothy thanked them all for saving her Scarecrow explained everything and Dorothy smiled.

dear friend from death. The string was taken from the necks The Scarecrow told the mice his plan. Every field mouse of the mice and they all ran quickly away. Only the Queen had a piece of string. One end of each piece of string was tied stayed.

to the truck. Then the other end was put around the neck of The Queen gave Dorothy a little whistle50.

a mouse. Now the mice could pull the truck along. They

"Blow this whistle if you need our help again," she said to pulled the truck to where the Lion was sleeping.

Dorothy. "We will come at once. Goodbye!"

The Tin Man and the Scarecrow pushed the Lion onto

"Goodbye," said the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the truck. He was very heavy and that took time.

Dorothy. Then the Queen ran away too. The friends sat All the mice pulled as hard as they could. Very slowly, the down and waited for the Lion to wake up.

truck began to move. The Tin Man and the Scarecrow pushed the truck from behind.

The Emerald City

he Cowardly Lion slept for a long time. But at last he woke up and looked around him.

"1 am very happy to see you all again," he said when he saw his friends. "How did you get me out of the poppy-field?"

"Well, we had some help," the Scarecrow said.

Dorothy told the Lion about the field mice and how they had saved him.

The Cowardly Lion laughed.

"I have been happy because I'm so big and strong," he said. "But little flowers nearly killed me and little animals saved me. I must remember that. What will we do now?"

"We must find the yellow brick road again," Dorothy said.

"When you are ready, we will be on our way."

"I feel fine," the Lion said. "On to the Emerald City!"

Soon they reached the yellow brick road again and started walking along it.

There were houses and farms on either side of the road 32


now. The houses were painted green. Sometimes they saw

"Yes, I want Oz to give me some brains," said the people and they were all dressed in green too.


"This must be the Land of Oz," Dorothy said. "Everything

"I want a heart," said the Tin Man.

is green, so the Emerald City can't be far away."

"And I want courage," said the Cowardly Lion.

"I don't think that we shall get there tonight," the

"Oh, all those things will be easy for him," the man Scarecrow said. "We need somewhere to stay."

replied. Then he turned to Dorothy.

"Then let's stop at the next house," Dorothy said. "I want

"And what do you want, my dear?" he asked.

somewhere to sleep. I am feeling hungry too, and so is Toto.

"I want Oz to send me and Toto back to Kansas," she Soon, they came to a farmhouse and Dorothy knocked on replied.

the door. It opened and a woman looked out.

"I have never heard of Kansas," the man said. "Is it far?"

"What do you want?" she asked. "Why is there a lion

"I don't know. But I know that it is my home and that I with you? He is very big and I am afraid of him."

want to go back there," Dorothy explained sadly.

"Please don't worry. This is the Cowardly Lion and he is

"I'm sure that Oz knows where Kansas is. He knows more afraid of you," Dorothy replied. "He is my friend and so everything," the man said. "But you will have to see him is this Scarecrow and this Tin Man. Can we all stay with you first and that will be difficult."

tonight? We have walked a long way."

The woman gave them supper—though the Scarecrow

"Come in," the woman said. "You can have some supper and the Tin Man did not eat anything. Then Dorothy and too."

Toto went to sleep on a soft bed and the Lion slept by the There was a man in the house. He looked up in surprise door.

when Dorothy and her friends entered.

The Scarecrow and the Tin Man stood up all night.

"Where are you all going?" the man asked.

"To the Emerald City, to see the Great Oz," Dorothy In the morning, they all thanked the man and woman and replied.

started on their way. There was a green light shining in the

"Are you sure that Oz will see you?" the man said. "I have sky.

been there many times, but I have never seen him."

"That must be the Emerald City," Dorothy said.

"Why not?" the Scarecrow asked.

They walked all day. The green light in the sky got

"He never goes out," the man replied. "He stays in his brighter and brighter. In the afternoon, they came to the palace every day."

end of the yellow brick road. It ended at the high green wall

"What does the Great Oz look like?" Dorothy asked.

that went around the Emerald City.

"That is a difficult question," the man replied. "Oz is a In front of them was a big gate. It was covered with great Wizard, so he can change himself by magic. No one is emeralds51. The beautiful green stones shone in the sunlight.

sure what he looks like. He never sees anyone."

Dorothy rang the bell beside the gate. It opened and they

"Oh dear," Dorothy said. "We have come a long way to walked into a beautiful room. Everything shone with a green see him. We all want him to help us, you see."



A little green man stood in the middle of the room.

"You are entering the Emerald City" the green man said.

"I am the Guardian" of the Gate. Can I help you?"

"We have come to see the Great Oz," Dorothy replied.

The green man looked very surprised.

"No one has asked to see Oz for years," he said. "He is a very great Wizard, but he is terrible too. If you have come here to waste his time53, he will be very angry. You may never leave the Emerald City again."

"We were told that Oz was a good Wizard," the Scarecrow said. "We've come a long way. We haven't come here to waste his time."

"Then I will take you to his Palace," the green man said.

The Emerald City of Oz was a wonderful place. All the buildings were made of green marble54, with windows made of green glass. There were beautiful green emeralds everywhere.

All the people were green and they were wearing green clothes too. The green people looked at Dorothy and her friends as they walked by. But no one spoke to them.

At last, the friends came to a big building in the middle of the city. It was the Palace of Oz, the Great Wizard. A soldier, dressed in green, was standing in front of the door.

"These people are strangers," the Guardian of the Gate said to the soldier. "They want to see the Great Oz."

The soldier looked surprised.

"Come in," he said. "I will tell Oz that you are here."

Then the soldier went away for a long time.

"Did you see Oz?" Dorothy asked, when he came back.

"Oh, no. I have never seen him," the soldier replied. "He sits behind a screen55. But I told him about you."

"And what did he say?" the Tin Man asked.

"Oz will see you, but not all together. He will speak to one of you every day." the soldier replied. "Now you can go to your rooms. You can rest there, until Oz sends for you."

At last the friends came to a big building in the middle of the city. It was the Palace of Oz, the Great Wizard.


"Thank you," Dorothy said. "That is very kind of Oz."

legs. The Head had no hair,

A girl dressed in green, with beautiful green hair and but it had two eyes, a nose

green eyes, came into the room and smiled at Dorothy.

and a mouth. The mouth

"Please follow me," the girl said. Then Dorothy, with opened and Oz spoke.

Toto in her arms, followed her through the Palace of the Great Oz.

"I am Oz, the Great and

the Terrible," he said. "Who The green girl opened a door that was covered with emeralds.

"Here you are," she said to Dorothy. "You will be happy here. Sleep well and Oz will send for you tomorrow morning.

Now I must take your friends to their rooms."

Everything in Dorothy's room was green. The soft bed was covered in green. There were green dresses for Dorothy to wear and green books for her to read.

Dorothy slept very well that night. In the morning, after breakfast, she washed and put on a green silk dress. She tied

"I am Dorothy, the Small

a green ribbon

and the Quiet," the girl replied.

56 around Toto's neck. They were ready.

"Where did you get those

Silver Shoes?" the Wizard


"From the Wicked Witch of

the East," Dorothy replied. "My The Great Wizard of Oz

house fell on her and killed her."

"The Good Witch of the North has kissed you," the Great he next morning, the green girl came for Dorothy. Oz Oz said slowly. "I can see her mark."

had asked to see the girl and her little dog.

"Yes, then she sent me to you, Great Oz," Dorothy replied.

"Oz does not usually see people," the green girl explained.

"You have had a long journey. Why are you here?" Oz

"But the soldier told him about your Silver Shoes. The Great asked. "What do you want me to do?"

Oz was very interested. He will see you now, in his Throne

"Please send me back to my Aunt Em and Uncle Henry in Room57. I think that you are very brave, my dear."

Kansas," Dorothy said quickly. "You have a beautiful country, The Throne Room was round and high and very big.

but it is not my home. I have been away from Kansas for so Everything in it was covered in shining emeralds.

long. I do so want to go home!"

Oz's green throne stood in the middle of the room. On the

"Why do you need my help?" Oz asked. "You killed the throne was a Huge Head. There was no body, no arms and no Wicked Witch of the East all by yourself."


"That was a mistake," Dorothy replied.

"I am Oz, the Great and the

"I see," Oz said. "Well, I will help you. But you must also Terrible," the Green Woman

help me."

said. "Who are you? And why

"What can I do for you?" she asked in surprise.

are you here?"

"You must kill the Wicked Witch of the West," Oz replied.

"I don't want to kill anyone!" Dorothy cried.

"You killed the Wicked Witch of the East. You are wearing her Silver Shoes. When the Wicked Witch of the West is dead, I will send you back to Kansas," Oz said.

Dorothy began to cry.

"I am a Scarecrow, I am

"The Witch may be wicked, but I still don't want to kill stuffed with straw," the

her," she told Oz. "I am only a girl and you are Oz, the Great Scarecrow said. "I would like

and the Terrible. Why don't you kill her yourself?"

to have brains in my head,

"You have my answer," Oz replied. "If you don't kill the instead of straw."

Wicked Witch, you'll never see your aunt and uncle again!"

"I can give you brains,"

Dorothy went back to her friends and told them said the Green Woman. "I am the Great Oz and I can do everything.

anything. But first you must do something for me. I want

"I shall never get back to Kansas now," she said sadly.

you to kill the Wicked Witch of the West."

Her friends were very sorry, but they could not help her.

"But you asked Dorothy to kill the Witch!" the Scarecrow Dorothy went back to her green room with Toto. Then she replied.

lay down on the green bed and cried until she fell asleep.

"I don't care who kills the Witch," Oz told the Scarecrow.

"But you will have no brains until she is dead. You can go The next morning, the Scarecrow was taken to see Oz.


"I must not be afraid of a Head," the Scarecrow said to The Scarecrow was very sad. He went back to his friends himself, as he walked into the Throne Room. Dorothy had and told them everything. The next morning, it was the Tin told the Scarecrow about her meeting with Oz the day before.

Man's turn to see the Wizard.

She had explained that Oz was a Head with no hair, two When the Tin Man saw the Great Oz, he was very afraid.

eyes, a nose and a mouth.

This time, the Great Wizard was a Huge Animal. The Huge But when the Scarecrow looked up he saw, not a Head, Animal had five eyes, five arms and five legs. It was covered but a beautiful Woman sitting on the throne. She was dressed in long hair. It was much bigger than the Cowardly Lion.

in green and her hair was green too. She had two huge

"I am Oz, the Great and the Terrible," the Huge Animal wings58 that moved all the time.

roared. "Who are you and why are you here?"

"Who are you?" the Scarecrow asked in surprise.

"I am a woodman," the Tin Man said. "As you can see, I 40


am made of tin and so I have

you courage," the Wizard said. "What do you think of that?"

no heart. Please give me a

The Cowardly Lion was too afraid to answer. He ran back heart, Great Oz. Then I can

to his friends and told them everything.

love and be happy."

"What can we do now?" Dorothy asked sadly.

"We must find the Wicked Witch and kill her," the Cowardly Lion said. "If we don't, I will never have courage."

"And I will never have brains," said the Scarecrow.

"And I will never have a heart," said the Tin Man.

"And I will never see Aunt Em and Uncle Henry again,"

said Dorothy. And her tears fell onto her beautiful green dress.

"Don't cry, you'll spoil your dress," the Tin Man told her.

So Dorothy stopped crying and said,

"First you must kill the

"We must find the Witch, but I don't want to kill her."

Wicked Witch of the

"I'll go with you, but I am a coward," the Lion replied.

West," the Huge Animal

"I have no brains, but I will go with you," the Scarecrow roared. "Then I will give


you a heart."

"I don't want to kill anyone, but I will go with you too,"

"Well, it will be my turn

the Tin Man said. "We'll all go together and find the Wicked tomorrow," the Cowardly


Lion said when the Tin Man had returned to his friends. "I

"We'll go tomorrow," Dorothy said, and Toto barked am ready for the Head, the Green Woman or the Huge loudly.

Animal. I will roar and the Great Oz will be afraid of me."

But when the Cowardly Lion saw Oz, he had a surprise.

This time, the Great Wizard was a Ball of Fire, hot and 11

bright. The Cowardly Lion was very afraid.

"I am Oz, the Great and the Terrible," the Ball of Fire The Wicked Witch of the West

roared. "Who are you and why are you here?"

"I'm the Cowardly Lion and I'm always afraid," the Lion he friends got up early the next morning and had a good said. "Please give me courage so I can be King of the breakfast. The green girl filled Dorothy's basket with animals."

food. Then the green soldier took them back to the gate.

The Ball of Fire became hotter and hotter and the

"Which road will take us to the Wicked Witch of the Cowardly Lion had to move further away.

West?" Dorothy asked the Guardian of the Gate.

"When the Wicked Witch of the West is dead, I will give

"There isn't a road," he replied. "No one goes that way."


"How can we find her then?" Dorothy asked.

and one of straw. The girl and the lion won't be able to work The Guardian of the Gate laughed.

for me. Tear them into pieces."

"Don't worry. The Wicked Witch will find you!" he told

"We will!" the Leader said and the wolves all ran towards her. "And when she finds you, she will make you her slaves59."

the strangers.

"But we are going to kill her," said the Scarecrow.

The Scarecrow and the Tin Man saw the wolves coming.

"The Witch may not let you kill her," the Guardian of the

"Leave this to me," the Tin Man said, and he raised his Gate explained. "She is very wicked and she may kill you.

axe. As the Leader of the wolves ran up, the Tin Man swung But if you want to find her, follow the sun and walk towards his axe. The wolf's head was cut from its body.

the West."

There were forty wolves. The Tin Man raised his axe forty So the friends began to walk towards the West and away times. Forty heads were cut off and all the wolves were dead.

from the Emerald City. Soon, Dorothy's green dress turned Then the Tin Man sat down and smiled.

white and Toto's green ribbon went white too.

"That was a good fight," he said to the Scarecrow.

As they went on, walking became difficult. The ground When Dorothy woke up in the morning, she saw the was hard and there were no farms or houses. The sun was hot wolves' heads and bodies all around her. At first, she was and there were no trees. Dorothy, Toto and the Lion soon afraid, but then the Tin Man told the girl everything.

became very tired. They fell asleep before it was dark and the

"Thank you for saving my life," she replied. Then she Scarecrow and the Tin Man stood near them.

hugged him.

The Wicked Witch of the West had only one eye, but she could see everything. She saw Dorothy first. The girl was After a good breakfast, the friends started on their way.

fast asleep, with her friends all around her.

The Wicked Witch looked out of the door of her castle.

The Wicked Witch was very angry and she blew on her First, she saw all the dead wolves. Then she saw the strangers silver whistle. Almost at once, a pack of wolves60 ran towards walking through her country and she was very, very angry.

her. The animals had long legs, red eyes and sharp teeth.

The Witch blew her silver

"Go and tear61 those

crows flew towards her.

strangers into pieces!" the

"Peck63 out the strangers'

Wicked Witch told the

eyes! Tear them to pieces!"

Leader of the wolves.

the Wicked Witch said to

"Don't you want to use

the King Crow.

them for slaves?" the Leader

"Right!" the King Crow

of the wolves asked.


"No, they are no use to

When Dorothy saw the

me," the Wicked Witch

black crows coming she was

replied. "One is made of tin

very afraid.


"Don't worry," the Scarecrow said. "Leave this to me."

"Go and kill those strangers," she said. "Don't come back When the crows saw the Scarecrow, at first they were until they are dead—or I will kill you!"

afraid of him. But then the King Crow said, "He's only stuffed The Winkies did not like fighting, but they were afraid of with straw. I will peck his eyes out."

the Wicked Witch. They soon found Dorothy and her The King Crow flew d

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