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The uprising of the Kazakhs of Small Horde under the leadership of Isatai Taiman uli and Makhambet Otemys uli (1836-1838).

Movement has been organized against feudal oppression and the Russian colonial policy. In the development revolt has endured three stages: 1st (1833-36), preparatory, 2nd (beginning of 1837 middle of November 1837), performance and defeat, 3rd (middle of December 1837 middle of July 1838), transition of group of insurgents under the direction of Isatai and Mahambet on a left bank of Ural Mountains, a regrouping of forces, definitive defeat in fight at the river Akbulak. First stage of movement is characterized by following lines: actions of local governors more and more aggravated a life of the simple people owing to what the discontent of the population has amplified; work on creation of national home guards was actively conducted; the discontent of the population was expressed in attacks on auls of bies and sultans. The group of the population consisting of nomads and the poorest social classes was the basic force of liberation movement. Auls with kin berish led by Isatai Taimanov became the main organizers and inspirers of revolt. To insurgents has joined Mahambet, akin, the fighter for freedom of the simple people who was one of ideologists of people's liberation movement. The main ideological and political grounds of revolt underlay a social status of their participants - peasants. In the spring of 1837 after form the basic centers of military operations insurgents have begun active attack to the khans headquarters. On October, 15-20th, 1837 camp of Isatai was in 60-70 versts from the headquarters of the khan in natural boundary the Terekty-godfather. On October, 24th insurgents number of 1500 persons have promoted to distance of 4-8 versts from khans headquarters; the siege, lasting has begun two weeks. On struggle against insurgents the regular and Cossack parts, separate military divisions of Kulaginsky, Mountain fortresses have been involved. Against the risen large-scale military operations have been organized, the basic exits for deviation of insurgents have been blocked. Over operation lieutenant colonel Geke supervised. The headquarters siege has been removed after negotiations; however armies of the tsar, having violated conditions of negotiations, have attacked insurgents. On November, 15th, 1837 the army of the risen has suffered defeat from armies of Geke, 100 persons have been killed nearby. Isatai and Mahambet in December, 1837 Have made the way through an environment near to the Jamanha-Linsky advanced post and have left in Zaurale steppe.


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