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Dress White Uniform of the Pioneers USSR.

The uniform was one of many things that identified Pioneers with each other and the people. The uniform, part of the school uniform wore at school, included the red neckerchief and the organizational and rank badges on the white shirt with long or short pants for boys and long or short skirts for girls, with optional side caps as headdress. Full dress uniforms, used in occasions, were light blue with red side caps, the red neckerchief and the badges, with sashes for color bearers. Sea service uniforms used sailor caps and blue shirts and pants or skirts depending on gender. Instructors wore the same uniforms in every occasion and in all meetings.



Solemn promise of a pioneer of the Soviet Union

I (surname, given name), having now joined the ranks of the All-Union Pioneer Organization "Vladimir Illich Lenin", in front of my comrades solemnly promise: to passionately love my fatherland, to live, study, and fight as bequeathed by the Great Lenin, as the Communist Party teaches, and always carry out the laws of the Pioneers of the Soviet Union.



Young Pioneer songs were usually sung at various Young Pioneer meetings, in Young Pioneer camps, and at schools. One of the earliest and the most popular song was the Young Pioneer March. It was written in 1922 by Aleksandr Zharov (music by Sergei Dyoshkin) and was sometimes called The Anthem of Young Pioneers. There were a great many other songs, here are some very popular ones:

Accepting you into Young Pioneers (music by Aleksandra Pakhmutova, lyrics by N.Dobronravov)

Song about the first Young Pioneer detachment (A.Dolukhanian, S.Runge)

Our land (Dmitry Kabalevsky, A.Prishelets)

Gaidar is marching first (Aleksandra Pakhmutova, N.Dobronravov)



The Young Pioneers who excelled in academic study, work, sports or social activity were elected to the self-governing institutions, were sent as delegates to the Young Pioneers gatherings (including All-Union ones). The most notable were recognized in the organization's Book of Honor. During World War II, many Young Pioneers fought against Nazis in partisan detachments, which existed near their homes on the territories occupied by Nazi Germany. Nearly 30,000 of them were awarded various orders and medals; four Young Pioneers became Heroes of the Soviet Union. One of the famous young pioneer All-Union camps was "Artek" located in Crimea, Ukraine. The camp was located on the top of the mountain "A-yu-dahg" which means "Bear's Mountain". Only the best students were selected to go there based on their grades and leadership. Young communists from other countries were welcome as well.


After the ban of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1991, the organization had to disband. In the countries of the former Soviet Union society advocates the restoration of the Pioneers movement at the State level. In particular the Eastern European countries: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus, as well as North Korea, are only Republics where the restored Pioneer Organizations are located and active.

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