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Homes for people with mental or physical disabilities

Christopherus Haus, Witten

Haus St. Josef, Düsseldorf

Integrationsmodell, Essen

Rheinisches Heilpädagogisches Heim, Wohngruppenverband Seelscheid

Rheinisches Heilpädagogisches Heim, Wohngruppenverband Bonn


Other projects

Zirkus-Jugendherberge, Nettetal (only FSJ possible)



Christopherus Haus





Christopherus Haus, Wohn- und Lebensgemeinschaft

Im Wullen 75

D – 58453 Witten

Telefon +49 – 2302 – 96020 - 26


contact person: Frau Gleitz


description of the project


The Christopherus home is a house for mentally handicapped adults. It is an anthropological institution and is led by pedagogical Waldorf principles. “In need of soul-care” is a word which derives from the anthropological use of language and means “mentally handicapped”.

Days, weeks and years are determined by a special anthropological rhythm of life. They try to live in harmony with nature (organic farming, vegetarian food, natural building material, christian way of living). There is great importance to activities in crafts and music.


How does the work of the volunteers look like ?


You are required to accompany the residents in their everyday life. Your work depends on the group-life and your own possibilities in dealing with the residents.

In addition, you will be asked to help with house working activities (washing up, doing the laundry, cooking) and nursing (i.e. hygiene, dressing). Moreover, you spend some leisure time with the residents ( singing, knitting, doing handicrafts, going for a walk).

You help to organize the yearly celebrations and cultural activities, which are typical of anthropological institutions.


Lodging and catering


You have a furnished room within a group. Food is provided by the institution.

place of living: Im Wullen 75, 58453 Witten.




The Christopherus home is a very nice house, which is situated in a beautiful area. The house lies on the outskirts of Witten and can be reached easily by bus (10 min footwalk to the bus stop).


How to get there


If you come by plane, you arrive at Düsseldorf or Köln/ Bonn airport. From there you have a train connection via Essen or Hagen to Witten.



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