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  Dear Mr/Ms (surname), Dear Sir/Madam/Sir or Madam,  
Reason for writing   I am writing to apply for the post/position of as advertised in I am writing with reference/in response to your advertisement, which I saw I am writing in connection with your advertisement in the Daily Star on May 11th With reference to your advertisement  
Experience Qualifications CV   I gained some experience while I am currently working as I have been working for for the last four years. I worked part-time for three years as At the moment I am employed by My qualifications include I have a diploma in I graduated from Barcelona University last year with a degree in Please find attached my CV As you can see from the attached CV  
Endings   Please do not hesitate to contact me if/should you require further information. I look forward to hearing from you. I am available for interview at your convenience. I shall be available for interview any day apart from Wednesdays.  
Signing off   (If Dear surname) Yours sincerely, (If Dear Sir/Madam) Yours faithfully, Yours,  
    First name + surname






Initial information To: From: Subject: or Re: Date:  
Introduction   As requested, I did/have done sth I summarise below/Below is a summary of the most important relevant points as well as some recommendations.  
Findings Or Important points   1.   2.   3.  
Useful phrases   In relation to In contrast with As far as is concerned In spite of In an attempt to  
Conclusion or recommend.   Having considered the options, I would like to suggest/recommend I therefore suggest/recommend You may wish to consider


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