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Internet Addiction is a new mental health disorder. Alice G. Walton.


Internet addiction or Internet Use disorder (IUD) is the problem, which Alice G. Walton has described in Forbes magazine. Internet addiction is not studied completely and it is not on the list of mental health disorders, but it is becoming a contemporary issue. Indeed, author noticed that it is necessary to get more additional study about IUD and what kind of symptoms and treatment it does bring.

By the words of Alice G. Walton there are some particular symptoms such as preoccupation, withdrawal symptoms, tolerance, loss of interests, unsuccessful attempts and others. These symptoms are totally those ones, which sometimes I can see around me, for instance, my friendís sort of experience these symptoms and it seems like it is supposed to be, but in reality it is not.

Despite of all made researches and studies, there has been one, which was devoted to neurological direction. This research provides information about how our brains are changing by the Internet Addiction, the study has shown that cells changings in control attention, executive control and emotion processing brainís areas are similar to changings in brains of people who are addicted to cocaine, heroine and special K and other substances. The study really provided an awful data, but it true.

Also in one of the paragraphs, there is a claim that teenagers are so addicted to Internet that they can play or use Internet hours on end, and if the things were taken away, they would kill anybody who dare to do it. The author has mentioned this fact as a cruel reality of our present life. There is a need to restrict and regulate spending hours in Internet or computer games, which are mostly used by teens.

As well as in this article, author offers us some solutions. Cognitive Behavior Therapy ( CBT) is the treatment, whether can be applied to teenagers as a form of psychotherapy. This treatment teaches how to substitute the damaging thought and behavior and plague them with healthier, more productive ones. It seems like it is a way to solve this problem, because some of the people who were addicted reported that improved well being and less of the offending behavior.

In the last paragraph, author has written that researchers will keep studying about internet addiction, as well as they will try to find more information and approaches how to get over it. As well as, the last paragraph offers us to give a feedback as an addiction to this article, which in my view is very good way to understand this problem by common asking.



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