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Fill in the blanks if necessary. Explain the choice of articles.

1. ... Backs have been musicians for as long as any of them could remember. 2. ... Stevenson's tale of Victorian society tells of the battle between good and evil, the good personified in ... apparently kindly and concerned Dr. Jekyll. 3. The 650 members of the Houses of Commons meet in a chamber which is still sometimes called ... Stephen's Chapel. 4. The Parliamentary session begins in ... November and with recessions at holiday periods (... Christmas, ... Easter and in ... summer) lasts for about one hundred and sixty days. 5. ... great Jefferson who drew up the Decla­ration of Independence, saw to it that there was a Bill of Rights. 6. The commanders-in-chief in both wars were of German ancestry - ... General Pershing in ... World War I and ... General Eisenhower in ... World War II. 7. ... British Rail, ... French Railways and ... Japanese Railway have won back customers from the internal airlines with trains which run at average speeds between 80 and 100 m.p.h. 8. ...Washington Post and ... New York Times are not national newspapers in the sense ... Times is in ... Britain or ... Le Monde is in ... France since each American city has its own daily newspaper. 9. ... Jeorge Eastman, who in 1860 produced the first Kodak, gave half of his fortune to ... Rochestra University. 10. The trees and rocks of... Central park in ... New York give the impression of a wilderness.

Exercise 77. Read the sentences of exercise 76 again and point out those which contain information new to you.

Exercise 78. Read the following passage and decide what events may have been described in the story from which the extract is taken. Fill in the blanks if necessary.

I remember it very well; it was ... warm morning in ... June. I had not much baggage - I never had. ... Kamchatka was one of the ships I liked best. I say was, because she certainly no longer is. I cannot think of anything in the world which would make me travel on her again. Yes, I know what you are going to say; she's a good ship; she has a lot of advantages. But I won't cross in her again (ABC-K).

Exercise 79. a) Do you know where Napoleon spent the closing days of his life?

b) Read the text, fill in the blanks and do the tasks after the text.

'Where exactly is it?', people would ask when I said I had been to ...' St.Helena. 'In ...2 South Atlantic', I would reply. 'Ah', they said knowingly, 'near ...3 Falklands'.

Well, no actually. It is about 4 000 miles from ...4 Falkland Islands, just in the middle of...5 South Atlantic Ocean, nearly 1 000 miles south of the equator, some 1 100 miles from ...6

Angola to the east and 1 800 miles from ...7 Brazil to the west. ...8 St.Helena can only be reached by ...9 sea, two days' sail from ...10 Ascension and five days from ..." Cape Town. Its very remoteness was the principal reason that it was chosen by the British government for ...'2 Napoleon's exile.

...13 St.Helena plies between ..}* Cardiff and ...I5 Cape Town, calling

Tenerif and

17 Ascension Island before reaching ...I8 St.Helena

some two weeks later. The ship also carries much longed for fresh fruit on her return journey from ...!9 Cape Town.

...20 St.Helena is a very friendly ship. The port and capital of the island is ... Jamestown named after ..." King James II. The capital boasts just one street - ,..23 Main Street - with the castle, police station, library, Anglican church, museum, post-office. ...24 Consulate hotel is an ellegant, white-painted building.

The supreme place of pilgrimage is the house where Napoleon resided. He lived at ... . Longwood House and his life was a misery. He died in ...26 May 1821, aged 52, and was buried with full military honours (FT).

c) Explain the absence of the article in No. 1, 8, 14.Compare these cases with the use of the definite article in No. 13, 20. Explain why the same word takes the definite article in No. 13, 20 and drops it in No. 1, 8. How will you account for the absence of the article in No. 23.

d)Explain why no article is used in No. 25 and the definite article is kept in No. 24 though both names denote buildings.

f) Speak about the most noteworthy place on St.Helena from your point of view.

g) Make up a story about St.Helena for tenth-formers,
h) Decide whether it is worthwhile visiting St.Helena.

Exercise 80. a) Have you heard anything about the Splendid China project (the USA)?

b) Read the following text, fill in the blanks if necessary and do the tasks after the text.

Near ... Orlando, just two miles from ... Disney World, the Magic Kingdom is about to meet the Middle Kingdom. Construction crews are building ... Florida Splendid China, a 76-acre theme park complete with such attractions as a miniaturized Confucian Temple and a three-quarter-mile version of the great Chinese Wall. Nearby the Taiwanese investors are also putting up condominiums, single-family homes, and stores while ... Walt Disney Co. can hardly be expected to welcome the new competition.

With painstaking detail, Chinese artisans are creating a miniature of their homeland in ... central Florida. ... George Chen, president of ... American Eastern International (AEI), a partner in the Florida Splendid China project, cringes at the terms. ... Chens are no strangers to ... USA. They have developed office buildings near ... Los Angeles and also amassed 513 acres near ... Disney World during the 1980s. The new park is adjacent to ... Florida Gardens, a single-family-home, retail, hotel project that... AEI is developing separately. For those tiring of the history lessons, ... Florida Splendid China will offer side attractions such as acrobats and art performers (BW).

c) Comment on the absence of the article with names of companies Walt Disney Co.' and 'American Eastern International'.

d) How will you account for the absence of articles with the names of parks 'Florida Splendid China' and 'Disney World', 'Formosa Gardens'?

e) Why is the definite article used with the noun in the plural 'the Chens'?

f) Decide if Florida Splendid China is likely to be profitable.

g) Decide which park will attract more tourists – Disney World or Florida Splendid China.

h) Decide what parks dedicated to your country can be laid out elsewhere in the world..


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