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Tom and Linda are planning their holidays


Linda: I decided ______________ (spend) our holidays in France. I enjoy ______________ (travel) very much. We might manage ________________ (visit) a lot of interesting places there. Letís go by car.

Tom: Sorry, dear, but I dislike _________________ (tour) around in the car.

Linda: But you promised ____________________ (go) anywhere with me.

Tom: I offered _________________ (go) by bus or by train. And I didnít plan ________________ (go) abroad. We canít afford ___________________ (spend) too much money. By the way, something is wrong with our car. It keeps __________________ (make) some noise.

Linda: Did they help you at the repair shop?

Tom: They agreed __________________ (repair) it as quickly as possible. I hope ________________ (get) it back soon.

Linda: Oh, Iím not sure theyíll finish ___________________ (do) it in time.


11 Fill in the gaps using gerund and comment each case of using the Ėing



1 They go on _______________ (read) that book.

2 I canít imagine Peter ______________ (go) by bike.

3 I look forward to ______________ (see) you at the weekend.

4 Are you thinking of ________________ (go) to London?

5 They started ___________________ (talk).

6 Peter gave up ________________ (smoke).

7 I enjoy _________________ (write) picture postcards.

8 Avoid __________________ (make) silly mistakes.

9 (Swim) _________________ keeps you fit.


12 Underline the correct preposition and fill in the gaps with the Ėing form

of the verb in brackets.


1 Thank you to/for _____________________ (help) me with my homework.

2 She felt tired because she wasnít used to/with __________ (work) so hard.

3 His boss blamed him for/of _________________ (lose) the deal.

4 I am in charge in/of ___________________ (make) the Christmas deliveries.

5 We are thinking of/from __________________ (buy) a new car next month.

6 Sandra apologized for/about __________________ (ruin) the performance.

7 Ian was talking with/about ___________________ (open) a shop in York.

13 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.


1 A: Your hair looks great today.

B: Thanks. I watched the hairdresser ___________ (dry) it so I could learn how to do it myself.

2 A: Thatís a music school, isnít it?

B: Thatís right. I often hear the students ___________ (sing) as I walk past.

3 A: Did you stay until the end of the contest?

B: yes. I listened to the chairman ________________ (announce) the results before I went home.

4 A: How do you know Tim is at home?

B: I saw him __________________ (cut) the grass as I was driving home.

5 A: How do you know that man stole the watch?

B: I saw him _______________ (put) it in his pocket and leave the shop without paying.


14 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.


15 Complete the sentences using the words in bold. Use two to five words.


1 Could you pass me the pepper?

mind Would____________________________________________ the pepper?

2 ĎLetís have a barbecueí, Paul asked.

suggested Paul___________________________________________ barbecue.

3 ďLetís meet at 7.00,Ē Paul said.

suggested Paul ___________________________________________ at 7.00.

4 ĎCould you go to the shop for me?í she asked.

mind ĎWould ________________________________________ the shop for me?

5 What about going to a Chinese restaurant tonight?

fancy Do ______________________________ to a Chinese restaurant tonight?

6 It was difficult for him to speak French.

difficulty He _______________________________________________ French.


7 It was difficult for her to learn Algebra.

difficulty She ______________________________________________ Algebra.

8 He was extremely nervous, yet he still gave an excellent speech.

being Despite __________________________ he still gave an excellent speech.


16 Complete the sentences using infinitive or Ėing form.


1 John isnít interested in ___________________________________________.

2 He refused ____________________________________________________.

3 Paula is keen on ________________________________________________.

4 These days we can ______________________________________________.

5 She really hates _________________________________________________.

6 Jason canít help ________________________________________________.

7 Do you like ____________________________________________________?

8 You should ____________________________________________________.

9 We are looking forward to _________________________________________.


17 Choose the correct variant A, B, or C.


1 I prefer ___ to rock music.

A to listen B listen C listening

2 He spend his free time ___ in the garden.

A digging B to dig C dig

3 Tom enjoys ___ part in car races.

A taking B to take C take

4 He studied sculpture because he enjoyed ___ with clay.

A to work B working C work

5 We went ___ last holidays.

A climbing B to climb C climb

6 Few people can afford ___ on a cruise round the world.

A going B to go C go

7 Iíve been interested in ___ since I was a boy.

A fly B to fly C flying

8 I donít mind ___ to the party.

A to invite B inviting C invite

9 I canít stand ___ the same tune played over and over.

A hearing B hear C to hear

10 I like ___ after my sisterís children.

A look B to look C looking



18 Write about leisure activities that you like (2 sentences) and do not like

(2 sentences). Give the reasons why.


Example: I enjoy listening to music. It helps me to relax.

I donít like playing computer games. I think they are very boring.

And I never win.


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