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Decide whether these statements are TRUE or FALSE.


1 Colin is a football fan more than 30 years.

2 It costs nothing for Beverley Bloom to write a newspaper column about her


3 Imelda Marcos collects not only shoes but also tights.

4 Hugh Hicks, a collector of light bulbs, was sent to prison.

5 John Weintraub was satisfied because he found what he needed.


4 You will hear a conversation between a man, Peter, and a woman Karen, about what to do on a Sunday. Decide if each of the statements 1-6 is correct or incorrect. If you think it is correct, put a tick in the box under A for YES. If you think it is not correct, put a tick in the box under B for NO.


1 Peter would like to go to the park.    
2 Karen would prefer to go to the supermarket.    
3 Karen wants to buy a new bed.    
4 Karen was too tired to do all the shopping the day before.    
5 Peter used to do more housework at the weekend.    
6 Karen finds golf very relaxing.    



5 Match the words from A with the words from B. Then make up 3 sentences with the expressions.


1 to become A results
2 to be B into
3 break C obsessed with
4 to be D interested in
5 unfortunate E desperate


1 ______________________________________________________________

2 ______________________________________________________________

3 ______________________________________________________________


6 Look at the table and cross out one word which does not go with the verb on the left.


1 take paintings photos
2 go swimming riding running tennis
3 collect stamps autographs golf
4 do squash exercises crosswords
5 play games cards football swimming golf tennis


7 In pairs, make up sentences with the expressions from the exercise 6.








8 Complete these sentences with the correct form of the words at the end of the sentence. The first sentence is done for you as the example.


1 The _____________ asked us to smile at the camera. photograph
2 He kept the children amused with his __________ stories. humour
3 Her new novel is sure to _____________ her readers. delightful
4 I donít find jokes about sick people at all _____________. amuse  
5 Paul was ____________ as he skateboarded down the steps. grin
6 Itís so _____________ to sit by the sea and watch dolphins playing. peace  
7 My idea of perfect ___________ is a shopping trip to Paris. happy



  THE ĖING FORM is used:  
  • as a noun. Walking is good exercise.
  • after certain verbs: admit, appreciate, avoid, continue, delay, deny, discuss, fancy, finish, forgive, go (for activities), imagine, mention, mind, miss, quit, recollect, report, resist, save, suggest, practice, consider, prevent, understand, etc. Can you imagine winning the lottery?
  • after love, like, prefer, dislike, hate to express general preference. Jamie enjoys talking to his friends on the phone.
  • after expressions such as be busy, itís no use, itís (no) good, itís (not) worth, whatís the use of, canít help, thereís no point in, canít stand, have difficulty in, have trouble, in addition to, as well as, etc. There is no point in talking to the boss about it, he never listens to us.
  • after spend, waste, lose (time, money, etc). He spent a lot of time and money repairing his car.
  • after the preposition to with verbs and expressions such as look forward to, be used to, object, prefer (doing smth to smth). He prefers swimming to playing football.
  • after other prepositions. He was thinking of quitting his job.
  • after the verbs hear, listen to, notice, see, watch, and feel to describe an incomplete action. I heard Nicky talking to Chris.


9 Fill in the correct form of the verbs in brackets.


1 Is there anything in that new magazine worth _________________ (read)?

2 I really must stop __________________ (smoke).

3 Would you mind ___________________ (close) the front door?

4 Do you enjoy ___________________ (teach)?

5 Why have you stopped? Go on ___________________ (read).

6 I canít help _________________ (think) about that awful accident.

7 The teacher asked us some questions and we went on ____________________ (tell) us about the climate of England.

8 Avoid __________________ (overheat) and youíll feel better soon.


10 Fill in the correct form of the infinitive or Ėing form in the dialogue



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