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Alexís First Examinations Are Coming

A: What university do you study at?

B: The Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics.

A: Youíre doing your first year then, arenít you?

B: Yes, thatís right. I entered it last summer and Iím a first-year student of the Faculty of Computer-Aided Design. Iím very interested in studying radioelectronics but sometimes itís rather difficult and Ö

a) I can do everything in time.

b) I donít have much time even for my football practice.

c) it seems easy for me to prepare for classes.

A: Well, the things are always like that with University studies.

B: I know you are graduating from the University, arenít you, Nick?

A: Itís not actually a university. I am in my last year at Technical College and, in addition, I often attend public lectures at the University of London.

B: Is it true that your lectures in Great Britain are not compulsory?

A: Well, yes, they are optional.

B: You know, here to prepare well for the seminars and then for credits Ö

a) I should take an active part in extra-curricular activities.

b) I can miss some lectures and then just copy up notes.

c) I need to attend all the lectures and to take notes of everything.

A: Youíll have your first examinations soon, I guess. I canít really remember how I passed my exams for the first time. But I reckon they were easy.

B: Maybe they were easy enough for you but they will be much too hard for me. Iím dead certain Iíll fail in chemistry and descriptive geometry.

A: Oh, come on. Youíll probably do better than you think.

B: No, Iíve already flunked my credit in philosophy Ö

a) It wasnít really my thing.

b) It was my favourite subject.

c) I learned everything by heart.

A: I guess it is difficult for everyone to try to interest oneself in subjects like that.


13. Continue each piece by adding a few sentences.


1. Jane is a quick learner. (to have a good memory, to take notes, to enjoy practicing smth, to be witty and sociable, etc.)

2. I think Victor will do well in his exams. (to attend, to do a lot of revision, to make a careful study of smth, to improve)

3. I am sorry to say, Mike is an unsatisfactory student. (to miss classes without a good excuse, to be inattentive in class, never to do any preparation)

4. It isnít much fun to try and catch up with the group after youíve missed a lot of classes. (to be behind with/in, to feel inadequate, to have to cover a lot of material, to study on oneís own)


16. Give your own ideas on any of the following statements:

1) BSUIR is the national leader among educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

2) Itís not fair to take exams.

3) Extra-curricular activities at the University are valuable.

4) Foreign languages are of great importance for highly qualified specialists.



to be founded - 10 faculties - teaching staff - subjects - the graduates  
17. Examine the network and reproduce the topic ďUniversity StudiesĒ supplying the necessary factual and imaginative details so as to present some ideas to your group-mates.




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