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I. Study Judgment of the International Court of Justice dated 27 June 1986 in case Nicaragua v. United States of America (http://www.icj-cij.org/docket/index.php?sum=367&code=nus&p1=3&p2=3&case=70&k=66&p3=5)

II. Translate into Ukrainian:

Operative part of the court's judgment, multilateral treaty, reservation, collective self-defence, subject of the case, support military and paramilitary activities, customary international law, to intervene in the affairs, to violate the sovereignty of state, internal or territorial waters, to interrupt peaceful maritime commerce, to declare a general embargo on trade, admissibility of application, legal dispute, alleged breach of the Charter, to test by cross-examination, allegations, infringement of air space, applicable law, prohibition of the use of force, right of self-defence, proportionality of the measures taken in self-defence, armed attack.

ІІІ. Translate into English:

Заборона застосування сили, право на самооборону, порушення суверенітету держави, колективна оборона, сторона у справі, заяви, стверджувань порушення Статуту, втручатись у справи, збройний напад, пропорційність заходів,що приймаються в якості самооборони, прийнятність звернення, внутрішні води, встановити ембарго на торгівлю.

IV. Translate the following:

Заява перед судом, merits of the case, право, що застосовується, allegiance, колективна самооборона, documentary material, застереження, affidavits, предмет справи, facts relevant to the dispute, резолютивна частина судового рішення, enquiry, naval base, Міжнародний суд ООН, customary international law, personal and material injury, заборона застосування сили, measures of an economic nature.

V. Answer the following questions concerning the case:

1. What actions were undertaken by the ICJ as to non-appearance of the Respondent?

2. Was the claim of the party appearing well founded in fact and law?

3. What provisions of the UN Charter were applied by the ICJ?

4. What is the position of the ICJ concerning the multilateral treaty reservation made by the United States?

5. What principles of international law were violated?

6. What separate opinions were presented?


VI. In groups of three-four discuss this information and get ready to present the position of Nicaragua, United States of America and arguments of the International Court of Justice (hereinafter referred to as ICJ).



1. Give examples of cases concerning violation of fundamental principles of international law in current international relations.

2. Make a list of pros and cons of actions of international actors in the situation.


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