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Vocabulary of the text

Lesson 1.Definition of Tourism



Tourism covers all activities of people travelling to and staying in places outside their normal environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business or other purposes.

By travelling we understand the act of moving, however, commuting or travelling to or from work or school is excluded. People involved in tourism are called visitors. Other travellers such as immigrants, nomads, border workers, diplomats and members of armed forces are not counted for tourism purposes. Visitors are broken down into two separate groups: tourists and same-day visitors. Tourists are overnight visitors, who stay at least one night in a collective or private accommodation facility in the destination. Same-day visitors or excursionists do not stay over night. When people travel within their own country, we speak about domestic tourism. Outbound tourism involves the residents of a particular country travelling to other countries whereas if we want to describe the activity of foreigners visiting our country, we speak about inbound tourism.

The industry catering for people involved in tourism is called the tourism industry, hospitality industry or travel industry. It is an important job generating industry, offering some exciting careers for those who like dealing with people.


Vocabulary of the text


Exercise 1. Give the Ukrainian equivalents to the following words and word-combinations:


Environment, consecutive year, commute, nomad, count for, same-day visitor, overnight visitor, accommodation facility, domestic tourism, inbound, resident.



Exercise 2. Give the English equivalents to the following words and word-combinations:


звичне середовище, наступний рік, відвідувач, прикордонник, збройні сили, умови проживання, пункт призначення, екскурсант, внутрішній туризм, постійний мешканець, в’їзний туризм, виїзний туризм, гостинність, обслуговувати, який сприяє виникненню нових робочих місць.

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