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The High Council of the Confederation was in session.

- Gentlemen, we have convened together to discuss some very important questions. The Confederation multiplied in size and resources many times over, and the original organisation-frame is not sufficient anymore. We are the originators of the Confederation, old friends, and old comrades. I think it will be much better, if the original frame would be transformed into Empire. I have had a talk with the President of Russia, and we were in agreement that Russia would be better governed within the framework of an empire also. We are too big. So if you all agree, we will dissolve, disband this Confederation, and we decide that on the Christmas an Empire will be established. For this we need an Emperor. But because of the cultural background, we rather will call the Emperor as Great King. The point is the same. First letís decide on the dissolution of the Confederacy and on the establishment of the Empire.

- It is a necessity. Poland seconds the pleading.

- I think we all have to agree with it.

- Against it? Nobody. So ordained. On Christmas, the 25th of December the Confederation will dissolve itself, and transforms itself into an Empire, or Kingdom. Of course you all will keep your positions as Presidents of your countries. Honorary presidents you will be, that is. Well, comrades, whoís going to be the Great King? This is the question.

- Why not yourself?

- No. I am too old, too tired, and we need a young, energetic man with great popularity.

- The Commander of the Army. He is bright, young, energetic, intelligent, respectful, and he did all the hard work to enlarge this Confederation. The soldiers love him. The people love him.

- There is no better choice, if you donít want the job.

- Against it? Nobody.So ordained. We have a Great King then. Basically there is no other problem to discuss. The logistics is in place everywhere, the people are rich and happy, and I think we have done a great job. And it is not finished yet. The best is yet to come.

- The population really is happy. No crimes, no joblessness, plenty of food almost free, and the people respect the leaders and each other. With the IQ-system they know their place in the society.

- Are we going to sit around, no celebration? Here comes the food and vine. Comrades, this one is for the Confederation. And the next one is for the Empire.

- So, tell us, what the Russians decided for the change?

- Well, now that youíre asking, Iíll tell you. But it is a state secret for a whileÖ

The celebration was long and exhausting. Old memories, old stories, one after another.


(- OK. I had just about enough. So the people were happy, you decided on the Empire, everywhere in the occupied territories the organisation was in progress, Africa almost died out, and finally the whole Continent became your territory. The Negroes who stayed alive were good workers, but they couldnít have babies. The Russians had the same problems with the Arabs and other races, but the vaccinations and implantations made sure the living non-whites couldnít multiply. But they lived well. So what happened between the Council and Christmas?

- Work, work, and more work. I wanted Scandinavia. After Helsinki, the Baltic-States, such us Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia was asked, which side they would like to belong to. They had no other choice, but choose between Russia and the Confederation. They came to us. It is good and nice, but I needed more brain, more northern genes. The Balkan was not really a place to recruit engineers. So on the middle of November I asked the Norwegian ambassador to come and visit me for breakfast.)


- Sir, you wanted to see me?

- Yes, and please have breakfast with me. I am afraid your visit has no relevance anymore. You see, we have solved the problem. This was the problem.

- That is a cigarette lighter, Sir. How could it be my problem?

- Not only a lighter, but gold. And it is rare, because it uses gasoline. Not gas. It didnít work in the morning. So I have many intelligent engineers here, and they examined the problem, and they found out that there is no gasoline in it. So I asked the general, who has gasoline in Europe. He told me that Norway has a lot. So I have sent the master-sergeant to you. No importance anymore, because the problem has been solved. Sorry that I brought you here. At least we can have breakfast together. The jam is very fine. They make it especially for me. Do you like eggs? We have two- and three-minutes eggs. They are very fresh.Those are todayís productions.

- I still donít understand, with all due respect, Sir.

- The jam is made by an old comrade of mine in Transylvania. The two-minute eggs are little rare. I like the three-minute eggs better. What is that you donít understand?

- The lighter. How could it be my business?

- Forget about it, ambassador. I just wanted to borrow some gasoline. Listen, I told these people many times, to give me a pension, let me go somewhere quiet. This job isnít for me. I am not really capable to carry out the duties. But no, they donít want me to go. The ham is made especially for me. It is very rare, very good. Please, have some of it.

- Yes, indeed, it is very good, Sir. So, finally your engineers fixed the lighter. I am very happy to hear that, Sir. Very informative meeting, I would say. That is what ambassadors for.

- You havenít heard the point of the story yet. The general told me, that we own the largest portion of the oil on the face of the Earth. So I said what if we lower the price of the oil? Then the Norwegians would be out of the oil business. The major part of the revenue of Norway is from the oil they get with great expenditure from the Northern Sea, while they pollute the water. If I lowered the price, it would be uneconomical to get the oil from the bed of the Sea. Then you could go back to the fishing business, which isnít that good business today, because you and the others killed off the fishes, so we have to take care of it later. And then all of your engineers would come to me to beg for work. I am generous. Iíll give you exactly two weeks to decide if you want to join the Confederation, or I will lower the price of the oil, and Norway will be poor again, and the leaders will be massacred when Iíll tell the people that their leaders are selfish and did wrong to them purposely, just to stay in office a little longer. Well, that is major point of the tale of my lighter. You are not so cheerful now, Mr Ambassador. The General will handle you the documents in question to sign. You take them home, and your king can keep his title. If those documents are not signed within a reasonabletime, I will take Norway by force; or rather Iíll let the people to change the government for another one which will sign those papers. I hope you find the ham stillexcellent. In those documents youíll find that I give you one third of Albania, so Norway will have some really inhabitable place to live in.


(- The next day you have had some chat with the Swedish ambassador. They got two weeks as well.

- And both countries have signed the documents in ten days. They could see how the Finnish have prospered, working 5-6 hours a day, paid almost no tax, the standard of living doubled, while they worked 8-9 hours, paid half of their salary on taxes, their country loaded with blacks, Arabs, and the hell knows what other races, and there was some agitation among the nationalists by Felix. So if they didnít sign, the people would have killed those leaders. It was decided already, and the leaders knew it. The problem is always the same with the elected officials. They are stupid. They are chosen by the masses from the average. We never had elections, and we always had the best people in the right places. But we can discuss it later. So the whole of Scandinavia was mine. The Confederation has been a great success.The northern brain everywhere became the managers, the engineers, the leaders. Everything went smoothly. The Swedish and the Norwegians and the Finnish got a big chunk of Albania, so their genes could change the Balkan once and for all. And they did.

- So what happened around Christmas?

- Well, the Commander of the Army and General Major Jadwiga came to me for a permit.)


- So the General of the Armies and the General Major want to get married. Well, for that you really need my permission. But I cannot give you my permission.

- May I ask you, Sir, why not?

- Instead I give you an order. On the 24th of this month youíre ordered to get married. But there will be no honeymoon. Not one day.

- May I ask you, Sir, the reason?

- Because on the next day there will be a ceremony. The Confederation has been dissolved, and I have to tell this fact to the people of the world. We are no more as of the 25th of December. It is finished.

- But how, Sir, why has it been dissolved? And what will happen? It just cannot be after all.

- Oh, yes, Jadwiga, it can be, and will be. So after I declare the Confederation dissolved, I also declare the Empire in its place. The ceremony mentioned will be a coronation of the Great King of the Eastern Empire, or Great Kingdom. We decide on the name later. And you both definitely have to be there. And the reason for that is that your husbandís head will be under the crown. He will be the Great King. You, Jadwiga, also will be crowned as Queen. A little water helps that fainting, Jadwiga. Kate, donít laugh, because on the 5th of January you will marry the Commander of the Russian Army, and on the 6th you two will be crowned the Tsar and Tsarina of the Russian Empire. I told you I will find a good job for you. Feodor is coming here now; here he is, so the ladies are dismissed, because Iíll have some serious talk with the gentlemen.


They had a serious talk indeed. Then the days were spent with the formation of the empires, with the press, TV, but that was the job of the protocol. He never was on TV. Instead, on the 23rd of December

He decided to go to the Casino in Budapest. And that decision has changed history. Sometimes very small things have a big impact. But we know it only after they become big impacts.


- Sergeant-major, this is the best game ever invented. Craps. Ok, dealer, place me 640 across, working on the come-out. And here is 100 on donít pass. I will also have permanent bets on donít come, even if I forget to place it. Understood?

- How do you want the 640 to be placed?

- I said across, and then it should be very obvious for a dealer.

- He wants it 100 on the 4, 5,9,10, and 120 on the 6 and 8, even though it is a very stupid bet.

- And how would you like to be beaten for that, young man?

- No need for that, my friend, he is right. I supposed to purchase the 4 and 10. He is right.

- 5. Good. Press 9. Here is 100 forthe donít come bet.

- How do you want to press the 9, Sir?

- It is very easy, dealer, just take the 100 bet from the 5 after you paid him 140, and place it on the 9, so 9 will have 200. Where do they teach these dealers nowadays?

- 6. Press 8.

- The payoff is 120, dealer. It is very unusual to press 8, but it is his money.

- 9. Now he was right to press 9. He didnít put on the donít come, but he has a permanent bet there. He is playing the donít side. It is quite unusual, because high intelligence needed for that. I am out of money. Want to loan me some?

- You have a watch. Digital watch, 6 digit face.American system. Every 4 aremissing, the watch do not count that. How much will it advance, compared with a good watch? Iíll give 500 for that answer.

- Take the place bets off. It is 15 missing both places, the seconds and the minutes, whichare¾ times ¾, equals 9/16, so 7/16 is the answer. Easy money, man. Just have to switch over from the 60 minutes and 60 seconds system to the 45 minutes and 45 seconds system.

- Take my place bets off, dealer. Here is the 500. Good brain you have, young man. Nobody knew the answer for this, believe it or not. Where are you from?

- 7. I told you to take your bets off. You finally did something right. I am Finnish.

- Milk headed. Young man, one more not fully respectful word, and Iím gonna teach you a lesson you never forget. Who do you think you talking to like this?

- OK. I thank your boss for the money. I apologise. And you wouldnít hit a girl, would you now? Yes, short hair, and suit, but if you look a little closer, even you will find out that I am a girl.

- And a very bright one. What would you say if I offered you a job?

- Depends. No sex. I myself like girls better. If you canít live with that, forget it. I am not 18 yet. So what did you say, what kind of job is that? And how much does it pay?

- Kind of a personal secretary, adviser, later you can be whatever you want to be, if youíre fit for it. The salary, I donít know. I was thinking of giving you a credit card, and itís up to you, how much you need. I wonít check. As to the qualification, tell me something. Spinoza has used as his favourite example for sureness the triangles. Can you recall what was it?

- You mean something is sure as the sum of the angles of the triangle is 180 degrees.

- Exactly. How would he revise this after Gauss, Lobachevski, Bolyai and Riemann?

- The hyperbolic and the spherical geometry. I was thrown out of the classroom for it. The teacher said the triangles can have less and more than 180 degrees sum of their angles. I said it is as idiotic as anything can be. If you measure the triangles drawn on a hyperbolic surface with a theodolite which is calibrated for flat surface, of course you get a different number. But the theodolite itself must be in the same system as the triangle you measure with it. It is my problem, I always realise how blunt the learned intelligent people can be in reality, when it comes to real thinking. They donít actually think for themselves, theyjust memorize what somebody long time ago told them as truth, and theyíre too busy repeating it, unable to revise those so-called truths. So the example of Spinoza is as valid today as was in the age of the Euclidean geometry. Just have to use the correct measurements, not to mix the surfaces between triangles and theodolites. The President, he has a good mind for the system-analysis.

- It is good to know you actually can admire somebody. I admired Spinoza for one.And Schelling.

- You know, it is interesting. Did they tell you that you look like the President? Well, almost.

- Yes, I am aware of that. Do you have some place to stay tonight?

- No, not really. If I win, I will have.

- You can come with us now. Iíll have a suite for you.

- Well, why not? I had enough of the Casino for today. Soon they throw me out not being 18.


The closer they drove to the Castle, the more thinking she became. At the gate when the guards saluted the Man, finally realised who she was talking to, and who He was. In the office she apologised again.

- No need for that, young man. Because you are a man, arenít you? Let me see you. 182 cm, small tits, can be hidden. Show your behind. Well, almost perfect for a man. Take your clothes off. Perfect. Turn around. Fine. Dress up. You see, all my adjutants are extremely busy, and I need a bright young man for an aide. Have you ever done IQ-test?

- Yes, Sir, many times. They said I was cheating.

- You cannot cheat this one. Do it now. You have two hours. Tell me something about yourself.

- Well, I am an orphan. But my adopting parents didnít care too much about me, so I grew up in a library. The only quiet place there was the section of philosophy. So Spinoza, Schelling, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, you name it, I read it. Then I discovered my strange affection, propensity for girls. I have to tell you, because I just canít have enough of them. If itís all right, I happily serve you, although I donít really understand why, because the Confederacy will be dissolved soon, and you will be without a job yourself. Or maybe I am mistaken, on that one. Please explain.

- We are going to create an officersí class of something special. It will be a very highly educated and very smart class, the cream of the crème. We will have a job, donít worry about it. Just concentrate on the test now. I watch TV. The great game of snookerÖ

- OK, I am ready.

- You can sleep there, thatís the guest-room. Tomorrow weíll find some better place.

- Thank you, Sir. Good night.

Next morning the master-sergeant took her to the hairdressers to make a military haircut. Then he took her to the HR to get her into the staff officially, by a man-name. Then she went to the tailors to have a uniform temporarily, while they make a set just for her. The new uniform was extremely nice, and totally different from the uniforms of the army. Then they went back to the office.


- Now, we have a fine young officer here, master-sergeant. Give him the insignia of Lieutenant for starter. From now on she is a He. Well, I donít know what to say, but you surely passed the IQ-test yesterday with maximum. It is 200. Congratulations. Today is a big day. Andreas and Jadwiga are getting married, and the whole fricken world will be here. Not everybody, but close enough. But tomorrow surely the whole world will be here for the coronation. It is almost time to go. So put the rank of Lieutenant on, master-sergeant, the new kind, and very soon we are going to the ceremony. Your new quarter is the guest-suite. We wonít be here too long anyway. This Castle belongs to the Great King. OK, go, refresh yourself, and we go in half an hour. And put on sunglasses. Your green eyes are very feminine. You will find a dozen in your room. Sergeant, you will train him in martial-arts, shooting and weightlifting. No mercy given, no excuses accepted.


The ceremony was not an affair of the state, but many statesmen were present. And their wives wanted to show up too. So it really looked like an official ceremony. Started at 12, lasted 2 hours, then the newly-wed in a six-horse carriage or rather coach drove around the city, and as it was the custom long ago, threw money and specially made coins among the people. Then everybody went to his or her quarters, and prepared for the evening party. In the office the Lieutenant got his ID, credit card with no limits, and they chatted away the time. He was asked what the next logical step would be, and the answer was very satisfactory. Then he told the Lieutenant how it will be, what is the future, and why it is absolutely the one and only possibility. They have discussed it for a long time.


- You have read my books. So you know what I want is the most perfect society, where the possibility of the antagonism is minimised. And for that science is the key.We make up the morals; we do not just follow the inherited rules and regulations. That uniform you are wearing is the sign of the coming times. Whoever wears that uniform, is working for the mankind or humanity. Not for a state, not for a person, but for the advance of humanity. I have a plan. OK, Custer had a plan too, Iím aware of that. But we also have time to revise the plan, make it better, and adjust to the state of affairs.But the final destination is clear. And only you and I know that destination, and I donít see why anybody else should be involved in it now. Later maybe, some will know. Much later, everybody will know. But now, it is a very delicate matter.

- Understood, Sir perfectly understood. But I have a personal question. Very delicately put, how on Earth will I get a girl into my bed, if I am a well-known officer of high moral standings?

- Two more weeks. Here, you canít. For the next two weeks you are doing it yourself. Then we will have a solution. Very fine solution we are going to have for your problem.

- Because I get so aroused sexually when we talk or I think about high politics, that it is killing me. So if you excuse me, Sir, I have to do what girls have to do when aroused and lonely. Iíll be calm and cool and very officer-like for the party. But now, it is time for calming me down couple of times.

- OK, Lieutenant, dismissed. I like the straight talking. Off you go.


(-OK. It wonít be necessary to go into the details of the coronation ceremony. What is more interesting, is the party after. So the coronation started at noon, ended at 3, and the newly created Lieutenant was there with you, the whole fricken world was present, what else for the record?

- The generals, all five of them,advanced for the rank of Lieutenant General, one more star. They deserved it. The logistics was in place, the diplomatic relations with the West in perfect order. Actually, the West depended upon us so much, that the general was the practical leader of the West. Everybody went to him when in trouble or had problems with each other. Again, the paradox of the elected officials comes before us. You see, the elected leader thinks he has nothing to do. I rephrase this. The strategy of the bureaucrat is not to do anything. Because when they do something, it could be wrong, and that will be their fault. If they donít do anything, and if something goes wrong, the fault dissipated, divided amongst the bureaucracy, so no personal liability, responsibility will be assigned to one person. We demolished this system, but the West was in the captivity of this old idiocy. We also had one general in America as liaison officer. He has done an excellent job calming down those hotheads. America got used to her power, and now this power evaporated and she had to mind her own business at home. The skeletons started to appear in the closet. Slowly but surely America realised that Monroe was right, the leftish liberalism doesnít go anywhere but backwards, so it was a new political string she had to find and follow through. The general implanted our system as far as he could go with it. Another general needed to take over the armies, since with the coronation the Commander had other things to do, naturally. That was the general from the Frunze Academy. He also served in the French Foreign Legion as a youngster. The general in charge of other matters went wherever he or the power of the state needed. Mostly in China, Japan, India, Australia, all over the world. They all had their own staff, and everything went smoothly. They were not bureaucrats, but doers. But letís go back to the party at the evening after the coronation.)


- Mister President, if we can call you by that title, whatís the next step? Are you still holding any office now?

- Today I am still President. The Confederation dissolves at midnight today. So, gentlemen, how are you doing? If my information is correct you are doing well, your economy is booming, thanks to us. We could place orders elsewhere, and at that moment your boom is history. But I want the West healthy and strong. What happens tomorrow is another question. Maybe I get an office somewhere, maybe retire, but today I still have the power to negotiate. And my pocket is filled with offers. As you know, the whole continent of Africa is mine. All without borders, clean title, cleaned out, basically only animals and jungle, and full of deserted cities and villages. We canít handle it. So I was thinking of giving it to the West. France, Belgium, England, Spain, Portugal, Germany, all has had their land there a century ago. The whole western half could be yours, gentlemen. Not everything, because we want the major part of Africa as it should be, international territory, wilderness. But the cities, the factories, the inhabitable parts can be yours without charge. I can see some interest. Very well. The general will answer your questions; he is in charge of the distribution of Africa.

- You didnít mention the Netherlands, mister President.

- Beautiful Queen of Holland. It is because you never had any colony in Africa. The South-African Boer Republic was not a colony. But please, come with me, we have something to talk about. OK, it is better. My dear Queen, I want the Boer Republic on the eastern side of Africa, where it was before, but much bigger. And it is still a secret, so do not mention it to nobody. Indonesia is your territory.

- I am very glad to hear that, President. I am sure we will have an agreement, although it is hard to imagine in the present situation. And who is this fine young officer with a so blonde hair that it is almost white? And a very representative uniform he has.

- Why donít you two get acquainted a little better? He is the future. Go, Lieutenant, you have to know everybody sooner or later. So start it now with the Queen. She can give you some inside stories about the players of the high politics.


At that time he had the microphone in his ears, and could communicate with the logistic team.

(- I have a strange feeling. The Queen is 30, and beautiful. Not married, never been. What do we know about her? Has she been in psychiatric treatment, maybe lesbian, dig, boys, dig fast.

- Yes, Sir. One momentÖShe has been treated, no men in her life, and yes, lesbianism possible.

- Then could we do something about it? Do it tonight, very discretely. We have resources of this kind?

- Yes, Sir, we can even double the pleasure. Consider it done.

- Atta boys.)


- Well, Boss, this Queen is a lesbian or rather bisexual with very strong lesbian urges.

- So you two understand each other well. Very good. Tonight she wonít be alone.

- Sir, I have an idea. About the topics we were discussing yesterday. But it is too long. The main point is you have sent a fleet to Madagascar to clean out and occupy. That is the last country in Africa which has signed the joining documents, so it is ours. Do you have any idea, Sir, how many per cent of the girls are bisexual or lesbian in reality?

- Tell me. A wild guess would be 5%.

- You can easily put a zero to it. The Asians are almost all bisexuals. The whites just let them be among themselves, you going to see a sexual orgy very soon. And it doesnít really matter what they say in public. So what if we create a kingdom of the females? Madagascar would be a perfect location, and the Queen of Holland would be a perfect choice for the Queen of Madagascar. Right across on the Continent would be a Boer Republic, what is Mozambique, Zambia, that area.Africa is nice, but what we need is not zebras and giraffes, but meat. Great hordes of beef are what we really need. Grand-scale agriculture, millions of hectares of machine-worked cereal-fields is what we need. And exotic animals are needed as well, although I donít see why. But some say so.

- If I understand you right, you want Madagascar completely free of the people still living there, and want a kingdom for girls, where they can come and go whenever they feel like it, and you want the Queen of Holland to be the Queen of Madagascar as well. Did you hear it, boys?

(- Clear and clean, Sir. Your word is, Sir?

- Go ahead with that.Send the proper orders to the fleet.)


- Well, Lieutenant, thatís how we operate here. Now, it is your job to get the Queen for the plan. Go.

General, let the Japanese and the Koreans know that the eastern parts of the Russian Empire become available for development, and we would like them as close allies. Hints can be made about their past empire in China too. But it is a secret. After the 6th of January negotiations can be started about their integration into the Russian Empire. The Emperor of Japan may retain his title.

- Very well, Sir. It would go smoothly.They were already asking question in this directions. Sir, half of China has been died out in the plaque. Actually they were hit by many plaques. The western region is unpopulated.

- Youíre suggesting offering them a helping hand by taking over those territories? All right, Russia can do that. Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu,and Neimongol provinces they take over. They can handle it down to the Himalayas. In exchange we can extinguish the plaque, and China will live. By the time we finish with the plaque, not more than 200 millionremain, but they will live. Offer the high officials a serum now, so they surely survive. They have no army anymore. I want the nuclear arsenal to be handled over to us immediately. Go, get them, general.

(- Where is the new General of the Armies?

- Organising at the armies, Sir. He has sent his congratulations, but he has things to do, he said.

- Good boy. Taking charge of 300 divisions, selecting the commanding officers, staff, itís no small task.)

- Sir, the Queen is delighted. I hinted that tonight she wonít be lonely, so retired early.

- OK. Here are the Great King and Queen. Please accept my homage, royal highnesses.

- Ah, come on, Sir. And here is the new adjutant. A very good looking young man he is. Why donít you come with us, so we could introduce you to everybody in the High Society? I will tell you all the gossip about everybody. Come, my dear. Here comes Kate too. Now youíre in good hands. And your secret is safe with us. Come, darling. Excuse us, Sir. Itís girlsí business now.

- Is he or she really that smart, Sir?

- Even smarter. I cannot make a test any more difficult. Half of the smart guys canít make 100 points of it. The maximum so far was 160. And this is a new, more difficult test, full of tricks with 200 points maximum. I think we have who we were waiting for. Andreas, he is the one. Or she. Whatever. Where is the American? I see. He doesnít look too cheerful. But he can thank us for the law and order we restored in his country. Well, he doesnít even know who started it all. All they know is that our general there have restored their peace and order. OK, you have other things to do.


(- OK, this is boring. So you had the first coronation, discovered the chosen one, the Chinese gave Russia the western and Mongol provinces, the combined armies of the Confederation and Russia had a new Commander, the Queen of Holland had her good night, and she accepted the title of Queen of Madagascar, what else happened?

- Next day the Queen thanked me for the night, and stayed the whole two weeks, until the 5th of January. We became well acquainted, to say the least, the truth is, and we spent the whole time together. I just loved her, and we slept couple of times together. The Lieutenant was right again about her being bisexual. She also kept her female companions. She said she wanted a child from me, and I didnít say no. The Lieutenant, the Queen and I talked a lot. We had an agreement to establish a Nature Preservation Force, or NPF. It would be a totally female army, responsible for the rain-forests, Amazonia, Africa, and the later conquered territories, and the Islands of the Pacific and other oceans.

It has been decided, I called up Felix, and the logistics to organise the salvation of the nice young girls of Indochina and other parts of the world. Lots of ships and airplanes were needed, but we had enough. The girls were taken to Madagascar, Africa, and later to Amazonia and to the islands. The secret was discovered by the urgings of the Lieutenant.)


- Sir, I have taken over a little experiment in the clinic. The working of the brain of the girls and boys is a fascinating story by itself,so I wonít bore you with it. The point is that there is a little part of the brain, which is responsible for the sexual preference. The brain of the men is much more resistant, because of the testosterone. But the brain of the girls can very easily be manipulated by a little shock in the right place. We already shocked absolutely hetero girls, and they became bisexuals just like that. And their IQ went up 10 points average. They became smarter. They love everybody, have beautiful sex with both sexes, but they always prefer girls in the first place. Our problem has been solved. Julie is fascinated. No worries about the social prejudice. Soon every girls and women will become bisexual, as natural for them.Only the girls, not the boys.

- I am very happy that you have arrived to the conclusion we have been working on for years now. That clinic you went to has been established by me. But it is good to know that our thinking is the same. I am also very happy that you call the Queen Julie. It means you are good friends. Yes, Lieutenant, the research of the brain has been successful in this very important field. We start the shock-therapy now. They wonít even notice it. Welcome to the new world, Lieutenant. But now, we are going to Moscow for the second coronation. You have the portable variety of that shocking-equipment? You better bring it. Then it is up to you how youíre going to use it.

- Darling, we already know. You can trust us with this. By the way, weíre not coming back here, are we? Good. Jadwiga will be happy to have her own palace.


Moscow lovedher Tsar and Tsarina. On the 5th of January they had their wedding, and on the 6th the coronation. It was monumental. The interesting part is the evening party after the coronation. Again, the whole fricken world was there.

- So, Mister President, you are not a President for two weeks now. You were a worthy opponent. Whatís going to happen to you now? You will get some back-office, maybe? The young generation have taken over, havenít they? You can teach politics for sure. The good old USA is still standing.

- Really, Sir, are you going to retire? The young tigers wonít let you tell them what to do, thatís for sure. That offer for Africa is still standing? Because the general gave us temporary license to occupy some territories, what we have done already. I guess we have to negotiate with the Great King.

- Well, Gentlemen, I might get some back-office after all. Maybe they need some advice on something. But it is interesting, that you are so worried about my future. I am old and tired. I might just get a house somewhere and write my memoirs.

- It will be a very interesting memoir, Sir, indeed. You actually started out all alone, and forged two great empires in no time. England needed centuries for that. I admire what you have achieved.

- The point is, you have done your part, and now off you go.

- Maybe so. Do you, Gentlemen know about history in depth? Sometimes I feel it repeats itself. Letís take the language. When the Turks in 1541 occupied the Castle of Buda, where America didnít built in one brick, the Hungarian became the language of diplomacy between the Turkish and the Hapsburg Empires. They didnít want to use each otherís tongue, so they used Hungarian instead, for one and a half centuries. Now, the Hungarian is the official language in the Empire of the Great King.

- Yes, it is interesting story.

- Even more interesting, that at that time the Hungarian nobility didnít speak Hungarian. They spoke Latin. Latin was the official language of Hungary back then.

- Old history. The politics is different today.

- Maybe so, Mr President, maybe. The Eastern-Roman Empire was famous for the political games they played. There is a word in the English language as a reminder of that age. Byzantine is the word. I am sure the King of England can explain it to you, Mr President.

- Happy to do so, Sir. Byzantine means very sophisticated political spider-web, the unknown next step in politics, making politics full of tricks and plans unknowable in advance.

- Thank you. Thatís exactly what it means. Well, good old times. I think history repeats itself.

- No, it doesnít. Admit it. You are pushed aside, and now youíre looking for excuses. That is the truth. They have the glory, the power and the country.

- Ladies and Gentlemen, the Great King of the Eastern Empire and the Tsar of the Russian Empire will have an announcement. Please listen to them in silence.

- This will be some protocol announcement. OK, listening.

- We, Andreas and Feodor,for the commonwealth, the safety and security of our people and empires hereby unite our armed forces, our finance, our foreign affairs, and establish the High Council of the Empires. This Council has the power over the military, financial and foreign affairs, and every other matter it will judge important in any time. The seat of the High Council is in the old Istanbul, or in her new name, Byzantium. For the Presidency of the High Council we are petitioning the former Marshal and President of the High Council of the Confederation, to whom we award the military title of Generalissimo. We appeal to him to accept the Presidency andmake a statement.

- Excuse me, gentlemen, I think they have just offered me some back-office job. I have to say something nowÖ Andreas and Feodor, thank you for the offer. I hereby accept the Presidency of the High Council of the Empires. Every foreign poweris required to have their Embassies in Byzantium.

The military power of the two Empires and the financial and foreign affairs, and every other matter the Council wants to take into consideration will be decided upon by the High Council when in session. The President has the same power when the High Council is not in session. The High Council has five members, the crowned pairs with two votes and the President with one vote and the right to veto. I also accept the rank of Generalissimo. I have spoken.

- So what does it mean now?

- It means, Mr President, that he is more powerful than ever before. He has the glory, the full power, and now two empires. Byzantium. It is unbelievable. He will swallow us all. Now we have to go to Byzantium if we want to take a breath. His armed forces are unmatched. I love this guy. America is the past now. She just became a second-rate power. Fortunately, Mr President, you have no word in the high politics anymore as much as you liked. I think the NATO is the past.

- And Germany wants you to get the hell out of our country. You have two weeks to evacuate your military bases in Germany. We are getting out of the NATO. We need Africa instead.

- You have 10 days to evacuate your bases in France. Your presence is an obstacle in the dealing with the Empires. We are out of the NATO too. In fact, the NATO is dissolved. It is useless anymore.

- So, gentlemen, good to be back to the old friends. I donít think this back-office job will bore me. In the matter of Africa, the general has full power to negotiate. Mr President, would you come with me for a moment? Thank you. That general I have in America is an American citizen too. He is a West-Point graduate. He is my plenipotentiary ambassador in your country. If you listen to me or him, it is the same. So whenever you have a problem to solve, you know where to go first and last. He can solve problems, and he can create problems. Donít try to provoke the latter. That is all, Mr President, for now, that is all I can tell you. Come and visit me in the new city. Enjoy the party.

- Darling, it was a grandiose performance. Telling you the truth, the Lieutenant was so taken by it, he couldnít help but had to perform a little cooling down on herself. The main thing is that in the meantime weíve shocked everybody. We shocked the wives and daughters of the statesmen, the financial gurus, everybody. Beauty-massage, we called that. They donít even know it yet. And here comes the Lieutenant, cooled down.

- It was a gross performance, Sir.

- Yours or mine?

- Both, I would say. Well, a little chats with the cream and off we go to Byzantium. Two empires, the greatest military force the world has ever seen; all the females in the world, infinite financial and brain resources, total power. We have all this for the benefit of mankind. I feel so good.


Next day they flew to Byzantium. It wasnít ready yet, probably never will be. The old buildings, the slums have been cleared away, many new houses, schools, and the Downtown was almost ready. The Castle was in fine condition, magnificent in size and appearance. The buildings were the property of the city. Every building was. They couldnít be bought, only rented. Also in the Downtown the stores, could only be rented. It made everything much simpler. On the way to the Castle there were three checkpoints. The military presence was obvious. In the Castle the general in charge of the logistics and communication explained the operation of the system. The best, the most up to date system it was in the world. Every city, every street in the world could be seen, communication could be established with anybody in seconds, the logistic team was close, staffed with specialists from every field, so they were capable to solve any problem almost immediately.


(-OK. We will see that in practice. So finally you and the Lieutenant and the Queen arrived, looked around, there was the military, body-guards, big suits for you and for the Lieutenant, the building of the city was in progress, what else?

- The office was in the middle, the suits on both sides, and there was a Turkish bath too, and the quarters of the inside body-guards and the staff. It was the same. The Lieutenant finally had her pleasure free and shamelessly.)


- Boss, Julie, let me introduce you the inside staff. The most beautiful Thai girls I have ever seen. 20 of them they are. All are masters of the martial arts, they can cook, serve, and most importantly they love girls only. Well, what do you say, Boss, can we try the Turkish bath for relaxation? It is ready.

- All right, Lieutenant, Julie, just go ahead, Iíll join you and the sergeants in just a second.

He went to his suit to look up the wardrobe. Uniforms in many different colours, civilian clothes, joggings, shirts and everything he ever need or never need. The insignia of the Generalissimo was an enormous diamond star on each shoulder. For the light-coloured uniforms the stars were made of sapphire of beautiful blue colour. Beside there were Swiss watches and diamond rings, cufflinks, tiepins, everything. Kate and Jadwiga had their pleasure to have them made, thatís for sure. OK, change for the baths. Bathrobes arethere by the dozen. Good. Letís join the party. The bath was humongous, and was filled with 22 naked girls. Not bad. Not bad at all.


- My dears, what language do you speak best?

- We speak Thai of course, some of us Chinese too, but everybody speak Hungarian and English.

- And everybody is shaved. And they are masters of the sexual practice as well as martial arts.

- Yes. Lieutenant, I can see that. Julie is in ecstasy now. You just go ahead, Lieutenant, finally you have your Paradise. OK, this day is for pleasure. Tomorrow we start the salvation of the World.


Next morning he visited the HQ of the army-corps stationed there. His chauffeur was as always the master-sergeant.

- We have come a long way, my friend. I remember when we were out in the streets of Budapest shooting gypsies and worried about the police catching us. And now we both have a licence to kill anybody, and we donít have to explain to anybody.

- Yes, Sir, it was a heroic time back there. I remember Felix won the contest every time. I envy the generations of today and tomorrow, but I would never trade the time with them. What we have done, will be in the history-books forever. But we are here, Sir. The commander is a lieutenant-general, Hungarian. Old trusted friend of mine, one of the first who joined us from the military as Major.

- Welcome, Generalissimo.

And he explained the deployment of the corps, the places of the divisions, the security measures. The place is safe, no rockets can reach Byzantium. No airplanes, not a bird can fly over without noticing it. Two divisions are on each part of the city-state, on the European and the Asian side.Nobody allowed residing in the city of the original residents. All of the residents are newcomers.

- To whom did you swore up?

- Actually, that I donít know. The change was so fast, we forgot that. It is an international corps.

- Call the men together. Whoever is here now, will do. I waitÖ All right. Soldiers! I do not care what nationality you were until now. While you are here, you are not Hungarians, not Russians, not Swedish, or any other nationals. You are Byzantine. I know that this corps is the best in the whole world, otherwise you wouldnít be here. Your commanding officers will continue your training; there will be lots of opportunities in the near future to fight. I want the enemy to run just by realising that the Byzantine Army is coming. You take orders only which originated from me alone. You are not responsible to no one but me. It is a privilege to serve here. You will be taken care of when retire. You are citizens of Byzantium, the first city on the face of the Earth in importance from now on. You all are required to sign an oath or swearing in, which youíll receive this afternoon. You sign it, you stay. You can decide not to sign it, and you will be stationed elsewhere. You are dismissed.

- Well, Sir, you want to look around the city? You have to see the Downtown area.

- All right, sergeant, letís go around. You were here for a week. Show me this centre of world-power.


The University quarter, the residential areas, the parks, the industrial parks, and finally the Downtown. In the middle of the square there was the statue of Constantine XII, the last Byzantine Emperor, who died on that famous day, the 29th of May, 1453. A real hero he was. The shops are here, the restaurants are open, even if there are not enough customers yet. They will come.

- OK, sergeant, letís go back to the Castle, we pick up the Queen and the Lieutenant, and will come back for lunch. Even better, you go and pick them up. I will look around here. I have to know my people. I want to know what kind of whisky they serve around here.


(- OK. It starts to get boring again. So the city was under construction, the soldiers signed the oath, the restaurants were great, the whisky was great, letís jump a little in time. The Queen went to Madagascar, was crowned with that crown too, and the Asian, the South-American, the Japanese and every kind of nationís girls were shipped, flied into Madagascar, Africa, and the female soldiers from the whole world were induced to serve in theNPF. It was a military force, and an accommodation and fun. Good. Weíll have much more of that later. The population grew; everybody was welcome with good skills and to study in the Universities. The Lieutenant figured out the logistics very fast, and implemented some new things. What else is there to say now?

- That will cover the first couple of months. Then we arrive at the first Constantine-Day. I wanted at least one sure holiday. It was the 29th of May, perfect weather, historical value, heroic day. The Queen came to Byzantium the day before, so everything was perfect.)


- Lieutenant, if you havenít noticed yet, I have changed your birthdate when I employed you. It is the 29th of May. Today you are 18. So you receive the rank of First Lieutenant. Here are the insignias. Put them on. You deserved it. Youíre lecturing the logistics staff, made them Byzantine Sergeants of different grades, the leaders of the team ensigns, worked out the tests for the qualifications, and so on.

- Well, thank you, Sir. I have also organised the NPF. But small matters, donít even mention it.

- Yes. And youíre modest too. We are going to the Constantine-Square, and we will say something to the folks. Traditions have to be established.

- And you are going to improvise as always. It will be interesting. I can hardly contain myself.


The Square was full of people, the weather sunny and beautiful, rather hot, they sat down in a terrace of the best restaurant, the waiter came to take the orders, and that is the origin of the famous dish.

- I tell you what we want. We want everything, the best of everything, in a silver plate. You tell the chef to do his best he can and create. I want an aesthetically perfect and delicious best of the best. I want the appropriate vine for everything, and after that the dessert. His fantasy can go havoc now. Now I want the oldest, rarest, best whisky you have. The Queen wants the best vine; the Lieutenant can have his birthday-wish. He is 18 today.

- Yeah. And we are going to name it the Dish of the Generalissimo. Good. I just have a juice.

- Darling, is that what I think it is? There, at the fountain. Isnít she naked? Looks to me she is naked.

- And the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I just canít believe it. What should be done in this situation, Boss? She is the typical northern Aryan beauty, unmatched by anyone. God, please, for birthday present. I never believed in you, God, but if you really exist, you give her to me. Laugh, Sir, at least I could make you laugh.

- You always delight me, Lieutenant. You are my son, or daughter, you know that. But this is a strange situation I have to say. The police are there already. Well, Lieutenant, time for some action. Wait! Policeman, bring that girl here. There she comes without her clothes. Very satisfactory display.

- Here she is, Sir. I ordered her to put her clothes on, but she refused. What should I do, Sir?

- OK. You do nothing. Listen, everybody. My world is the law of this city-state. And I have decided and proclaim that from now on it is the right of every female to go without clothes, whenever and wherever she wants to. It is an inalienable right of the females, and no law can be made ever to infringe this right. Now, my dear, would you tell us your name, and the reason to commit this act?

- Sir, my name is Helene, I am 16, and the sole purpose of my act was to have the attention of the Lieutenant. I know it was a silly thing to do, but I am in love with the Lieutenant, even if he is a man. I am sorry.

- Donít be sorry. The boss just made a historical law because of you. Why donít you sit down, Helene? First I have to thank God, thank you God, and ensure you, my dear, that your act was perfect.

Now, this Thai sergeant will call the garage in the Castle to bring the Lamborghini here, and we are going for a ride. Until then, letís look up some clothes for you in the boutique there. Would you excuse us Sir? You have your dish ready already.Bon appetite, Boss.

They went for a ride, then Helene moved in the Castle, very happily that the Lieutenant isnít a boy, but the speeches of that day I have to quote.

- Citizens of Byzantium! This day in the year 1453 the Turks took that Castle by force. I have just conquered this city from the Turks, and named the place after her original name. Constantine XII with only7000 soldiers defended the walls against fifteen times as many Turks. The Turks had the biggest gun at that time, well trained soldiers, but couldnít avail. It was the 29th of May when the Sultan decided on a final attack. It would have been repulsed. So how did the Turks take the City? Somebody forgot to lock a door in the wall. It is not a joke, it is history. A Turkish soldier tried to open it, and it was open. It was not the biggest gun mankind has ever made at that time, it was not the overpowering of the soldiers fifteen times what demolished Constantinople. It was an idiot who forgot to lock a door in the wall. I have ordered that door to be made into the wall of the Castle, and I have ordered the statue of Constantine just like this one here to be made there, looking at that silly door. And I have ordered that every student of the Military Academy, the logisticians, the future leaders of mankind have to visit that door and remember that door for the rest of their life. We can never make that kind of mistake ever again. We canít make any kind of mistake ever again. And now, we make this day for the remembrance of Constantine XII, but mostly of the Reconquista of the City from the barbarians. So be this day the day of happiness and pleasure. I think the Lieutenant wants to tell you something.

- Thank you, Sir. Folks, this is my birthday. Thank you. I declare this day the day of beauty. Let us have a beauty contest. The girl who gets the most votes will be the Queen of Byzantium for one year, receives to keep a diamond coronet, a new Alfa Romeo sports car, and the gifts of every shop in the Downtown. She will be the representative and the face of this great city. There is no need to register, just be here in 2 hoursí time, and the contest will last for two hours. So come and show up yourselves. I want to remind you all that the Generalissimo has just declared nudism lawful, and the votes go for the whole person, if you know what I mean. Good luck. The voting tickets can be purchased in every store. Every person has one vote only, and anyone can vote.

- Well, darling, I think this Square will be filled with naked girls in two hours. Not bad, I would say. Helene, darling, your namesake has made a big thing couple of thousand years back in history, and now you did it again. Although this one is much more pleasant I would say.

- Have you made the arrangements with the stores, Lieutenant? Good. How was your ride, my dear?

- Very pleasant, Sir. It was an orgasmic experience at 280km/hour. I have especially enjoyed myself, when the Lieutenant enlightened me about her sex. It was a very satisfying ride, Sir. I helped myself a little with my fingers. Unforgettable experience it was. It is worth a try, my Queen.

- Too bad the Generalissimo doesnít drive that fast. Anyway, I am pregnant.

- That is a wonderful news, my dear.


The point of the story is that Helene won that contest, and the pregnancy of the Queen gave an idea to the Lieutenant. She went to the clinic, has taken all her eggs out, and kept them frozen. By the help of the Queen and the Thais she collected the sperm of the Generalissimo, and the so fertilised eggs of her were implanted into some volunteers for good money. This way they had lots of babies year after year. That was a great idea as it was proven later.


The international political situation was as follows: Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India were in great trouble. Plaque after plaque decimated the population time after time. First the big crowded cities and the backward villages were almost depopulated. The same tactic was deployed as before. The leaders signed an accession to the High Council of the Empires, and it was decided later which country, which parts of that country, will go to which Empire. So they decided with the emperors that Bangladesh goes to Russia, so she will have an outlet to the Indian-Ocean, and the Tehran Ė Kabul Ė Rawalpindi Ė Lahore ĖCalcutta line will be the border. The large part of India and Pakistan became the territory of the NPF, which was under the suzerainty of the High Council, not the Empires. For this reason the Queen of Madagascar was taken into the High Council. Also the Commander of the Armies became a member. The whole ofIndiaís, Pakistanís, Bangladeshís original 1.6 billion populations have been reduced to no more than 70 or 80 million, as it should have never exceeded this level. That land is not suitable for human inhabitation, rather a jungle for animals. The girls and female soldiers of the NPF have taken over their parts, while the inhabitable parts were later populated by Europeans. The Indians were inoculated and implanted, so they could work, and live a great life, but unable to have offspring. It has taken up lots of time, to organise that continent-sized territory, but it was the work of the logistic staff of the Empires and the NPF. The overpopulation of the Earth had its toll on the environment. It had to be repaired if mankind wanted not only vegetate but develop into a new great age, the Age of the Scientific Society. For this reason the population should not exceed the 2 billion, and the mentally strong should be selectedby the IQ-test method.


But letís go back to the politics. Not because it is important, but have to close the subject once and for all. Indonesia had her toll of the plaques. China already signed the accession when her population lowered to 200 million. The general in charge there has made the deals, let Japan and Korea to take over the northern parts, organised everything with the Lieutenant smoothly and efficiently. For the work he has done in India and China the Lieutenant progressed to the rank of Captain.

And then a Chinese organisation killed the general, and an uprising started. And that was the worst they could have done. The armies of the two empires answered the killing of the general by an unmeasured military force. At that time by an international treaty all the nuclear weapons were annihilated, because it was absolutely unnecessary. Nobody had nuclear weapons. The war on China was fought by conventional weaponry. There was no hurry. The soldiers knew it is probably the last war they can fight, so they fought for the pleasure of fighting. Indonesia misconceived the signs, and helped the Chinese. So Indonesia got herself into the war with the empires also. The Commander of the Armies had a residence in the Castle of Byzantium, a military room, a staff and logistics of his own, and with the greatest pleasure ordered armies and corps and divisions here and there. There was no hurry. The West was invited to Aachen, the city of great historical value, and the seat of the then colonel general in charge of the Western-European affairs. The Generalissimo and the Captain both went there. All the country of the West were present.


- Gentlemen, I have a little concern of your wellbeing. And I mean it in both senses of the word, the economical and the mental. You see, we talked about it with the Captain and the General, and nothing makes sense what you are doing. You are still using the same monetary system, and the production just isnít in synchrony with the welfare system you have. You produce in well-organised factories, then you distribute the wealth amongst the non-productive classes, the producers are paying high taxes, and the standard of living just isnít as great as before. We can produce what we need in half the time, becausewe donít have the non-productive class of state-paid people. You are leasing some territories from us in Africa, but didnít take my offer to establish an Empire of the West, so you could have those territories for yourself to keep. There is a war going on in China and Indonesia, and the General didnít report any voluntary offertories to participate in the war from you. It seems to me, that you just do not realise something. We do not need Southern-China, Indochina, Indonesia. We, the two empires would be happy to give it to you. Australia and New-Zeeland participate in the war, and also would be happy to form an empire, a third empire with you. They are here, they are ready to sign. Of course you have to introduce the scientific monetary system, and your working-hours will be 5 or 6 hours a day, and with the new and well established logistics we have, you wouldnít need to feed the unproductive workers, because they will disappear, those jobs are completely idiotic, and only stupid people, stupid politicians would keep those jobs up as valid. While I am talking to you right now, all of your TV-stations broadcasting a movie made about the lifestyle you could have and the stupidity you still have. I can send your citizensí entire home today, those who working in our territories. They are millions. What would they do to you? Because in my territory to keep weapons is not prohibited. No, we encourage the people to have weapons and use it against the government if they find their government oppressive. We never had one incident. At the time I finish speaking here, everybody in the West will know the hidden truth. The democracy of today is the stupidest system possible. The elected politicians are unable to lead, unable to think right, and a mafia of thieves they are. By the time I finish speaking here, everybody in your countries will be ready to lynch you all. That movie were made and directed by the Captain here, and believe me, no man on Earth is capable to outsmart the Captain. He is the smartest, brightest man alive. Besides, all of your major factories are mine. Yes, gentlemen, we are the majority stockholders of your entire industry. So in one hour I could close down all the factories, and I would have the perfect right to do so. Now I tell you how I think we should proceed from here. You all sign these papers here and now, establishing the Western Empire. You have the western parts of Africa, as parts of the countries, not the Empire if you wish. Youíll mobilise your armies and fight beside us for your new territories in China, Indochina and Indonesia. You will hold your offices. The people will be richer and happier, and you will live. Refuse to establish the empire and you will all die right now by the hands of your own people and the new leaders will sign the documents. I think I made it absolutely clear for you. You have questions?

- Generalissimo, the High Council will have authority over the empire?

- Yes. The culture of the countries will be preserved. Local authorities will govern.Other question?

- Whoís going to be the emperor, and what will be his authority?

- The General. But in case of the West he is already your emperor. His works or doings will be those he did in the last years. He will do the same as he is doing now. And heíll get a seat in the Council representing you. Now, I am really tired of telling things that any schoolboy could tell you in Byzantium. There is no other way. You sign, because this is the necessity of history. So it is not a question. It is an answer. The movie is almost over. You go out ofhere as heroes or feet first as dead corpses. The documents are right in front of you. You sign on the dotted lines. Your work is done with thatÖOK. Finally you signed. Colonel, we proceed with the press conference. We need months to reorganise this whorehouse. Get the team to start working. And the Byzantine division may start disembarking. If you make a false move, gentlemen, they deal with you accordingly. We make the Empire for the commonwealth of the people, not for the elected leaders to play with the people.

- What movie did I make?

- You never play poker? They already have signed their resignations. We proceed with the TV announcements, and the coronation of Otto. That is a good name for the Emperor of the Empire of the West. The armies will take the swearing in next. It was a piece of cake. You stay to organise.


Everything went smoothly. The generalissimo stayed for the coronation, the Captain stayed longer, the armies were deployed in China and Indonesia, and that was the story of the establishment of the third empire under Byzantium. The factories, the society, the logistics were reorganised, the Captain went home, and acquired the rank of Mayor. By the time of the second Constantine-Day he was 19, a Byzantine Major, and now three empires were under Byzantine rule. With the armies of the West, the war was easily won. The deportation of the coloured people from Europe to Africa and the new territories started. The Nature Preservation Force

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