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Since the Oriental transcript of this work was imperfect in many parts, the translation of it had to be taken according to the great original book, on account of the purity of its text, and, therefore, it won for itself the advantage of understanding and completing the exercises with serenity and confidence. The translator, in the meantime believes, that no one, who feels honestly called to these things, can ever be made the subject of ill-fortune, or be deceived by the wiles and deceptions of the old serpent, the inevitable fate that will and must fall to his lot under any other exorcisms, and that he may cheerfully and safely move thence, because only the angels of God will perform the service required by Him.

The Vestibule of the Entrance.—

The language and manuscript of this rare and eternal monument of light, and of a higher wisdom, are borrowed from the Cuthans, a tribe of the Samaritans, who were called Cuthim in the Chaldee dialect according to the Talmud, and they were so called in a spirit of derision. They were termed sorcerers, because they taught in Cuthah, their original place of abode, and afterward, in Samaria, [the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, which means]1 the Kabbalah or Higher Magic (Book of Kings). Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, the chosen arch-priests, are shining lights among the eastern Magi.2 They were both kings and teachers — the first Priest-teachers of this glorious knowledge, and from these Samaritan Cuthans — from these omnipotent priests of the Fountain of Light, which they called Nergal,3 according to the traditions of Talmud,4 originated the Gypsies, who, through degeneracy, lost the consecration of their primordial power. 1. This phrase is omitted in the EE.   2. EE: magicians. Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar are the traditional names of the three Magi. These names are attested as early as the 7th century CE, but other traditions exist. The magi are the priests of the Zoroastrian religion, which was the dominant world religion at the time of Jesus, and taught the coming of a world savior (Saoshyant), so their endorsement would be vital.   3. On Nergal, the god idolized and enshrined by the people of Cuth. 2 Kings 17:29. S: Priestern der Lichtquelle, die sie Nergal nannten.... EE: priests of the fountain of light, who were called Nergal....   4. Nergal is mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 63, where Rab Judah says the idol of Nergal was in the image of a cock. He appears in the epic of Gilgamesh as Erragal, god of the Netherworld. Nergal is also invoked by Hammurabi in his Law Code. Considered a prototype of Lucifer; this identification might be intended by the author of this pamphlet (“S. Tz. N”) given the epithet “Fountain of Light.”
LAWS OF ENTRANCE. 1. Before you can enter the temple of consecrated light, you must purify your soul and body during thirteen days. 2. As a brother and disciple of the new covenant, or as a Christian, you must receive the holy sacrament for the glorification of three kings — Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar. 3. Three holy masses must be read as often as you make use of this Book in your priestly service with your intention fixed upon the three glorified [verklärten drei Königen] kings. 4. You must provide yourself with a ram's horn, wherewith to call to­gether the angels and spirits. This horn must be included in your inten­tions of the holy mass.  
5. You must wear a breastplate of parchment, one span high and wide,2 inscribed upon it the names of the twelve apostles with the five-fold name of Shemhamforash, in the same order that it is placed on the last leaf. 2. EE: ten inches high and ten inches wide.
6. You must draw a circle around you upon white paper, or upon sky-blue silk. Its circumference shall be thirteen feet, and, at the distance of each foot, one of the following names must be written, viz:  
Moseh, Messias, Aron,3 Jehova, Adonai,4 Jesus, Christus, Caspar, Melchior, Balthasar. Al. Al. Al. 3. EE: Aaron.   4. EE: Adoni.
7. Between each name you must place the holy symbol of Horet, — namely: or 8. The breastplate must be included in the intention of the holy mass. 9. Through consecration with holy triple king's-water and with three burning wax tapers, you must finally pronounce a benediction over this book, the horn, the breastplate, and the circle, after reading a well-selected mysterious ritual. 10. You may enter alone, or begin this great work with two companions, by day or by night, but always from the first to the thirteenth of the month, and during the thirteenth day, and through the whole night of the new moon, and also during full moon, when the three planets, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter ( ), are visible in the heavens on the day of exorcism, either singly or together. 11. You must always stand with your face toward Zion, or toward the rising of the sun. 12. He who refuses a copy of this book, or who suppresses it or steals it, will be seized with eternal trembling, like Cain, and the angels of God will depart from him.   INTRODUCTION AND BEGINNING. BREASTPLATE OF MOSES.  
Schedusi, Wedusi,5 Tiwisi. — I have sinned, I shall sin. 5. EE: Weduse.
Prayer.— Eternal God of our all! Our God! hear our voice, spare and have mercy upon us. Accept our prayer in mercy and with pleasure. I have sinned. I have committed transgressions. I have sinned before Thee; I have done that which is displeasing unto Thee here in the earth. For the sake of Thy great name pardon me all the sins and iniquities and transgressions which I have committed against Thee from my youth. Perfect again all the holy names which I have blemished, great Cham­pion, terrible, highest God, eternal Lord, God Sabaoth. HELMET OF MOSES AND AARON.  
Wechutu,6 Tukal, Beschufu,7 Gutal.— If I shall sin, I shall blow with the great horn. 6. EE: Wochutu.   7. EE: Beschufa.
Here the horn must be blown, three times in succession, toward the four corners of the earth, or toward the four quarters of the earth. For the ram's horn, in the old covenant, is the symbol of omnipotence and of purification, or of beauty, truth, and holiness. BREASTPLATE OF AARON.  
Dehutu, Ewusaltu,8 Bescholam. — You have sinned. I shall sin in peace. 8. EE: Euwsaltu.
Prayer.— The Lord, King of all Kings, holy and praised is He, the Father, God, Son of God, the Holy Spirit of God are three in one among these three. In the power of Thy might and Thy right, release those that are bound, receive the prayer of Thy people, strengthen us, purify us, oh, terrible Hero, us who worship Thy only name. Protect them as the apple of Thine eye, bless them, cleanse them, repay them always in mercy and justice. Mighty, holy Lord, reward Thy congregation with Thy great goodness. Thou, the only and exalted God, appear unto Thy people with Thy holy name; receive and remember our prayer; hearken unto our cries, Thou who knowest all secrets and who knowest our desire! Here the horn must be blown as before! MAGICAL LAWS OF MOSES. Kuta-Al, Lewuwat.— We are great! Our hearts! Prayer.—— Oh, Lord, arise, that mine enemies may be destroyed and that they may fly; that those who hate Thee may be scattered like smoke — drive them away. As wax melteth before the fire, so pass away all evil-doers before God, for God has given Thee the kingdom. Pour out Thy wrath over them. Thy wrath seize them. Thou shalt stand upon leopards and adders, and Thou shalt subdue the lion and dragon. With God only can we do great things. He will bring them under our feet. THE VESSEL OF THE HOLY SHRINE. Al, Al, Al. Arise, Thou eternal Angel! This must be repeated three times in a loud voice, and also through the symbol of the horn, for he is an angel of the sanctuary. Prayer.— Thou, that art, and wast, and wilt be in the old and new convenant! Eternal, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, Messiah, All-beautiful, All-true, All-holy! All-loving and All-merciful in the old and in the new covenant. Thou hast said: Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Thou hast said: I came not to destroy the old covenant, but to fulfill it. Thou hast said: He who sees me sees the Father. Thou hast said: If ye have true faith, ye can perform the wonders which I have done, yea, ye will perform yet much greater wonders than I have done. Come also to me for the sake of my faith, come also unto me for the sake of Moses, Thy messenger of faith. Reveal also to me Thy mysterious name from Jehovah, as Thou once did to Thy fire prophet Moses, in solitude; come, and say unto me in love, through the heart of Moses and with the tongue of Aaron:  
Schebual!9 I shall come! 9. EE: Scahebual.
THE CONJURATION OF ELEAZAR. Duwatu, Buwatie, Bemaim.— I come to you on the water! Bring me up N. N.! DISMISSAL OF ELEAZAR.  
Orum, Bolectu,10 Ubajom.— Cursed by night and by day! 10. EE: Bolectn.
CITATION OF QUERNITHAY OR LEVIATHAN. These, as well as the following exorcisms, contain only the peculiar names of the angels who will permit the conjured spirits to appear, or will compel them by force to appear. Here the three angels of omnip­otence will be called up to drive forth the monsters of hell, namely: Elubatel, Ebuhuel Atuesuel! Each name must be repeated three times. DISMISSAL. I beseech and conjure thee, angel Elubatel, conduct N. N. from my presence. Each angel's name must be called three times toward the four quarters of the earth, and three times must be blown with, the horn. Chap. III.— BALAAM'S SORCERY.  
Onu, Baschem, Nischba, Huoretz.11— In the name of God I conjure the Earth. 11. EE: Onu, Baschba, Nischoaz Hueretz.
Keischu, Nischba, Lawosem.—12 How to be God, so swarest Thou to our parents. 12. EE: Keisehu, Nischba, Lawemso.
Prayer.— Eternal of Eternals! Jehovah of Light, Adonai of Truth! Messiah of the All-merciful! Jesus Christ the beloved and All-redemp­tion and love! Thou hast said: Who seeth me seeth also the Father. Father, eternal Father of the old and new covenant; triune Father, triune Son, triune Spirit, our Father, I beseech and conjure Thee by the eternal words of Thy eternal truth. And now the seventeenth chapter of John, or the prayer of Jesus, must be prayed. Closing Prayer of the Conjuration of the Law.— Eternal God Jehova, Thou hast said: Ask and it shall be given you. I pray that Thou mayest hear Thy servants Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, the arch-priests of Thy fountain of light! I pray that thou mayest bid Thy angels to purify me from all sin; that they may breathe upon me in love, and that they may cover me with the shadow of their wings. Send them down! This is my prayer in peace! Chap. VI.— EGITGIM. Conjuration of three angels.  
Gubril! Mechuel! Nesanel!13 By the lamp of the threefold eternal light, let N. N. appear before me. 13. EE: Gebril! Meachuel! Nesanel.
Three calls with the voice and three with the horn. Chap. VII.— GENERAL CITATION OF MOSES ON ALL SPIRITS.  
Tubatlu! Bualu! Tulatu! Labusi! Ubisi!14— Let there appear and bring before me the spirit of N. N. 14. EE: Ublisi.
Each of these five omnipotent angels must be called three times toward the four corners of the world, with a clear and powerful voice, and when the name of each is pronounced three times, then three sounds must be made by the horn. The name of each angel therefore, must have three calls with the voice and three with the horn. DISMISSAL OF MOSES. Ubelutusi! Kadukuliti! Kebutzi!— Take away from my presence the spirit of N. N. Twelve calls with the voice, and twelve with the horn, for each name. Figure 78. FOR THE LEFT HAND. These signs were used at the time of burnt-offering in the holy temple. Figure 79. FOR THE RIGHT HAND. These are also symbolical of the plagues of Pharaoh in Egypt. Schema Israel Adonai Elhoejno, Ekat.— Hear, oh Israel, the Lord Our God is God alone.     THE SEVENTH BOOK OF MOSES. Chap. I.—THE REVELATION OF ZION. THE SPIRIT APPEARS IN A PILLAR OF FIRE BY NIGHT.  
Talbusi!1 Latubusi! Kalubusi! Alusi! 1. EE: Talubsi.
Arise and bring me the Pillar of Fire that I may see. The name of each angel must again have three calls by the voice directed to the four quarters of the earth and an equal number by the horn. Chap. II.— THE SPIRIT APPEARS IN A PILLAR OF CLOUD BY DAY. Bual! come! Aul! arise! Tubo! I come! Wegulo! arise!  
In this place the blowing will be repeated.2 2. I.e. blowing of the horn, as above.
Chap. III.— GENERAL CITATION OF MOSES ON ALL SPIRITS. Adulal! Abulal! Lebusi! Arise and bring before me the spirit N. Calls with the voice and horn as already known. Here follows the Pentagon, or, the Omnipotent Five-Corners. Figure 80.  
This mysterious figure must be written before the exorcism, in the open air, and in the ground, with consecrated chalk or with the index finger of the right hand dipped in holy three-kings-water, the same as it is written up on the paper, but each line must be thirteen feet in length. The conjuror then kneels in the centre of the star, with un­covered head and with face turned toward Zion, and calls first in a loud voice, coming from the heart, the names of Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, thirteen times, and after calling these thirteen times, he must also then call the high and sacred name of Elohim3 375 times with equal fervor and faith. But only as has already been stated in the Laws of Entrance, No. 10, in the first three days or nights of the new moon, or full moon, or when Saturn, Mars and Jupiter appear in the heavens. 3. EE: Elokim.
Chap. IV.— THREE NEW SIGNS WITH FROGS, MICE, LICE AND SIMILAR VERMIN. Adus! Baachur! Arbu! Ulu! Frogs, mice, lice, and similar vermin, arise in our service. Chap. V.— THREE SIGNS WITH CATTLE PLAGUE, BOILS, AND HAIL. Abull, Baa! Plague, boils, etc., arise in our service. Chap. VI.— THREE SIGNS WITH GRASSHOPPERS AND DARKNESS. Ardusi! Dalusi! Grasshoppers, Darkness, arise in our service. These are the plagues which the Cuthians often employed in their exorcisms for punishment. [IV.] Revelation of the Sixth Book of Moses. Chap. I.— THE SPIRIT APPEARS UNTO MOSES IN A BURNING BUSH. CONJURATION. Kaluku! Ubesu! Lawisu!— Arise and teach me.... Calls with voice and horn as is already known. Chap. II.— MOSES CHANGES THE STAFF INTO A SERPENT Tuwisu! Kawisu! Lawisu!— Arise and change this staff into a serpent. Calls with voice and horn as usual. [CHAP. III.—] MOSES CHANGES WATER INTO BLOOD.  
Akaultu!4 Tuwalu! Labatu!— Arise and change this water into blood. 4. EE: Akauatiu.
Calls with voice and horn as usual. Here follows the Latin title of this book, from which these magical fragments are extracted. BIBLIA Arcana magica Alexandri (Magi),   ACCORDING TO   (REVEALED) TRADITION OF THE VI & VII BOOKS OF MOSES.   TOGETHER WITH THE MAGICAL LAWS.   Ex Verbis H (humano) Intellectui sigillatis Verbis. Nunc Apostolica † (auctoritate) consecrata de novo confirmata † † (licentia) Script. de Eppbio  
Now Moses appears on the right of the sheet,2 in a simple priestly garb, holding the tree of life, which has four leaves in the right hand, and the ram's horn in the left. 2. See figure 104. S: Nun erscheint gleich auf dem Seitenblatte rechts Moseh .... (Now Moses appears on the right side of the sheet....)
Upon his heart rests the cross; a wide, white band flows over his shoulder and breast, a broad, white girdle graces his loins. He stands upon a kind of hat, which is decorated with three flowers. On the right hand of the hat reposes a dove having a ring in her bill, on the left side and over the head of Moses a threefold tripod with magical hieroglyphics thereon rises upward. 1. Upon the leaves of the tree of life you read the words: Besulo! Bedunim! Labatel!  
That is, if you are not pure, or if you do not become pure as a virgin through the two angels Bedunim3 and Lebatel,4 you cannot reach toward the tree of life. 3. EE: Bunedreim.   4. EE: Lebutal.
2. A hat adorned with three flowers, upon which Moses stands, and from which a dove with ring in her bill appears to descend, that is: If you preserve faith and hope with holy care, the spirit of omnipotence will emanate from you.  
3. A threefold intertwined triangle, extending from the feet to the head, having inscribed upon it the names of the three angels:Meachuel, Lebatel, Katuel,5 that is: And the three angels of the triune God, Mea­chuel, Lebatel, Ketuel, will surround and carry you upon their hands. 5. EE: Meachuel, Lebatei, Ketuel.
On the reverse side of the picture of Moses, or rather on the first leaf, according to Oriental reckoning, appears the elevated, winding and crowned serpent, holding a ring in her teeth. Around the serpent may be seen the moon, the stars, planets, water and many other magic hieroglyphical signs. On the left side of the tail may be seen seven nails, on the right side are magical hieroglyphics making the name ofSchemhamphorasch. To see Jesus Christ with the cross, that is to say: Jesus Christ, through his love, and by his seven wounds and through his death on the cross, for his love's sake, has overcome the kingdoms of this world, and thus took again from the old serpent, the devil, the seal-ring of human omnipotence, or the happiness of man to all the eternal eternities, in order to fulfill the old covenant in the new covenant, for the eternal glori­fication of the eternal Father in the eternal Son, through the eternal Spirit. Amen.   This table belongs to the chapter of the laws [of entrance]. VI. Biblia. Arcana Magica Alexander ACCORDING TO THE TRADITION OF THE VI et VII BOOKS OF MOSES TOGETHER WITH THE MAGICAL LAWS. ex Verbis Rebellatis (H) intellectui Sigi- latis verbis Nunc Apostolica † Consecrat de nove Confirmata Script. De Elstro. MCCCLXXXIII.   Figure 81. BREASTPLATE OF MOSES. Figure 82. HELMET OF MOSES AND AARON. Figure 83. BREASTPLATE OF AARON. Figure 84. FOR THE LEFT HAND. Figure 85. FOR THE RIGHT HAND. Hear, oh Israel, the Lord our God is God alone. Amen.   Tradition of the Sixth Book of Moses.     Chap. I.— THE SPIRIT APPEARS IN A BURNING BUSH Figure 86. CITATION OF MOSES. Chap. II.— MOSES CHANGES THE STAFF INTO A SERPENT. Figure 87. Chap. III.— Moses Changes Water Into Blood. Figure 88. Chap. IV.— Three New Signs With Frogs, Lice, and Similar Vermin. Figure 89. Chap. V.— Three Signs of Cattle [Plague], Boils, and Hail. Figure 90. Chap. VI.— Three Signs With <Grasshoppers, and> Locusts [and Darkness]. Figure 91. Chap. VII.— GENERAL CITATION OF MOSES ON ALL SPIRITS. Figure 92.   Figure 93. END OF THE SIXTH BOOK OF MOSES.     Tradition of the Seventh Book of Moses. Chap. I.— THE SPIRIT APPEARS IN A PILLAR OF FIRE BY NIGHT. Figure 94. Chap. II.— THE SPIRIT APPEARS IN A PILLAR OF CLOUD BY DAY. Figure 95.  
Chap. III.— BALAAM'S SORCERY.1 Figure 96. 1. S: Biliams Zauberei.
Figure 100. DISMISSAL OF MOSES.2 2. In the EE this figure is printed upside down.
Figure 102. [THE INSCRIPTION ON] THE VESSEL OF THE HOLY SHRINE.3 3. S: "Der Kelch des heiligthums". This description is omitted in the EE.
Figure 103. SYMBOL OF THE CROWNED SERPENT WITH ITS MAGICAL HIEROGLYPHICS.4 4. This description and the next are not found in the original German edition. The EE also reverses the order of these two drawings.
Figure 107. CITATION OF QUERMILLAY5 OR LEVIATHAN. 5. S: quermillaÿ; EE: QUERMILLAM. Earlier variants in the present compilation read Germuthsai and Quernithay.
Magical (Spirit-Commando) beside the Black Raven.1 Romae ad Arcanum Pontificatus unter Papst Alexander VI., printed and anno (Christi) M. D. I. 1. K5, pp. 1124 ff. German title reads, "D. I. Faust, dreyfacher Hoellen-zwang und Magische (Geister-Commando), nebst den schwarzen Raaben." EE omits the author and title for this section i.e. "Dr. J. Faust, Threeford Harrowing of Hell, and..." There are a large number of magical texts bearing Faust's name, and the title Höllen-Zwang. See Butler, Ritual Magic (1949, p. 181 ff.) The real Faust probably lived about 1480-1540, so the date (MDI=1501) actually coincides with his life.
PRÆFATIO. Quiam per ILLVSTREM et Generosum D. ARNOLDVM comitem Benthemï2 Tichelenburgi-steinfordii Dominum in Rhoed et Wivelhoven magica Arcana originalia celeberrimi D. Joannis FAUSTI in Germania ex Kundling oriundï Baroni HERMANNO in Mosa Ripa ad Geldriae fines Batoburgico Episcopo fideliter admanuata et anno quadragesimo supra sesquimillesimum ad VATICANUM APOSTOLICUM NOS­TRUM ROMAM per eum transmissa sunt, volumus: ut haec Typis imprimantur, ad Arcanum Pontificatus mandentur et sicut pupilla oculi in archivio Nostro serventur et custodiantur atque extra Valvas Vaticanas non imprimantur neque inde transportentur, si vero quiscunque temere contra agere ausus fuerit, DIVINAM maledictionem latae sendentiae ipso facto servatis, Nobis solis reservandis se incursurum sciat, ita mandamus et constituimus Virtute Apostolica Ecclesiae JESU CHRISTI sub poena Excommunicationis ut supra Anno secundo Vicariatus Nostri. ROMAE. VERBI INCARNATI Anno M. D. I. ALEXANDER VI. D. G. PONTIFEX.3 F. Piccolomeneus Cardinalis Caneell.4 2. Count Arnold Jobst of Bentheim (Germany) (d. 1643) was a Lutheran convert.   3. Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia) (1431-1503) had a very sinister reputation, including black magic (cf. Butler, Ritual Magic, p. 181).   4. Cardinal Piccolomini was one of the electors who held out to the end against him.
APPROBATIO. simul et instructio Vaticana Sapienti paucis maxima, praeterea assecuratur a sua Sanctitate desuper facto Consecratio Canonica. * *   LECTOR.  
Ne spernas librum, si non intelligis esto. Si contra captum est, satis esti, quod vota secundet. Frigidus in pratis cantaudo rumpitur anguis. Ec. 8 virg. Quidlibet audendi semper fuit aequa potestas Hoc lege lector opus sacra haec monumenta polorum Hinc optata feres haec te tua vota docebunt, Fide, cave, sapienter age, et virtute labora, Sicque beabit opus pia CONSECRATIO facta. Frigidus in pratis contando rumpitur anguis: "The cold meadow-snake is asunder burst." - Virgil, Eclogues 8.
D. I. F.2 (†INSTRUCTIONS.) 2. D.I.F: Dr. Iohann Faust (the alleged author)
If you want to cite and compel spirits to appear visibly before you and render you obedience, then observe the following instructions: 1. Keep God's commands as much as you can possibly do. 2. Build and trust solely upon the might and power of God; believe firmly on his omnipotent help in your work, and the spirits will become your servants and will obey you. 3. Continue your citations, and do not cease, even if the spirits do not appear at once. Be steadfast in your work and faith, for the doubter will obtain nothing. 4. Take especial notice of the time, viz:  
Monday night, from eleven until three o'clock.
Tuesday night, from ten until two o'clock.
Wednesday night, from twelve until three o'clock.
Thursday night, from ten until two o'clock.3
Friday night, from ten until three o'clock.
Saturday night, from ten until twelve o'clock.
3. So K5, p. 1126. EE reads "twelve until two o'clock."
The Sabbath keep holy to the Lord Sabaoth, Adonai, Tetragrammaton. 5. It must, at the same time, be new moon. Perhaps you may say, "Why these hours and signs — are they not all the days of the Lord?" It is true; but not all hours, and all signs, are favorable to rule over their spirits.  
6. Complete the following circle,4 described in this work, on parchment, written with the blood of young white doves. The size of the circle may be at your own option. 4. There must be some corruption in the text here. The circle is obviously intended to be drawn on the ground, since the Magus is directed to enter into it (see below), and the four cardinal directions are labelled — Oriens (East), Meridies (South), Occidens (West), and Septentrio (North). The directions to draw the design on parchment with the blood of a dove is probably intended for the seal of the spirit, which also would explain the red ink.
7. If you wish to undertake the operation, be sure to consecrate the circle previously. (See this Circle.) Figure 109. Circle written on parchment with the blood of young white doves.   Ego N. N. consecro, et benedico istum Circulum per Nomina Dei Attissimi in eo Scripta, ut sit mihi et omnibus Scutum et Protectio Dei Fortissimi + Elohim + Invincibilis contra omnes malignos Spiritus, eorumque Potestates. In Nomine + Dei Patris + Dei Filii + Dei Spiritus Sancti. Amen. Upon your entrance into this circle speak as follows: Tetragrammaton, Theos, Ischiros, Athanatos, Messias, Imas, Kyrie Eleison. Amen. After you have entered the Circle begin your operation with the follow­ing prayer from the Ninety-first Psalm. He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in Him will I trust. Surely he shall deliver me from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust. His truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night, nor for the arrow that flieth by day. Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the Most High, thy habita­tion. There shall be no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come near thy dwelling. Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him. I will set him on high because he hath known my name. He will call upon me and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor. With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation, even so help me and all them that seek thy holy God the Father God the Son God the Holy Ghost. Amen. CITATIONS OF THE SEVEN GREAT PRINCES FROM THE Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses Bibliae Magicae.  
CITATION OF AZIEL.5 + Agla + Cadelo + Samba + Caelem + Awenhatoacoro + Aziel + Xorwotho + Yzewoth + Xoro + Quotwe + Theosy + Meweth + Xosoy + Yschyros + Gaba + Hagay + Staworo + Wyhaty + Ruoso + Xuatho + Rumwe + Ruwoth + Zyros + Qualos + Wewor6 + Vegath + Wysor + Wuzoy + Moses * + Aziel + * 5. EE: "CITATIO AZIELIS: Agla Cadelo, Samba, Caclem, Awenhatoacoro, Aziel, Zorwotho, Yzewoth, Xoro, Quotwe, Theosy, Meweth, Xosoy, Yachyros, Gaba, Hagay, Staworo, Wyhaty, Ruoso Xuatho, Rum, Ruwoth, Zyros, Quaylos, Wewor, Vegath, Wysor, Wuzoy, Noses,* Aziel.*"   6. K5: "Wowor".
CITATION * OF ARIEL*7 + Yschyros + Theos + Zebaoth + Wyzeth + Yzathos8 + Xyzo + Xywethorowoy + Xantho + Wiros + Rurawey + Ymowe + Noswathosway9 + Wuquethowesy + Zebaoth + Xymo + Zvswethonowe + Yschyrioskay10 + Ulathos + Wyzoy + Yrsawo + Xyzeth + Durobijthaos11 + Wuzowethos12 + Yzweoy + Zaday + Yrswethwytho + Kamwoy + Yswo + Yzwothweth + Zaday + Zywaye + Hagathorwos + Yschyros + Imas + Tetragrammaton + Ariel. **** 7. EE: "CITATIO ARIELIS: Yschyros, Theor Zebaoth, Wyzeth, Yzathos, Xyzo, Xywethorowoy, Xantho, Wiros, Rurawey, Ymowe, Noswathosway, Wuvnethowesy, Zebaoth, Yvmo, Zvswethonowe, Yschyrioskay, Ulathos, Wyzoy, Yrsawo, Xyzeth, Durobijthaos Wuzowethus, Yzweoy, Zaday, Zywaye, Hagathorwos, Yachyros, Imas, Tetragrammaton, Ariel."   8. K5: Yzhatos.   9. K5: Noswethosway.   10. K5: Yschyryoshay   11. K5: Durobotthaos   12. K5: Wuzoywethos
CITATION * OF MARBUEL *13 + Adonay + Jehova + Zebaoth + Theos + Yzhathoroswe + Wehozymathos + Zosim + Yghoroy + Vegorym + Abaij + Wogos + Gijghijm + Zewoij + Ykosowe + Wothym + Kijzwe + Zijwoth + Omegos + Hehgewe + Zebaoij + Wezator + Zijbuo + Sijbetho + Ythos + Zeatijm + Woxoe + Sijwoijmwethij + Pharvoij + Zewor + Wefgos + Ruben + Hebathoroos + Stawowe + Zijen Zijwowij + Haros + Worso + Yzwet + Zebaoth + Agla + Marbuel. **** 13. EE: "CITATIO MARBUELIS: Adonay, Jehova, Zebaoth, Theos, Yzhathoroswe, Wehozymathos, Zosim, Yghoroy, Vegorym, Abaij, Wogos, Gijghijm, Zewoij, Ykosowe, Wothym, Kijzwe, Uijwoth, Omegros, Hehgewe, Zebaoij, Wezator, Zibuo, Sijbetho, Ythos, Zeatijm, Wovoe, Sijwoijmwethij, Pharvoij, Zewor, Wefgos, Ruhen, Hvbathoroos, Stawows, Zijen, Zijwowij, Haros, Worse, Yzwet, Zebaoth, Agia, Marbuel."   K5: "+ Adonay + Jehova + Zebaoth + Theos + Yzhathoroswe + Wehozymathos + Zosym + Yghoroy + Vegorym + Abay + Wogos + Gyghym + Zewoy + Ykosowe + Wothym + Kyzwe + Zywoth + Omegos + Mehgewe + Zebaoy + Wezator + Zybno + Sybetho + Ythos + Zeatym + Woxoe + Sywoymwethy + Pharvoy + Zewor + Wefgos + Ruben + Hebathoroos + Stawowe + Zyen + Zywoy + Haros + Worso + Yzwet + Zebaoth + Agla + Marbuel.
CITATION * OF MEPHISTOPHILES*14 + Messias + Adonaij + Weforos + Xathor + Yxewe + Soraweijs + Yxaron + Weghath + Zijbalor + Weghaij + Wesoron + Xoxijwe + Zijwohwowetho + Regathoswatho + Zebaoth + Adonaij + Zijwetho + Aglaij + Wijzathe + Zadaij + Zijebo + Xosthoy + Atlatho + Ysewey + Zyxyzet + Ysche + Sarsewu + Zyzyrn + Deworonhathbo + Xyxewe + Syzwe + Theos + Yschaos + Worsonbefgosy + Gefgowe + Hegor + Quaratho + Zywe + Messias + Abarabi + Mephistophiles. **** 14. EE: "CITATIO *MEPHISTOPHILES*: Messias, Adonaij, Weforus, Xathor, Yxewe, Soraweijs, Yxaron, Wegharh, Zljhalor, Weghaij, Wesoron, Xoxijwe, Zijwohwawetho, Ragthoswatho, Zebaoth, Adonaij, Zijwetho, Aglaij, Wijzathe, Zadaij, Zijebo Xosthoy, Athlato, Zsewey, Zyxyzet, Ysche, Sarsewu, Zyzyrn, Deworonhathbo, Xyxewe, Syzwe, Theos, Yschaos, Worsonbefgosy, Gefgowe, Hegor, Quaratho, Zywe, Messias, Abarabi, Mephistophiles." K5: "+ Messias + Adonay + Weforos + Xathor + Yxewe + Soraweys + Yxaron + Weghath + Zybalor + Weghay + Wesoron + Xoxywe + Zywohwowetho + Regathoswatho + Zebaoth + Adonay + Zywetho + Aglay + Wyzathe + Zaday + Zyebo + Xosthoy + Atlatho + Ysewey + Zyxyzet + Ysche + Sarsewu + Zyzyrn + Deworonhathho + Xyxewe + Syzwe + Theos + Yschaos + Worsonbefgosy + Gefgowe + Hegor + Quaratho + Zywe + Messias + Abarabi + Mephistophiles."
CITATION * OF BARBUEL.*15 + Yschiros + Imas + Zebaoth + Otheos + Kuwethosorym + Zylohym + Zaday + Yschowe + Quyos + Xexhatoroway + Yzwesor + Xywoy + Yzyrye + Zalijmo + Zebaoth + Adonaij + Messias + Aglaabaij + Stoweos + Hijwetho + Ycoros + Zijwetho + Uwoim + Chamoweo + Zijzobeth + Sotho + Emnohaij + Zedije + Huwethos + Chorij + Yzquoos + Lijraije + Weghoijm + Xijxor + Waijos + Gofaijme + Toroswe + Ycijros + Emanuel + Imas + Barbuel. **** 15. EE: "CITATIO BARBUELIS: Yschiros, Imns, Zebaoth, Otheos, Kuwethosorym, Zylohym, Zaday, Yschowe, Quyos, Zenhatorowav, Yzwesor, Xywoy, Yzyryr, Zalijmo, Zabaoth, Adonaii, Messios, Aglaabaij, Stoweos, Hijwetho, Ycoros, Zijwetho, Uwoim, Chamoweo, Zijzobeth, Sotho, Emnohalj, Zedije, Huwethos, Chorij, Yzquoos, Lijraije, Weghoijm; Xiixor, Waijos, Gofaljme, Toroswe, Yeijros, Emanuel, Imas, Barbuel." K5: "+ Yschyros + Imas + Zebaoth + Otheos + Kuwethosorym + Zylohym + Zaday + Yschowe + Quyos + Xexhatoroway + Yzwesor + Xywoy + Yzyrye + Zalymo + Zebaoth + Adonay + Messias + Aglaabay + Stoweos + Hyweto + Ycoros + Zywetho + Uwoym + Chamoweo + Zyzobeth + Sotho + Emmnohay + Zedye + Huwethos + Chory + Yzquoos + Lyraye + Weghoym + Xyxor + Wayos + Gofayme + Toroswe + Ycyros + Emmanuel + Imas + Barbuel."
CITATION * OF AZIABEL.*16 + Thoeos + Ygweto + Yzgowoij + Quiseo + Wijzope + Xorsoij + Nowetho + Yzose + Haguthon + Xoro + Theos + Magowo + Wijzosorwothe + Xaroshaij + Zebaoth + Em­anuel + Messia + Yzijwotho + Zadaij + Xexhatosijmeij + Buwatho + Ysewet + Xijrathor + Zijbos + Malhaton + Yzos + Uzewor + Raguil + Wewot + Yzewe + Quorhijm + Zadob + Zibathor + Weget + Zijzawe + Ulijzor + Tetragrammaton + Aziabel. **** 16. EE: "CITATIO AZIABELIS: Thoeos, Ygweto, Yzgowoij, Quiseo, Wijzope, Xorsoij, Nowetho, Yxose, Haguthou, Xoro, Theos, Magowo, Wijzosorwothe, Xaroshaij, Zebaoth, Emanuel, Messia, Yzijwofto, Zadaij, Xexhatosijmeij, Buwatho, Ysewet, Xijrathor, Zijbos, Malhatou, Yzos, Uzewor, Raguil, Wewot, Yzwewe, Quorhijm, Zadob, Zibathor, Weget, Zijzawe, Ulijzor, Tretragaammaton, Aziabel." K5: "+ Thoeos + Ygweto + Yzgowoy + Quiseo + Wyzope + Xorsoy + Nowetho + Yzose + Haguthon + Xoro + Theos + Magowo + Wyzosorwothe + Xaroshay + Zebaoth + Em­manuel + Messia + Yzywotho + Zaday + Xexhathosymey + Buwatho + Ysewet + Xyrathor + Zybos + Malhathon + Yzos + Uzewor + Raguil + Wewot + Yzewe + Quorhym + Zadob + Zibathor + Weget + Zyzawe + Ulyzor + Tetragrammaton + Aziabel."
CITATION * OF ANIQUEL.17* + Theos + Aba + Zaba + Aba + Agathoswaij + Yzoroij + Ywetho + Zardos + Quasoe + Uschijros + Cijmoe + Zowathim + Gefoij + Zarobe + Weghatlj + Phegathorowaij + Mesowe + Xalose + Weghathorsowe + Wephatho + Yzebo + Storijwethonaij + Quorathon + Sijbo + Mephor + Wijhose + Zaloros + Quetho + Zebathonaijwos + Zijweth + Ycarij + Ruwethonowe + Quiathosowaij + Zebaoth + Messias + Aniquel. 17. EE: "Citatio Aniqnelis: Thoeos, Aba, Aaba, Aba, Agathoswaij, Yzoroij, Ywetho, Quardos, Quasoai Uschjjros, Cijmoe, Qowathim, Gefoij, Zarobe, Weghatj, Ohegathorowaij, Mesows, Xalose, Waghthorsowe, Wephatho, Yzebo, Storilwethonaij, Quorathon, Sijbo, Mephor, Wijhose, Zaloros, Ruetho, Zebaathonaijwos, Zijweth, Ycarij, Ruwethonowe, Ruiathosowaij Zebaoth, Messias, Aniquel. [Now follow the four leaves — Figs. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28.]" K5: "+ Theos + Aba + Zaba + Aba + Agathosway + Yzoroy + Ywetho + Zardos + Quaosoe + Yschyros + Cymoe + Zowathym + Gefoy + Zarobe + Weghaty + Phegathoroway + Mesowe + Xalose + Waghthorsowe + Wephatho + Yzebo + Storywethonay + Quorathon + Sybo + Mephor + Wyhose + Zaloros + Quetho + Zebathonaywos + Zyweth + Ycary + Ruwethonowe + Quiathosoway + Zebaoth + Messias + Aniquel." S mislabels this "CITATIO ANIQNELIS".
Figure 110. AZIEL.18 Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience. 18. EE gives these as Azielis, Arielis, Marbuelis, Mephistophilis, Barbuelis, Aziabelis, and Antquelis [sic] i.e. "of Aziel," etc.
Figure 111. ARIEL. Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience. Figure 112. MARBUEL. Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience. Figure 113. MEPHISTOPHILES. Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience. Figure 114. BARBUEL. Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience. Figure 115. AZIABEL. Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience.  
Figure 116. ANIQUEL. Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience. † † † NOTE. THE USE OF THE SEALS. When these great princes do not appear immediately on the fore­going Citations, or if they hesitate in their obedience, then take frank­incense and myrrh, and cast them upon burning coals, and when the smoke arises, place the spirit-seal thereon, with the following mysterious words: * † * † * † Ex VI. and VII. Libro MOSIS. Bibliae Arcano MAGICAE. ALTISSIMA DEI VERBA SPIRITUUM CACTIVA MOSIS AARONIS et SALOMONIS.19  
Zijmuorsobet, Noijm, Zavaxo, Quehaij, Abawo, Noquetonaij, Oasaij, Wuram, Thefothoson, Zijoronaijwetho, Mugelthor, Yzxe, Aglopuaij, Huzije, Surhatijm (†) Sowe, Oxursoij (†) Zijbo, Yzweth (†) Quaij, Salarthon (&dagger) Waij, Weahaij (†) Qijroe, Sardowe (†) Xoro, Wugothoswethij, Kakowe, Ykquos, Zehatho (†) Aba (†). 19. EE: "Zijmuorsobet, Noijm, Zavaxo, Quehaij, Abawo, Noquetonaij, Oasaij, Wuram, Thefotoson, Zijoronaifwetho, Mugelthor, Yzxe, Agiopuaij, Huzije, Surhatijm, Sowe, Oxursoij, Zijbo, Yzweth, Quaij, Salarthon, Qaij, Qeahaij, Qijrou, Sardowe, Xoro, Wugofhoswerhij, Kaweko, Ykquos, Zehatho, Aba." K5: "(Zymuorsobet) Moym) Zvaxo) Quehay) Abawo) Noquetonay) Oasay) Wuram) Thefothoson) Zyoronaywetho) Mugethor) Yzxe) Agloquay) Hyzye) Surhatym (&dagger) Sowe) Oxursoy (†) Zybo) Yzweth (†) Quay) Salarthon (†) Way) Weahay (†) Qyroe) Sardowe (&dagger) Xoro) Wugothoswethy) Kawowe (†) Ykquos) Zebatho (†) Aba (&dagger)."
*A†m†e†n.* Apparitio, or the Apparition,  
Is almost instantaneous upon these mysterious words and procedure. As soon as they appear, however, address them and compel them to obedi­ence with the following coactionis:20 20. coactionis: binding.
BINDING OF MOSES.21 Zebaoth, (†) Abatho, Tetragrammaton ††† Adonaij (†) Abathoij (†) Xijhawe (†) Aglaij, Quohowe (†) Agla (†) Muijroshoweth (†) Phalowaij (†) Agla (†) Theos (†) Mes­sias, Zijwethororijm* (†) Feghowo (†) Aba (†) Mowewo (†) Choe (†) Adonaij (†) Cewoe, Christohatos (†) Tetragrammaton. 21. EE: "Zebaoath, Abatho, Tetragrammaton, Adonaij, Abathoij, Xijhawe, Aglaij, Quohowe, Agla, Muijroshoweth, Phalowaij, Agla, Theos, Mes­sias Zijwethororijm, Feghowo, Aba, Mowewo, Choe, Adonaij, Cewoe, Christohatos, Tetragrammaton." K5: "Zebaoth (†) Abatho) Tetragrammaton ††† Adonay (†) Abathoy (†) Xyhawe (†) Aglay) Quohowe (†) Agla (†) Muyroshoweth (†) Phaloway (†) Agla (†) Theos (†) Mes­sias) Zywethororym* (†) Feghowo (†) Aba (†) Mowewo (†) Choe (†) Adonay (†) Cewoe) Christohatos (†) Tetragrammaton)"
*A†m†e†n.* INSTRUCTIONS. Since the spirits will now appear quickly, bring your desires for­ward honestly, as if before your fellow-man, without fear, for noth­ing can harm you, much rather, all must serve you and yield obedience and serve you according to your wishes. In this connection, be careful that you do not compromise in any degree with the spirit for all this power, and word of might, which Moses, Aaron and Solomon used according to the revelations of God, are sufficient to compel the spirits to reveal to you the treasures of the earth and sea, and to give them to you without harm and deception. * Mihi * Fausto * Crede (†) Experto * REMARKS. AZIEL is a very prompt treasure-spirit of the earth and of the sea. He appears in the form of a wild ox. ARIEL is a very serviceable spirit, and appears in the form of a fero­cious dog. He commands the lost treasures of the land and sea. MARBUEL appears in the form of an old lion. He delivers the treas­ures of the water and the land, and assists in obtaining all secret knowl­edge and honors. MEPHISTOPHILES is ready to serve, and appears in the form of a youth. He is willing to help in all skilled arts, and gives the spiritus Servos, otherwise called "familiares." He brings treasures from the earth and from the deep very quickly. BARBUEL is a master of all arts and all secret knowledge, a great master of all treasure. He is very accommodating, and appears with alacrity in the form of a wild hog. AZIABEL is a prince of the water and mountain-spirits and their treasures. He is amiable, and appears with a large crown of pearls.  
ANIQUEL22 appears in the form of a serpent of Paradise. He confers great wealth and honors according to wish. 22. EE: ANITUEL.
  * APPENDIX * MAGICUS The Seals or General Characters of the Seven Great Princes of Spirits must be written upon virgin parchment, with the blood of butterflies, at the time of full moon; besides this, know that the Seven Great Princes of Spirits have among them some of the legions of crown-spirits which were expelled from Heaven, ita ex Revelatione Traditio. VI. et VII. libri Mosis. Amen.††† Mundus ater cum illis Me pactum dicit habere, Sed me teque Deus Te illo custodiat omnes.   D. I. F. VALEDICTIO OR DISMISSAL OF THE SPIRITS. Since the spirits have now served you according to your wish, dismiss and discharge them as follows:  
Zebaoth † Theos † Yschyros † Messias † Imas † Weghaymko † Quoheos † Roveym † Christoze † Abay † Xewefaraym † Agla † 23. EE: "Zebaoth, Theos, Yschyres, Messias, Imas, Weghaymnko, Quoheos, Roveym, Christoze, Abay, Xewefaraym, Agla."
And now depart in the name of God; praise, live and thank God to the END.     II. TABELLAE RABELLINAE SPIRITI-COMMANDO, id est MAGIAE ALBAE et NIGARAE CITATIO † GENERALIS Upon all Spirits, Good and Evil. ROMAE Vaticano ad Arcanum Pontificatus under Pope Alexander VI., printed in the year 1501.     CITATIO GENERALIS MOSIS, AARONIS et SALOMONIS CANONIZATA AB ALEXANDRO VI.  
Aba † Alpha † Omega † Hewozywetony † Xewerator † Menhatoy † Queo † Zuwezet † Rumoy † Ruwetze † Quano † Duzy † Xenthono † Rohmatru † Xono † Xonozebethoos † Zebaoth † Aglay † Tetragammaton † Adonay † Theos † Yschyroroseth1 † Zumquvos † Nywe † Athanatos † Thoy † Quyhet † Homor † Wethoum † Ywae † Ysgeboth † Oray † Zywo † Ysgewot † Zururogos † Zuy † Zywethorosto † Rurom † Xuwye † Xunewe † Keoso † Wecato † Zyweso † Tetragrammaton. 1. EE: Ysehyroroseth.
Pronounce the name of the good or evil ††† spirit distinctly, when he will appear very suddenly; you may then address him. COARCTIO OR THE BINDING OF SPIRITS. Theohatatos † Quyseym † Gefgowe † Phagayr † Messias † Amen. MONARCHIA OF THE GOOD SPIRITS FAMILIARES to cite for all human ministration are the following:
Seraphim Uriel
Cherubim Raphael
Thronus Oriphiel
Dominatio Zachariel
Potestas Gabriel
Virtus Barbiel
Principatus Requel
Archangelus Anael
Angelus Phaleg

These are the Princes of the (IX.) Choir of Angels. They have among them many

1,000 times 1,000 without end

Millia Millium sine Fine Dicentium

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus.

These angel princes appear very willingly to human beings to help and serve them in all things, as well as the following: *†*†*†*  
BONI SPIRITUS, or GOOD SPIRITS. Chymchy * Asbeor * Yzazel * Xomoy * Asmoy * Diema * Bethor * Arfose * Zenay * Corowe * Orowor * Xonor * Quiheth * Quato * Wewor * Gefowe * Gorhon * Woreth * Hagyr * Welor. †††  
Even though Evil, they are still Familiar or Ministering Spirits, and Ready to Serve. Thebot * Wethor * Quorthonn * Ywote * Yrzon * Xysorym * Zuwoy * Puchon * Tulef * Legioh * Xexor * Woryon. † *†*†*†* INSTRUCTION.  
Concerning the Magia Alba,3 take notice, that all good spirits must be cited when the moon is full, the Princes of the (IX.) Choir of angels as well as other good angel-spirits. Concerning the Magia Nigra,4 take notice, that the VII. Princess of Devils must be cited in new moon, other evil spirits are cited the most readily in the dark of the moon, or at the time of an eclipse of the sun or moon. The circle already described, as coercive of hell, is for all spirits. 3. Magia Alba: White magic. EE misreads "Magia Albia".   4. Magia Nigra: Black magic.
VALEDICTIO, OR DISMISSAL, of all good and bad spirits according to the tradition of the Tabella Rabellini, out of the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. Theos † Zebaoth † Adonay † Ischiros † Zaday † Messias † Salomos † Yweth † Thoros † Yzheto † Thyym † Quowe † Xehatoym † Phoe † Tetragrammaton.  
Now pronounce the name of the spirit and let him depart in peace. Deus Principium et Finis.5 5. Deus Principium et Finis: God, the beginning and the end.


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