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I.Mark the following statement as True or False. Give your reasons.


1. In the changing world, English will also change under the influence of other languages and communication needs of people.

2. In the global world, English will remain the language of the most powerful nations.

3. All people will have to learn the same world standard English.

4. The widespread use of English could result in its erosion and deterioration.

5. Nothing can threaten the role of English as a lingua franca.

6. In the 21st century, English is going to compete with other languages for the status of the world language.

7. People may shift from their native tongues to English.

8. The number of languages in the future may decrease.

9. In the 21st century, the status of international languages will continue to be determined by political factors.

10. English is going to dominate the world in the near 100 years.


II.Draw up possible perspectives for English in the 21st century starting from the following premises:


1. English will divest itself of its political and cultural connotations.

2. A single world standard English will develop.

3. The widespread use of English as a language of wider communication

4. Many local varieties of English could develop

5. English will not keep its monopoly in the 21st century.

6. Shifts in linguistic allegiances may cause many languages to disappear.

7. Internal migration and urbanization will create international communities.

8. Universities will use English as the medium of instruction.

9. English will supplement or co-exist with other languages.



  Language Match  
  Here is an estimate of native speaker numbers for major world languages in 2050. See if you can match the language with the expected number of native speakers in millions.  
  1. Portuguese
  2. Bengali
  3. Russian
  4. German
  5. Japanese
  6. Chinese
  7. Hindu/Urdu
  8. English
  9. Arabic
  10. Spanish
  11. French
  12. Malay
    1. 1,384
    2. 556
    3. 508
    4. 486
    5. 482
    6. 248
    7. 229
    8. 132
    9. 108
    10. 91
    11. 80
    12. 76


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