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Our settlement - the most atheletic in the area.

Teens and social networks, or the younger generation with the Internet is near

The majority of adolescents use the Internet and social networks . The Internet helps in learning , gives information and an opportunity to see rare videos , but to me teenagers use the Internet only to catch at in social networks . They devote all their spare time in the Internet and social networks . Without social networks majority of adolescents do not imagine their life . Children spend their free time in the Internet in front of the bright screens and lose their sight and we world real me world and also communicating with dishonest people and deceivers . But thanks to social networks, they can communicate not only with their neighbours but people from with other countries and people .

We asked a question to secondary school teachers and students : “What is the Internet and social network? ” for you we found out the following :

1)Social network is a way to communicate with interesting people, the Internet is the way to obtain the necessary information.

2)For me it’s everything .

3)For me, the Internet will not replace in my life I use it as a helper in the tuition. And in social networks I communicate and share information with friends .

4) The Internet helps to find the information for the exam preparation for extracurricular activity and extracurricular time .

(Mindovskaya liza)

Our settlement - the most atheletic in the area.

A beutiful girls team "Dinamit" won the first place in the district fitness competitions . Our strong hockey team won the games in Vichuga and Novopistsovo. The fastest skiers took the third place in the championship among sports schools of ivanovo region. Schoolchidren took the first place in the area tourist competitions and the third place in the region. We want to thank all sportsmen, and their coaches for their patiece and hard work! They will continue training and will continue to delight us with their victories let's enjoy them and wish them further victories.

Weather and Ecology in the Old Vichuga

Weather in Old Vichuga normal for winter. At times, it's snowing and the sun peeps. Great weather for a stroll. Children having fun in the streets. From ecology we behold in order. Do not complain. Ecology here much better than in big cities. The streets are not a lot of cars that emit exhaust fumes, very few factories that pollute the air. In general, everything is fine!


The economy in Staraya Vichuge

1)I Staraya Vichuge the economy is very poor.After factory closed in the settlement there are a lo tof jobless people who are looking for a job Itis difficuit to find a job in Staraya Vichuga.Butvt many shops were built.For there last years there were opened the supermarkets.They are "Ekonomych","Vyshaya leage","the Magnet."In spite there are a lot of Shops, there ish't a lot of and maney.There are feu buyers a in the settlement.And for it shops sustain heavy losses.Shops buy a lot of goods.There fore inhabitants are compelled to leave Staraya Vichugeis many from the workplace.Many parents leare to teir chikdren on care of grandmothers and grandfathers.The situation is drangerois!



In the Old Vichuga require sellers in the shop "MagnetIn Secondary Education school named after Pisarev, declares a set of listeners on the elective course in English language. The school administration.



In the heart of Russia , in a picturesque setting on the territory Vichugskaya region Ivanovo region , about 60 kilometers to the north - east of the city of Ivanovo , surrounded by fields , forests and small villages , is a small village with a few mysterious and unusual for someone else's hearing titled : Old Vichuga . Township population 5120 people. Ecological conditions in the village Old Vichuga quite favorable . The village is not a large number of road transport , no polluting production. Working textile factory for the production of textile fabrics is not environmentally dangerous enterprise . The biggest environmental problem is the absence in the village sewage treatment plants. All household sewage into the river Vichuzhanka without purification. Construction of water treatment costs a lot of money , 150 million rubles, which is the budget of the village - a huge sum . Another environmental problem is a landfill that create our residents . To solve this problem, just be more conscious and throw garbage in the garbage , not on the street. Our generation should really try to make a settlement in ecologically clean area .

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