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Tierra del Volcán is situated in an area located within the Cotopaxi National Park. The name is inspired by the formidable volcano Cotopaxi and many others, especially Rumiñahui, Quilindaña and Pasochoa.

A broad range of activities are available, from dinning in the traditional mud-walled and straw-roofed farmhouse of the areas, walking around the premises enjoying the magnificent vistas (cinerary), while being immersed in an awe-inspiring landscape. At the farmhouses you will get the chance to participate in the daily life of the Haciendas, feeding the Normandy calves, dressing up as a Chagra (national cow-boy) and riding horses at 4500m above see level, or resting in front of an inviting fireplace. We take care and we make sure that you spend the next several days enjoying yourself, and the different tours.


The Hacienda is just one and a half hours away from Quito and at the foothills of Rumiñahui volcano. That in turn, is merely twenty minutes from the town of Machachi and five minutes from the northern entrance of Cotopaxi National Park.

Tierra del Volcán lodges its guests in a comfortable, functional and beautiful traditional house built with native materials and in keeping with the colourful construction systems typical of the area that have been used since immemorial times. An inviting living room and a dining room with their lit fireplaces warmly welcome the guests.

The “casa de hacienda”, or farmhouse, provides comfortable shelter and protection, built through a suitable use of materials such as brick, straw, eucalyptus wood and adobe. More than merely formal, the bedrooms recall the huts of the Andean highlands with their straw roofs and “estera” walls. The dining room overlooks a large courtyard surrounded by buildings and barn-houses used for farming purposes. An impressive backdrop is the ever-changing Sincholagua volcano and the magnificent cone-shaped Cotopaxi that can be admired from the window of the upstairs lounge and game room, housing a warm and inviting fireplace to observe the natural wonder. The other living room in the bedroom area – provides a pleasant atmosphere for reading, talking and resting after a busy day filled with exciting activities.


“Hacienda” El Tambo dates back to a pre-columbian Inca refuge and stockyard on the road leading towards the jungle. This marvelous farm is located in a magical place surrounded by volcanoes, a region which is filled with legends: Yanahurco, or black hill, legendary Predicator and majestic Antisana.

In a hut built with straw and stone originating from Cotopaxi’s eruptions and carved by ancestral hands, our visitors can eat and sleep in front of a fireplace with the assurance that a kitchen and a hot bath are available, and what is most important, that they can turn their eyes at all directions and contemplate the solitude and beauty of a valley bathed with rivers in the midst of silence and the cold breeze of the “páramo”.


Because of the “hacienda’s” privileged location, on the slopes of the Pasochoa volcano, you can take hikes in forests up to 3,300metres above sea level covered with native birch and other species, and then descend to the banks of the Rita river that flows through lava formations deposited by ancient eruptions amidst waterfalls and ravines. A broad range of activities are available in this beautiful spot of the Andes, bird watching, hiking in an awe-inspiring landscape, and reaching magnificent vistas at the summit of Pasochoa volcano.


The Cotopaxi National Park is unique for its scenery, beauty and its ecological and cultural importance. It is the most popular and frequently visited national park in mainland Ecuador. The centre-piece is the beautiful, snowcapped Cotopaxi volcano, the highest active volcano in the world.


● Complete the table. Put a tick (√) if the information is correct.

  Hacienda El Porvenir Hacienda El Tambo Hacienda Santa Rita
you can get the chance to participate in the daily life of a family      
you can take hikes in forests      
a fireplace and a hot bath are available      
the place is surrounded by volcanoes   √   √   √
you can enjoy bird watching      
a pleasant atmosphere for reading, talking and resting is provided      
you can meet active volcanoes      


9.16 Read the text “Our Adventures” and make the review of it.


It is our desire to provide innovating and different services and, thus, Tierra del Volcán adapts itself to the wishes of its clients. Therefore, our visitors are given the option to decide which activities they would like to carry out as well as the length of their stay. We have prepared a functional, friendly and easy system that permits our guests to choose among several options and to prepare their own packages. In this manner, they will have the freedom to make the best use of their stay, and enjoy as much as their time permits.

Horseback riding. Our specialty is horseback rides. Though not a native of America, the horse has become inseparable companion of the Andean people over the centuries. It is now a vital part of the scenery and has adapted to the climate and altitude. The best way to get to know the Andes is on horseback. Enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth where you can take horseback rides of several hours or expeditions of up to 8 days. Guided by a “chagra”, or Andean cowboy, you journey through unimaginable spots that can only be reached by horse. We provide ponchos and “zamarros” for all horseback rides.

Trekking and hiking. Walk among the remains of eruptions, along native forests and over open “páramos” where legends surround you as the majestic mountains watch over you. As you cross the bushes, the enveloping fog turns this majestic scenery into a place where the energy can be felt.

Mountain climbing. Tierra del Volcán provides excellent climbing opportunities for all levels of experience. Beginner and intermediate level climbers will enjoy the beautiful peaks and moderate slopes of the Rumiñahui and the Pasochoa volcanoes. Those looking for more adventure may choose the challenging climb of the Cotopaxi volcano, which takes you up to 5,910 metres in the sky (19,637 ft.). This is a spectacular climb filled with breathtaking views and a summit that is hard to beat.

Mountain biking. Offering single-track footpaths used by the Inca Empire and winding mountain dual tracks, Tierra del Volcán is the paradise for mountain bikers. Riding a mountain bike down the side of the world’s highest active volcano, from the snowline at 4,500 metres (14,760 ft.) in altitude to the Los Chillos valley at 2,600 metres (14,760 ft.), quite literally takes your breath away.

Bird watching. With over 1,600 species of birds, Ecuador offers more bird diversity in less space than any other country in the world, and the “páramos” are no exception. In Tierra del Volcán, we offer an unforgettable experience for those who love nature and bird watching. Enjoy watching the Black Face Ibis, the Ecuadorian Hill Start, the Black Tip Doves, the Andean Lapwing, the Caranculated Caracara and – with some luck – the majestic Condor, the largest flying bird in the world.

Rappelling. This is an activity for those who love high adrenaline adventure. Descend trough amazing ridges that will push you further and you ever push yourself before. Of course, Tierra del Volcán always maintains the highest security standards.

Visit Cotopaxi National Park. Enjoy some of the most important and awesome natural areas in Ecuador. Discover a legendary culture and enjoy an enormous biodiversity, all while admiring the majestic Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the world. Discover hidden valleys, lakes and natural waterfalls, hills and archeological remains while travelling on pre-Inca paths; or reach spectacular sites at the base-camp 4,800 metres in altitude (15,744 ft.).

Camping. Camping is without a doubt, one of the most fun activities in this area. Finding a place that is protected from the wind, starting a bonfire, cooking and spending time with friends under the star-lit sky are part of the adventure. Waking in this Andean setting, where the sky is often painted in pastel colours, is a truly unforgettable experience.

Cultural experience. There is nothing more valuable when travelling than getting to know new cultures. We will take you to visit “chagras”, or Ecuadorian cowboys resulting from a blend of the native Indian culture and that of the Spanish conquistadores. Immerse yourself in the magic, rural world of the “haciendas”, or Latin American estates specializing in agriculture and cattle ranching and representing one of the main economic institutions of the region.

El Rodeo. Rodeo is one of the most important events that take place in the “haciendas” of the Ecuadorian Andes. It consists of a very old ceremony when the “chagras”, or Andean cowboys, take their horses and go to the mountains to round up bulls for the bullfights and to corral wild horses. The excitement begins when a trench is built in order to round up the brave animals and guide them to the corrals where they will be marked and weighed. Excitement is felt in the air. The attention of the horses is drawn to every movement in the field; the horsemen are ready to get up to the brave bulls, and the majestic Andes look down with joy at the participants of this heroic task. If you are a lover of nature, culture and legend, if you like to reach the extreme limits of emotion while riding a horse, come and share with us one of the most important events in Volcano Land: RODEO, which takes place only two times a year.


9.17 Read the text “Ecotourism in Russia: Perspective Regions, Resources, Achievements of International Projects, Possibilities for Cooperation” and make the review of it.

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