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Study abroad

1. Watch the video and discuss it with your group-mates:

· have you ever wanted to study abroad? Why?

· do you think it's really helpful in job searching/finding?

· do you agree of need to have a degree before job taking?

· why Madeleine Monaghan called studying abroad a challenge?

· what can you tell about the people studying in ISIS Oxford?

· what do you think the atmosphere? Does it help to study deep?


2. Read the feedbacks, answer the questions:

· What is the most important thing in abroad experience for you?

· May be there are some factors to digest the material better?

Anastasia, 16, Russia

I enjoy my staying here. There are really friendly staff and experienced teachers. What I like the most about this place is people of different nationalities who can become a big family together. This is a place where I can improve my English. The great atmosphere of the place.

During our social programme there is a great opportunity for visiting different historical

places and at the same time we can have fun in cafes and restaurants. Also school gives us a great discounts on tickets which can be rather expensive if we visit them by ourselves. Mohammad is a very friendly and helpful man!


Eliot, 21, France

I love this school because we can learn fast if we participate to the social programme.
The teachers are friends, you can have a lot of fun! The staff are very sympathetic and helpful. I improved a lot my English!



I-Chen Wu, 32, Taiwan

I really enjoy social activities!!!

First of all, it’s a good opportunity to practise English. You can also know many students in ISIS which are not in your class.

Second, during the activities, you have chances to interatct with friends from different countries. Sharing your opinions and emotions.

Compare with in class, social acitivies is easier to make you feel laid-back to express yourself. Of course, most things you’ve learnt from social acitivies might not be found in textbooks.

Finally, it certaintly can help you to get used to British’s life very quickly.


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