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Mixed Conditionals


IV Type , , . II , III .


Main clause If- clause

Type 2 Type 3

He would be at the lecture if he had been told about it.

Type 3 Type 2

He might have avoided that accident if he were more careful. 4.


Ex. 8. Rewrite the following as mixed conditional sentences.

Model: She missed the bus. She is not here now. If she had not missed the bus, she would be here now.

1. The students were active because they wanted to understand this difficult material.

2. They missed their flight. They wont arrive until tomorrow.

3. She didnt study hard. She wont pass the exams.

4. The students didnt understand the homework because they are inattentive.

5. He didnt reserve a table. He has to wait for an hour.

6. I didnt buy tickets. We cant go to the theatre tonight.

7. They didnt take a map with them. They are lost now.

8. She didnt bring her umbrella. Now, she is getting wet.

9. We didnt go to the restaurant. We dont like fast food.

10. They missed their flight. They wont arrive until tomorrow.

11. You didnt wake me up. Now Im late for my appointment.


Ex. 9. Which sentences are wrong? Find the mistake and correct it.

1. What would you do if you live here all the time, as we do?

2. If he hadnt come by this time, he wont come at all.

3. If you eat less than you need, the body burns fat to get energy and you loses weight.

4. I could understand your friend from Italy if he spoken more slowly.

5. I wish you would give me this book for a while.

6. Even if he did say so, we cannot be sure that he was telling the truth.

7. If you went to London, you might have seen the Queen.

8. Even if my parents disapproved of my plans, I wouldnt had given them up.

9. I wish the weather wouldnt be so dreadful today.


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