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The Government believes in the central importance of the family to the well-being of society and considers that stable adult relationships are necessary to support and enhance family life. Social services authorities, through their own social workers and other workers, give help of various kinds to families facing special problems. This help includes services for children at risk of injury or neglect who require care away from their own families, and support for family careers who look after elderly and other family members in order to give them a respite. They also help lone parents, including unmarried mothers. There are now many refuges run by local authorities or voluntary organizations for women, often with young children, whose home conditions have become intolerable. The refuges provide short-term accommodation and support while attempts are made to alleviate the womens problems. Many authorities also contribute to the cost of social work with families ( such as marriage guidance ) carried out by voluntary organizations.

In 1983 the Family Policy Studies Centre was established with official funding to review the impact of public policies on the family and to bring together research findings. The Self-help and Families Project provides funding for nine voluntary agencies to develop the capacities of groups of families to help themselves.

A three-year initiative was launched by the Government in September 1989 to increase voluntary sector provision in England for disadvantaged families with children under 5. With funds of & 2 million, it will enable voluntary organizations to research and develop day care services, particularly for single parents and families living in temporary accommodation.



Find the related verbs in the text.


Belief requirement alleviation

Consideration career contribution

Inclusion provision establishment



Find the related nouns in the text.


To govern to support to cost

To help to risk to research

To accommodate to neglect to impact

To guide to attempt to organize


Find the related adjectives in the text.


Centre variety

Stability locality

Tolerance volunteer


Make up all possible word combinations.


1. to provide a. family life

2. to develop b. lone parents

3. to launch c. stable adult relationships

4. to increase d. capacities

5. to include e. initiative

6. to consider f. day care service

7. to enhance g. voluntary sector provision

8. to give h. the impact of public services on the family

9. to help i. help to various kinds

10. to review j. services for children



Find in the text the English equivalents for the following phrases.





Answer the following questions.


h) Why does the Government believe in the importance of the family ?

i) What may help to support and enhance family life according to the Governments thinking ?

j) In what way do social services authorities give help families ?

k) Do social services authorities give help to all families?

l) What families do social services authorities give help to ?

m) What does this help include ?

n) What organizations co9ntribute to the cost of social work with families ?

o) What can you say about the role of voluntary organizations ?

p) What research Centre was established in 1983 ?


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