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Women’s Liberation Movement

Over the past two decades a number of significant social and political movements have vied with one another for a share of the public consciousness. Among these are the Civil Right Movement, the Environmental Protection Movement, the Consumer Protection Movement, and the drive for full political and social equality for women. For all the preachments of American democrats, women find themselves largely excluded from the political process. Supporters of what is called women’s liberation claim that men control American society.

Despite the Equal Rights Amendment approval in 1972, women still face a lot of the social order. Of course, the process of social and political change is a painfully slow and grudging process, one that comes very close to people’s psychology which is ruled by deeply rooted concepts. Apart from getting the same rate of pay for the same kind of work, women also want the establishment of government- financed centers that would provide day-time care for the children of working parents. Another concern of the women’s liberation movement is the changing of the traditional roles of women and men in the home.

I. Scan the texts for answers to the following questions.

a) Why are the patterns of American families so diverse?

b) Where on the social scale are welfare recipients found?

c) How can the economic plight of socially disadvantaged people be corrected?

d) Why are some people reluctant to receive welfare even if they are entitled to it?

e) Why are so many women with children on welfare?

f) Do those on welfare want to work or not?

g) What is meant by “casual” and “steady” dating?

h) What is a “blind date”?

i) Why are many American women still at the bottom of the social pyramid?

j) What kind of woman would be called “supermom”?

k) Why are many women compelled to work outside of the home?

l) How do most men take their family responsibilities at home? Are they happy about them?

m) What are the major concerns of Women’s Lib? Has it made any strides so far?

II. Supply the word or the word combination from the text which is a periphrasis of the following:

1.great differences in family patterns within the boundaries of a nation; 2.those people who are on welfare; 3.to start one’s own home; 4.obligations to one’s former wife (husband); 5.to have a job and work outside one’s home; 6.to settle bills for water, gas, electricity, etc.; 7.staggering prices for houses; 8.activities promoting a more profound understanding; 9.to know how things stand; 10.to feel offended and harassed; 11.a campaign for equal rights for women; 12.nursery schools and kindergartens; 13.to concentrate on ordinary household chores; 14.to be emotionally downcast; 15.to be in a desperate position.

Read the text to bring out general ideas the Americans have about homeless people.


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