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Task 1

Complete the gaps in the text with a word formed from the word given in the margin. All the words you need to write are adjectives. The first one has been done as an example. Translate the formed words.

In an effort to escape from their hectic and (0) materialistic MATERIALISM

city lives, more and more Northern Europeans are

buying houses in rural areas of France, Spain, Italy and

Greece. Some relocate permanently in search of a more

(1) ………… existence. Those who cannot afford to give MEANING

up their jobs seek a (2) …………. respite from their THERAPY

(3) ………….. lifestyle by relaxing for a few weeks STRESS

each year in their second home in the sun.

However, many of those who relocate permanently find

that life in the country is not as quiet and (4) …………… EVENT

as they had anticipated. Aspects of village life which seemed

delightfully (5) …………. in the context of a two-week ATMOSPHERE

holiday can grate on the nerves when you live with

them on a daily basis. Recently a group of British

residents in an Italian village took local farmers to court

because they found the smell of the villagers’ pigs

(6) ……….. In other cases, foreigners have complained DISTASTE

to neighbours about the (7) ………….. early-morning ENTHUSIASM

crowing of their cockerels, or to village priests about the

regular tolling of church bells.

Understandably, the local inhabitants are somewhat

(8) …………… of these attitudes. They argue that RESENT

the foreigners have an (9) …………. view of what REALIST

country life is like and that, since no-one forced

them to come and live in a village, they are being

(10) …………… by now complaining about the HYPOCRITE

inconveniences of rural life.


Task 2

Read the text below and decide which answer, ΐ, Β, Ρ, or D best fits each space. Explain your choice.

Going to work is the single most common trip that people make and causes the greatest (1) ……… of overcrowding on the roads. In order to reduce the (2) ………. of cars on the roads, the idea of working at home, with all the necessary technology, looks like an attractive alternative (3) ……… of doing a job. Work can be done with the help of faxes, phones and e-mail. Imagine that in the future, we won't be spending hours in traffic jams on our way to work, causing stress to our minds and (4) ………, but simply go to work in a room in our house. Our life could change in other (5) ………, too. A trip to the doctor could take several (6) ………..; a visit: a video phone call or an e-mail. Soon, we will be doing our shopping by computer, and going to the bank in the same way. There soon will be no need to leave the house for business reasons.

There is a problem with this (7) ……… to living. Spending a high (8) ……… of our time in the house can cause problems. People get sick of their own house, and need to leave it simply for a change of scene. People like to meet up with their colleagues, because work is more than just work; a significant (9) ………. of our time at work is spent socialising. So when you next see the tired (10) ………. of commuters sitting in their cars, remember they are there because they prefer to be with other people!


1. A quantity B amount C sum D number
2. A total B sum C number D amount
3. A manner B style C approach D method
4. A figures B shapes C bodies D forms
5. A ways B forms C amounts D styles
6. A shapes B forms C styles D ways
7. A method B way C approach D manner
8. A amount B proportion C total D quantity
9. A percentage B sum C number D hours
10. A figures B shapes C outlines D bodies


Task 3

Read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there. If a line is correct, put + by the number. If a line has a word which should not be there, write the word in the space. There are examples at the beginning (0 and 00). Explain your choice.


0 I am a fashion designer by profession, and each year I produce __+__

00 my own collection of new and clothes for young people to wear. and

1 I like the clothes that I design, but they are quite unlike to the ______

2 things I would choose to wear like myself. Indeed, some people ______

3 think it's surprising that among the clothes I find most comfortable ______

4 are not currently fashionable at all. I get great pleasure, for ______

5 example, out of what they are called 'vintage clothes', especially ______

6 those designed by the great fashion houses of the past. I get ______

7 a great thrill from imagining who it might have worn them in ______

8 the past and what their history might have be. Some of my coats ______

9 and dresses are quite bit valuable, so they must have been ______

10 worn by quite famous people, but I don't know this for sure. ______

11 Although that they are really a piece of history, I believe ______

12 that vintage clothes should be worn, not hung on the wall ______

13 or put in a museum. People often think of when I buy old clothes ______

14 that I must be using them such as a source of inspiration for ______

15 my own work myself, but it’s not true. It’s just a hobby really. ______


You have recently seen these notices in your local newspaper.


1.Have you seen a comedy show recently? Write a review for our paper and you may win free tickets for all Saturday shows! Say what parts were particularly funny, what you thought of the comedians and whether you would recommend it to other students.

2.Do you watch a cartoon which is not just for children? Write us a review of the cartoon for the college magazine. Desribe some of the characters and say what makes it funny and if you think older people like it too. The best review will be published next month!

3.Can you write us a review of a TV soap opera you enjoy? Tell us about the characters, what makes you keep on watching it and if you would recommend it to everyone. The best review wins a collection of DVDs!


Write your review.

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