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Task 1

For questions 1-15, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). Explain your choice.



If scientists were able to warn governments (0) ...of...... an impending earthquake, even if only a few hours (1) …………. advance, lives might be saved and international rescue workers could be at the scene of the disaster by the time it happened, instead of heading (2) …………….. their local airports several hours after the event.

(3) ………….. it is, seismologists have long been able to predict roughly where earthquakes will happen, but they are still (4) …………… from knowing how to forecast exactly when (5) ………….. may strike. The one and (6) ………….. successful prediction in recorded history was for the 1975 earthquake in Haicheng, China. In the months preceding the earthquake changes (7) …………. land elevation and ground water levels, widespread reports of peculiar animal behaviour, and many foreshocks had (8) …………. to a low-level warning. As a (9) ……………. of an increase in foreshock activity, an evacuation warning was (10) …………..the day before a magnitude 7.3 earthquake. Unfortunately, in (11) ……………. of their success in 1975, the Chinese failed to predict the Tangshan earthquake the following year, which (12) ……………. an appalling 250,000 fatalities.

Since (13) …………. completely reliable method of prediction has been found, most governments now focus (14) ……………. mitigating the effects of earthquakes once they strike (15) ………………..than attempting to forecast them.

Task 2

Read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0). Translate the formed words.


Tornadoes are the (0) amazing spinning storm which are common AMAZE

in the Midwest of the USA. Although they can often be (1) ……… FAIR

short-lived, lasting only 1-2 hours, tornadoes can spin at up to 400 kph,

and can (2) ………. destroy whole areas, even throwing EASY

(3) ……… farm animals on the tops of trees. People who are TERRIFY

(4) ……… enough to live in their path, often feel threatened by FORTUNE

tornadoes, and yet, (5) ………., some travel companies in the USA REMARK

organize trips for tourist who (6) ……… go in search of them. ACTIVE

Some enthusiasts travel thousands of kilometers in the hope of seeing

a violent but (7) ……… storm! Apart from the great rush of EXCITE

adrenaline they get as they (8) ………. anticipate the NERVOUS

(9) ………. of the tornado, these people are also motivated by the ARRIVE

thought that they may go home with some (10) ………., IMPRESS

and possibly valuable, photographs.


Task 3

For Questions 1-15, read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word, which should not be there. If a line is correct, put a plus (+ ) by the number. If a line has a word, which should not be there, write the word on the line. There are two examples at the beginning (0 and 00). Explain your choice.


0 Last December, I drove northwards across Europe to visit friends, +

00 in Sweden. I must to admit that I really wasn’t very well prepared to

1 for the trip. When I got off the car ferry, I immediately felt myself _____

2 very cold. I soon realized that I had not brought enough and layers _____

3 of warm clothes with me. So, before continuing my journey, I was _____

4 parked the car and went shopping. When I came back, however, the _____

5 car wouldn’t start, because the water in my radiator had been frozen. _____

6 If I had taken my car to a garage and have had special anti-freeze _____

7 liquid put in before I’d come, then I wouldn’t have had this problem. _____

8 Anyway, after a few hours I got it fixed and I drove to the my friend’s_____

9 house just outside Stockholm. I was amazed at these how well the _____

10 majority of Sweden seem cope in difficult weather conditions. The _____

11 roads are cleared of any kind ice and snow very quickly and people _____

12 is drive vehicles which are designed to perform reliably in bad _____

13 weather. I wish that when it snowed in my country, all of any the _____

14 buses ran on time and that the traffic moved as freely as it so does in _____

15 Sweden. But then, I guess they’re more used to the snow than we are. ____



Write a story for an international magazine. The story must begin with the following words:

1.It all began when the telephone rang.

2.Maria looked at the map and realised she was completely lost. She decided to ask for help.

3.When Peter read the message from his friend, he knew there was no time to lose. He had to do something.

4.The old house looked abandoned. Sarah got off her bike and looked through the window.




Task 1

1. Before you listen

a) Look at the lists below of three environmental problems and five things which ordinary people can do to help reduce these problems. Match the solutions (a-e) to the problems (1-3). Each solution can be applied to more than one problem.

Problems 1.We produce too much rubbish. 2.We are using too many natural resources (e.g. wood, oil, coal). 3.We are polluting the atmosphere. Solutions a Recycle and reuse glass, paper and plastic. b Refuse to buy products with a lot of packaging. ρ Go on foot or use bicycles or public transport for short journeys. d Use alternative energy sources (e.g. solar, wind or water power). e Buy recycled paper products.

b) Which of the things in list a-e do you or your family regularly do?


Task 1.1

You will hear a conversation between a journalist and a man who is a founder member of a self-sufficient community in Britain. For questions 1-10, fill in the answers.

Electricity for the community is generated from the wind and 1_________.

The community members 2_______________ once a day.

3__________ is the only food eaten in but not produced by the community.

The inspiration for the community came from 4_____________.

The community grew up around an existing 5______________.

The members of the community heard about it through 6______________.

There are 7______________ people living in the community.

The roof of the round house is made of straw, earth, grass and 8_________.

The windows face south in order to make the house 9______________.

The materials for the round house cost less than ₤ 10________________.

Task 1.2

You will hear five people talking about solutions to the problem of rubbish. For questions 1-5, choose from the list A-F which solution each speaker is referring to. Use the letters only once. There is one extra letter which you do not need to use.


A avoiding unnecessary packaging

B recycling glass Speaker 1 ___1

C recycling paper Speaker 2 ___2

D reusing bottles and jars Speaker 3 ___3

E reusing paper Speaker 4 ___4

F using recycled products Speaker 5 ___5


Task 1.3

You will hear a radio programme discussing some new research into the environmental effects of cycling compared to driving. For questions 1-7, write Y (Yes) next to opinions which are expressed by any of the speakers and N (No) next to opinions which are not expressed at all.

1The findings of the research are unexpected. ___1

2In some circumstances, driving is more environment-friendly than cycling. ___2

3The research was biased. ___3

4The findings are inaccurate. ___4

5Breathing problems are made worse by car fumes. ___5

6People shouldn't use cars for short journeys. ___6

7Car sharing is not popular at present. ___7


Task 2

a) Listen to the recording and choose the best option as you listen. (The questions follow the order of the text.)


You will hear a radio interview with a woman who won a lot of lottery. For questions 1-7, choose the best answer ΐ, Β or Ρ.

1. What does Mandy say about her winning lottery ticket?

A It was the first one she'd ever bought.

Β She had a feeling it was going to win.

Ρ She was persuaded to buy it by a friend.


2. How did Mandy's father react to the news that she'd won?

A He was too shocked to speak.

Β He became rather over-excited.

Ρ He rushed to tell her the news.


3. Mandy now feels that she made a mistake when

A she allowed her win to be publicised.

Β she trusted the people at the TV station.

Ρ she told her story to a newspaper reporter.


4. How did Mandy feel about the way certain people reacted to her win?

A disappointed with close friends

Β unsure of strangers

Ρ annoyed by her family


5. What does Mandy say about her friend Louise?

A She refused to accept the gift Mandy bought her.

Β She became rude and unfriendly towards Mandy.

Ρ She couldn't help resenting Mandy's good fortune.


6. How did the begging letters affect Mandy?

A She wished she'd never won the lottery at all.

Β She became angry with the people who sent them.

Ρ She realised that it wasn't right to have so much money.


7. What does Mandy feel about the money now?

A glad that she's given it all away

Β content with the lifestyle it's given her

Ρ sorry that she didn't use it more wisely

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