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Multi-stage Classification: additional practice

1. Construct a multi-stage classification scheme for shells. Multi-stage classification system has the following features:

1. Several other schemes may be possible depending upon which observable properties are used for grouping.

2. When each object in the original set is separated into a category by itself, the scheme is complete.

3. A unique description of each object can be obtained by listing all properties that the object has. For example, shell #6 can be distinguished from the other shells in the original set by listing its properties: no dark spots, circular, wide ribs.

Original set 1,2,3,4,5,6  


2. Construct a multi-stage classification using yourself and four other people seated near you. Complete the classification scheme. In each box, indicate the characteristic, such as blue eyes, that you are used to make the grouping. Be sure to carry the scheme through to completion. You may need to add more boxes or delete some. The number of boxes you will need depends on whether you are using a binary classification scheme or another form of single stage classification in which each set is divided into two or more sub-sets based upon the characteristics they possess. When the scheme is completed, each person should be in a separate box.

Original set of people  


Nutritional contents (g/100g)

Food Water Protein Fat Carbohydrate Kilocalories
Honey 17,2 0,8 80,3
Scittles 3,7 10,2 73,1
Marshmallow 0,8 78,3
Toffee 6,5 3,3 7,5 81,8
Fruit Jelly 0,1 77,7
Caramel 4,4 0,1 77,7
Chocolate sweet 7,9 2,9 10,7 76,6
Marshmallow sticks 0,5 80,4
Sugar 0,2 0,3 99,5
Sesame halavah 3,9 12,7 29,9 50,6
Sunflower halavah 2,9 11,6 29,7
Dark chocolate 0,8 5,4 35,3 52,6
Milk chocolate 0,9 6,9 35,7 52,4
Wafer 3,4 30,2 64,7
Puff cake 5,4 38,6 46,4
Cake 4,7 9,3 84,4
Honey cake 14,5 4,8 2,8 77,7
Swiss roll 4,7 49,8
Almond cake 9,3 6,6 35,8 46,8


3. Depending upon the purpose of the classification, objects may be ordered on the basis of size, shape, color, or a variety of other characteristics. Examine the Calorie Table in the table above, order the sweets according to three properties. Place the name of the property in the left column and serial order the panels in the right column.

Property Serial order






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