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Modern means of communication

A. Label the pictures.

mobile phone electronic mail pager Instant messaging
computer smartphone blogging payphone
social networking traditional telephone Internet
fax video chatting digital cordless telephone


1. 2. 3. 4.
5. 6. 7. 8.
9. 10. 11.  
12. 13. 14.

B. Which equipment from the box would each of these people use?

Cordless Fax Mobile phone Pager Public telephone Videophone Webcam

1A lawyer who needs to stay in contact in court, but can't have a ringing phone.

2A building contractor who works in different places.

3Someone who wants to stay in touch whilst they are in the garden.

4A company manager who wants to discuss something with managers in different offices at the same time.

5A computer enthusiast who wants to see the person she is talking to.

6Someone who is out but doesn't have a mobile.

7A bank clerk who wants to transmit some sensitive material.

C. Match the terms with the corresponding definition.

1. E-mail 2. Instant messaging 3. Fax 4. Mobile Phone 5. Wireless communications 6. Personal profile 7. Social Networking website 8. Video chat 9.Videoconferencing 10. Blogging     a. a small electronic device that you can carry with you and use in any place for a better communication. b. instant transmission of a printed document. c. receiving and sending mails through Internet. d. informal conversation using webcam to enable chatters to see one another. e. a system that makes it possible to have meetings with people in different parts of the world. f. a type of online journaling. g. a place on the Internet where people meet in cyberspace to chat, debate, and network. h. a place on the social networking site where you can express your thoughts and feelings, post photographs and show off your network of friends. i. a type of service available on the Internet that allows you to quickly exchange written messages with people that you know. j. a system of sending and receiving electronic signals that does not use electrical or telephone wires



Read the text. Do the exercises.


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