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Phonetic Text Drills

○ Exercise 1

Transcribe and pronounce correctly the words from the text.

Queue, extraordinary, accompaniment, appropriate, cou­ple, to itch, wire, elephantine, giant, carton, casualty, stuff, re­arrange, triumphant, trolley, maxim, yoghurt, quarter, cashier, to poise, cheque, gross, oriental, conveyor, dejectedly, salmon, processed, purse, leather, to total.

○ Exercise 2

Pronounce the words and phrases where the following clusters occur.

1. Plosive + 1

Couple, simply, plastic, immediately, what looked, glossy, blank, hard look, dejectedly, expectantly, possibly.

2. Plosive + w

Blonde woman, that woman, put up with her, quick, twenty, dark woman, ended with a quick nod, between, agreement with her thoughts, questions, and waiting.

○ Exercise 3

Pronounce after the announcer. Say what kind of false assimilation one should avoid in the following cases.

1. Of her, of steps, of tomatoes, of throwing, of stuff, of course, we've had, of people, out of place.

2. Was there, size salad, was sick, was something, as though, was so, with salad.

3. Noticed the-other, at the bottom, put the ruler, about their shopping, liked the processed kind, felt the frustration, that the people, noticed their stack, bought the book.

○ Exercise 4

Consult the dictionary and put stresses in the following compound nouns.

Half-used, cardboard, twenty-pound, family-size, cornflakes, washing-powder, hardback, pinpoint, eighty-seven, beefbur­gers.

○ Exercise 5

I. Intone the following general questions.

'Should she have 'got such a ↑small 'size 'salad /cream? ||

'Should she 'go and 'change it for a 'larger /size? ||

II. Explain why the following special question is pronounced with a rising intonation.

So 'what did you /say?

Comprehension Check

1. Whom did Jean hear talking in the queue?

2. Why was Jean's patience beginning to itch?

3. Why couldn't Jean go through the quick till?

4. When did Jean begin to rearrange the items in her shopping basket?

5. Was Jean the last in the queue or not?

6. What did Jean see in her own shopping basket?

7. Whom did the cashier suddenly address?

8. What caught Jean's eye suddenly? Why?

9. What did Jean remember about the shopping trips with her friend?

10. Why did Jean put the book back in its place?

11. How much did the blonde woman pay?

12. Did Jean see the two women leave the shop or not?

13. How much did Jean pay?

14. Why did Jean think that people behind her were becoming impatient?

15. What did Jean feel after she had left the supermarket?

16.What did Jean think about while she was going towards her car?

17. What did she suddenly decide?


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