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In the city: advantages and disadvantages of urban life; facilities, transportation; sightseeing; your native town/village.

The choice to stay in an urban or rural area is very crucial to the kind of lifestyle an individual wants to enjoy. The urban area is a great place to live with a lot of comfort that it offers but is not devoid of some challenges. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of urban living.


*Improved basic Amenities the urban area is filled with numerous and improved basic facilities. There are good schools in the cities equipped with relevant facilities and adequately trained teachers. Tertiary institutions in the urban area are better furnished than the ones in the rural setting. There is constant electricity supply in the cities. Big shopping malls are also many in the urban area making it possible for shoppers to have a variety of commodities from which to choose. Current medical facilities are also available in the cities availing people the opportunity to be treated properly. The roads in the urban area are good and spacious making commuting smooth, fast and pleasant. The cars in the urban cities also tend to last longer because of the quality of the roads. Recreational facilities such as parks, gardens, cinemas are plenty in the urban areas for people to enjoy and relax. There are also many museums where tourists can go for sightseeing. Effective telecommunication is also another merit that urban living possesses. There are many GSM providers in the cities with strong signals at affordable rates while there may be limited offers in the villages.

*Numerous employment opportunities employment opportunities are readily available in the urban areas because of many industries, offices, shopping complexes, factories, and even government agencies. This makes it possible for people to move from one job to another in the cities which guaranties consistent flow of income.

*Cutting-edge technology the kind of technologies that are available in the urban areas are quite advanced and makes life comfortable for people. These technologies make services rendered to consumers very attractive and affordable. For instance the kind of gadgets that are in a hair salon in the cities cannot be compared with the ones at the rural areas.

*Availability of various business ventures due to the high population density in the urban areas, goods and services are needed on a higher scale in the urban areas thereby making it possible to have many business opportunities.


*High cost of living goods and services are quite expensive in the cities. Vegetables and fruits that cost next to nothing in the villages are exorbitant in the urban areas. This makes it difficult for people to consume healthy foods.

*Lack of personal relationships life in the urban area is very fast-paced and clumsy, this makes it impossible for people to have time for interpersonal relationships. People in the villages are fewer and they know one another.

*Pollution there is a high level of pollution in the cities because of many factories, industries, cars and trucks. That is why you have a lot people that are sick and climate change is the order of the day.

*Overcrowding there is also the problem of congestion in the urban area because many are there to enjoy the aforementioned advantages. There is a lot of traffic jamming, crowded neighbourhoods, and overstretched public facilities.

*High rate of crime the level of crime in the cities are higher than what is obtainable in the rural areas because of the crowded nature of the urban area. People know one another in the villages, so you cannot commit a crime and easily get away with it.

These advantages and disadvantages are some of the features of most urban areas in the world. Individuals should consider their life goal before deciding whether to stay in the urban or rural areas.

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