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C1 Lesson 8 printouts Listening comprehension. True / False

a) France has taken a small step toward samesex marriage. T / F

b) 329 French politicians opposed the bill in a vote in parliament. T / F

c) The bill also wants homosexual couples to be able to adopt children. T / F

d) Only those against the bill have marched in the streets. T / F

e) Opinion polls suggest the majority of French people agree with the proposed law. T / F

f) The issue has greatly divided politicians in France. T / F

g) If passed, France will be Europe's 12th country to legalise same-sex marriage. T / F

h) Politicians in the UK have also supported same-sex marriage. T / F

1. Synonym Match

1. major 2 approved 3. paves the way for 4. homosexual 5. giving up 6. opposition 7. debate 8. provoked 9. hurdles 10. backed   a. prepares for b. discussion c. quitting d. passed e. supported f. sparked off g. obstacles h. significant i. rival j. gay


Complete the questions with the phrases from th box and answer them:

1. Would you ever go on a ________________? Why? Why not?

2. Do you ever read the ________________ column in the newspaper?

3. Do most people in youru country see marriage as a ________________?

4. How would you define a ________________?

5. Have you ever been / would you ever go to a ________________?

6. Do you think the concept of an _______________ still exists?

7. What do you think about _______________?

8. Is there such a thing as _______________ or is it the product of one's imagination?

9. In your country, do people usually get married in a church or _______________?



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