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Video comprehension prompts


1. Splendid isolation

2. Species

3. Remote

4. Living laboratory of evolution

5. Volcano eruption

6. To invade

7. To skyrocket

8. By 300%

9. Needed revenue

10. Vehicle emission

11. Energy consumption

12. An oil spill

13. A wake-up call

14. Fossil fuels

15. Renewable non-polluting energy


2. Ideas to tackle the issues mentioned in the video:







3. Listening. A story of a conservationist



4. Vocabulary



5. Grammar. Complete the interview with the articles where its appropriate:

6. Vocabulary. Global ecological threats

Distribute the following notions between two columns and complete the table with your ideas of causes and consequences of each issue:


a) Global warming

b) Greenhouse effect

c) Deforestation

d) Logging

e) Ice melting

f) Urban sprawl

g) Noise pollution

h) Tsunami

i) Hurricanes

j) Soil erosion

k) Earthquakes

l) Draughts

m) Floods

n) Acid rains

o) Ozone layer depletion

p) Extinction of endangered species

q) Pollution

r) Exhaust fumes

s) Toxic waste

t) Oil spills

u) Famine

v) Refugees

w) Nuclear weapons


Cause   Effect


7. Reading (IELTS Preparation)

Read the following passage and answer the questions:


Recently the scientific community has been very excited about new discoveries relating to the properties of the wonder drug Zymotropin. Zymotropin was borne out of previous experiments with happiness enhancing pharmaceutical products such as Dextragiggleathene and Tetrasidesplitopin.

Extensive research into the effects of these two compounds on terminally depressed rodents brought to light several interesting patterns of behaviour. Firstly, male rabbits who were given 40 miligrammes of Dextragiggleathene twice a day after breakfast and dinner showed signs of hyperactivity and playfulness, whereas in females it took 65mg before any sign of conviviality was witnessed. As a result of these findings, researchers at Smile & Guffaw Ltd. decided to mix the compound with the drug Tetrasiesplitopin formerly used in tests on British males who were chronically suicidal for no apparent reason. Unfortunately, raucous singing accompanied immediately afterward by mild seizure was the initial effects of a 50-50 mix of these two compounds. Because of this doctors decided to cut down on the amount of Tetrasidesplitopin and instead use a 75-25 mixture this was because of the fact that certain properties therein might have been responsible for the over anxiousness caused in many patients. After another round of controlled testing, it was discovered that the new drug resulted in joviality rarely seen in grown men born north of Buckinghamshire. Unfortunately, because of hormone imbalances brought about by menstruation, all women tested continued to take on the persona of Mrs Mills.


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