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Task 4. What will you do as soon as you arrive at the airport?

Place the following statements in correct sequence:



1. Answer any questions the security guard may ask

2. Arrive at the airport

3. As your things go through the X-ray machine, go through the detector

4. At the destination, leave the plane

5. Board the plane when your flight is called

6. Check that your hand luggage (or cabin baggage, or carry-on luggage) meets the required dimensions and weight allowance

7. Check the departure screens for your boarding gate

8. Check the departures board to see if the flight will leave on time

9. Check the screens for the number of your check-in desk

10. Check-in your hold luggage

11. Claim (get) your luggage

12. Collect your things

13. Get dressed and repack your hand luggage!

Go for a drink and/or something to eat

14. Go through customs

Go to the duty free shop or other shops

15. Hand the attendant your ticket or boarding pass and your passport

16. Hope that itís not overweight!

17. If asked by the security guards, hand over your passport and boarding pass and wait for your liquids to be checked

18. If the detector beeps prepare to be asked to lift your arms and to be frisked

19. If you are early:

20. If you are on time, go to your boarding gate and queue

21. Look at the screens to see which carousel your luggage will be on

22. Look for your check-in desk

23. Prepare for security checks

Put your hand luggage on the conveyor belt

Put your tray on the conveyor belt

24. Queue at passport control

25. Queue to go through security to the departure lounge

26. Show your ticket, boarding pass or passport again

Sit and wait

Take off your belt and put it in the tray

Take off your shoes and coat and put them in the tray

Take off your watch and put it in the tray

Take out your bag of liquids and put it in the tray

27. When you are called forward, give your passport to the controller

28. Youíve made it!



Task 5. At an Airport

Visa check in aisle seat passport international ticket baggage domestic seat assignment boarding pass baggage claim flight carry on claim check reservation flight number window seat gate

Parte superior do formulário

1. A trip on an airplane is called a _____________________.

2. A flight within one country is called a _________________ flight.

3. A flight between different countries is called an _____________ flight.

4. The letters and numbers which identify an airplane making a specific flight are called a ________________ ______________.

5. Ordering a seat to be held for you on the day you want to travel is called making a ______________.

6. A printed piece of paper which allows you to travel on an airplane is a ____________________.

7. The first thing to do at the airport is _____________ ______________, which means to register as a passenger for a flight.

8. A document which identifies you as a citizen of a certain country and which allows you to travel to other countries is called a ___________________.

9. A stamp in your passport which allows you to travel to another country is called a _________________________.

10. The selection of a specific seat for a trip on an airplane is called _____________ _______________.

11. A seat next to the window in an airplane is called a __________ _______.

12. A seat next to the passage between the rows of seats in an airplane is called an ___________ _____________.

13. The suitcases and bags which contain your belongings are called ______________________.

14. A bag which you carry with you on the airplane is called a _________ bag.

15. A small ticket with printed numbers that identify your baggage is called a baggage ______________ _____________.

16. A printed card which allows you to get on an airplane is called a__________ ______________.

17. A door which leads from the airport building into an airplane is called a _______________.

18. The area where you pick up your baggage after a flight is called ___________________________________


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