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What stereotypes connected with the British do you know?

What do you think about them?

We often see other nationalities as having a set of characteristics which set them apart from others, particularly ourselves.

The British are famous for their tolerance and sense of humour, yet they don’t always say what they think and can be intentionally rude. French writer Andre Maurois wrote: “In France it’s rude not to have a conversation with someone: in England, it’s unwise to have one. When you have not opened your mouth for three years, they will think, “This Frenchman’s quite a nice fellow.”

Also we know the British as the lovers of animals and nature. They are especially preoccupied with their houses. As the proverb says, “An Englishman’s home is his castle”. Gardening is still one of the most popular hobbies in the country.

However, the British are not one nationality but four, who all see each other differently. The Welsh are considered to be a much more talkative group. And indeed Wales has produced many preachers and trade union leaders, particularly in the 19th century. In contrast, the Scots are seen as more serious.

But today Britain is a multicultural society because of the large scale immigration to Britain. These ”new British” people have brought widely differing sets of attitudes with them. In spite of different accents, cultural backgrounds and different views, they are still all part of an island race, whose culture and customs are mixed so well together that they produce a British identity.

What questions will you ask about the specific qualities of the British national character?

First of all I’d like to ask about some meals habits.

1) Do you prefer to have a traditional English breakfast in the morning?

2) When do you like to drink tea?

3) Do you live in your house or in a block of flats?

4) How often do you talk about weather during a day?

5) What is your favourite joke?

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