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Letís talk about family relationship

Family is very important for every person, because it gives you a sense of stability and tradition, a feeling of having support and understanding. You feel secure when thereís a family behind you. They are people you can trust and rely on, people who wonít let you down and who share your joys and sorrows. In happy families parents are frank and honest with their children, they treat their children with respect without moralizing or bossing them, and children in their turn learn how to treat other people and how to form relationship with their peers.

I enjoy the honest and open relationship in my family. I like it when parents trust their children, give them enough freedom and respect them. I think these things make family relations warm and pleasant. There is no so-called ďgeneration gapĒ in our family, though we may argue and disagree on certain issues. I can always bring my friend home and my parents are very positive about it, although they donít always approve of our tastes, views and clothes.

In fact I have a closer relationship with my mother. We understand each other better, which I think is quite natural. We can spend hours and hours talking about our family problems, fashion, views on education, peopleís relations, their ambitions and the like.

I guess, when people spend more time together they are closer to each other. Itís a pity, but my parents and I are usually very busy during the weekdays and we seldom have a chance to spend time together. Sunday is the day when we can sit at a table and talk over everything that happened during the week. Eating together makes us feel close and we often have our most frank conversations at these times. Also once a week my parents give the flat a big clean. Of course I help them with it. By the way itís not so boring. I turn on music and we even have fun. Then we may go shopping together. I like to go shopping with my parents because they always buy me something. During our shopping rounds we discuss a lot of things and make plans for the next weekend.

Almost every weekend we visit our grandparents; sometimes we visit my uncle (aunt) and his family.

Iíd like to become more independent from my parents in future, nevertheless weíll always be the best friends because my parents are the most important people in the world.

  1. Why is family important for you?

Family is very important for me, because it gives me a sense of stability and tradition, a feeling of having support and understanding. I feel secure when thereís a family behind me. They are people I can trust and rely on, people who wonít let me down and who share my joys and sorrows. My parents are frank and honest with me, they treat me with respect without moralizing or bossing, and I in my turn learn how to treat other people and how to form relationship with my peers.

2. Why are there many one-parent families?

Itís sad that families are getting smaller these days. One-parent families are those where one of the parents is no longer part of the family unit, possibly due to death or divorce, leaving the remaining parent with the unenviable task of bringing up the children and trying to earn a living at the same time. Of course such families have support on behalf of the state. There are special financial programs to help the families with low income. Children may have free meals at school or they may have an opportunity to go to a summer camp.

3. What will you ask a British teenager about his/her relatives?

Have you got many relatives?

How many cousins have you got?

Have you got close relations with them?

4. What can you advise people who want to have a good relationship with their parents and grandparents.

I think we are old enough to realize that adults are not saints and may make mistakes and that the so-called generation gap should not spoil our relations. Good children are prepared to compromise and meet their parents halfway, render any possible help to their parents, treat their parents in the way they would like to be treated themselves.

So first of all I can advise for anyone to try to understand the feelings of your parents and show respect to them. Even if you donít agree with their thinking, try to make them understand politely, donít use harsh words with them which may hurt. Itís important to celebrate your parentsí and grandparentsí birthdays. It will make them realize that you care for them.

5. They say that parents and children have difficulties understanding each other because of the generation gap. What do you think about this problem?

I often hear this term ďgeneration gapĒ, but I hope itís not about my family. To my mind misunderstanding may happen if people donít respect each other. Of course different generations have different ideas and values, nevertheless children and parents love each other. So any problem can be discussed. Itís much easier to find the way out together.

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