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Shopping is a part of our every day life. There are many kinds of shops in every town or city: a department store, a supermarket, a local corner shop, a shopping outlet. Also there is a great variety of all kinds of specialized shops: a sweet shop, a greengrocerís, a butcherís, a dairy shop, a bakerís, a grocerís, stationary, and so on.

A department store is a large shop which is divided into a lot of different sections and which sells many different kinds of goods: ready-made clothes, footwear, fabrics, cosmetics and perfume, hi-fi, tableware, china and glassware, electric appliances, furniture and what not. They are popular with customers because itís convenient when various goods are sold under one roof. However, some people donít like to shop in big department stores as they are often overcrowded.

A supermarket is a large shop which sells all kinds of food: fresh, frozen and canned meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, bread and groceries. You can buy here practically everything a family needs: a little bit of everything including household goods.

A shopping outlet is a shop which sells goods made by a particular manufacturer.

Shopping can be both a must and a pleasure. Some people hate shopping. So they make a list of what they need and run through stores. Others make a hobby of shopping tours. They go from store to store looking for a bargain.

Coming to the shop you become a customer. Shops are ideal places to spend your money. You can choose the way to do it: pay cash, by card or buy things on credit. Shopping, however, is an art of its own and you have to learn slowly where to buy various things.

  1. Who does the shopping in your family?

My parents do most of the shopping in our family. They usually drive to the supermarket where they go to the grocery, greengrocery, meat and fish departments and buy all the food we need for our family. They usually do it once a week.

Shopping is also a chore for me. There is a small supermarket near our house so when my mum asks me I go there to buy bread or milk or something weíve run out.

Sometimes shopping is a kind of pastime and even entertainment for me and my mother. We can spend hours walking from one shop to another in search of something special.

2. Do you like shopping? Why (not)?

Some people hate shopping. So they make a list of what they need and run through stores. Others make a hobby of shopping tours. They go from store to store looking for goods of better quality and lower price. Like most girls I like shopping.

Modern shopping centres do their best to prove to you that shopping may be fun. Thatís why they tend to combine shopping and leisure. A modern shopping centre often looks like a city under one roof. Besides a great variety of stores, shops and outlets one can find there theme parks with rides, amusements and games. If you are tired you can enjoy delicious food in a restaurant or just have a snack in a cafeteria or a café. Information desk will help you not to be at a loss and to save your time.

To make shopping convenient for all, shopping centres offer you free of charge: late night shopping, recreation areas, special facilities for the elderly and disabled and shopping trolleys and baskets.

3. What questions can you ask your friend about the best shopping places in his/ her native city?

  • Is there any shopping centre in your city?
  • What shops would you recommend to visit?
  • Is there a market place in your city?
  • What is the best hi-fi shop in your city?

4. What can you advise a teenager who wants to buy a birthday present for his/ her friend?

First I should say, buying gifts for teens is not easy. Teenís ideas and interests are changing very quickly, which can make gift-giving a challenge. The steps of buying a present are as follows:

Find out as much as possible about his or her hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. If you know they need something, itís a good bet that they will be happy to get it.

Nowadays teens are much into communication so an inexpensive gadget will be a good idea.

At the same time teenagers like surprises so if you are a creative person think of something unusual.

Just say no to clothes. Teens are often very specific about what they wear.

Be practical! Be sure to include the receipt if you are unsure about your gift selection.

5. Parents usually give pocket money to their children. But some people think they shouldnít do it as teenagers donít work. What do you think about it?

I think parents should give their children pocket money because in this way they will learn how to budget. It is important to guide them when they first have money of their own. If you budget, you donít just spend or save, you plan how to spend, you plan your expenses. In this way children will become more responsible. To my mind pocket money can give good experience. Children should understand that they canít always have everything right away Ė sometimes they have to save up for things that they would like to buy.

Some of the rich are rich not because they have always had a lot of money but because they have been budgeting.



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