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Travelling is necessary to us all! It keeps us from growing stale and old; it stimulates our imagination; it gives us that movement and change which are necessary to our wellbeing. Some people travel in search of beauty, others to satisfy their curiosity, and many people consider traveling to be a good form of rest.

While traveling we look for different things. Some people look for natural wonders: waterfalls, mountains; others search for ancient sites and great monuments. Some of my friends want to see romantic historical cities or exciting modern cities. As for me I like beautiful beaches and a coastline.

Some people travel light, and some take a lot of luggage on their travels, journeys, voyages or trips. They may choose various means of travelling: by air, by sea, by train, by car, by coach, on a bike, on foot or even on horseback.

Every journey has to be arranged beforehand. There is a number of things one must take care of if they want to make their journey comfortable. First of all, you should choose the most convenient way of getting at your destination. Secondly, it would be very wise of you to reserve everything in advance and save your time and trouble. Then you should find out the time of departure and the time of arrival. Think about your luggage beforehand and pack it neatly. It is strongly recommended to come to the railway station, coach station or airport well in advance so as to have enough time to settle for your traveling.

There are some things that can spoil the impression of your journey: travel sickness, heavy luggage, talkative fellow passengers, missing your transport, bad food, delays and cancellations of transport and bad weather. You should take everything into account and take drastic measures. For example you may take a medicine for your sickness, pack a couple of sandwiches, take suitable clothes, be well-organized and try to be optimistic in any case. People who are optimistic have more control and a better handle on life, live longer, persevere () more, have more friends and generally are happier.

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