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Most of the BRSMs activities are similar to those that were performed by the Soviet Komsomol. The main activities of the BRSM involve the promotion of Belarusian patriotism. This is accomplished by participating in wreath-laying ceremonies at various memorials around the country. BRSM members also pass out flowers to veterans of the Great Patriotic War (World War II) to honor their service during the national holiday Den Pobedy (Day of Victory). Both the memorial visits and the flowers for the veterans give BRSM members an idea of what sacrifices their ancestors made. During other national holidays, the BRSM passes out a ribbon that resembles the national flag of Belarus, to be worn on a shirt or jacket. This program, along with other events, is part of its For Belarus! (Russian: !) campaign.

The BRSM participates in outdoor activities and sports, including football, running, swimming and hockey. Some of these athletic events involve different groups from inside Belarus or from neighboring countries, such as Russia, Ukraine or Latvia. BRSM members also participate in competitions amongst themselves or with other foreign groups that are similar to the BRSM.

BRSM organizes student construction brigades, a practice also originated in the Soviet Union.

3. What questions would you like to ask a person who has joined a new international organization?

Really its interesting to find out something about these people:

  • What is the name of your organization?
  • Why have you joined this organization?
  • What activities does your organization organize?

4. What issues would you recommend to discuss at a monthly meeting of a debate club?

I think there are so many things to talk about for young people. For example I would recommend to discuss: the ecological situation in our town, our modern national music styles, modern arts, some fashion issues. Maybe such questions will be interesting for discussions: Is there any threat from the space? Would you like to change the system of our education? Do you know your history well? What is the role of colours in our life? Is it possible to avoid all bad habits in the society?

So I can say that the topics and questions for discussions are unlimited.

5. A lot of young people in Europe work in hospitals and kindergartens as volunteers. What do you think attracts them to this kind of work?

Volunteer movement is a very unique phenomenon in a society. It shows the level of the development of the society. In this kind of work people have no any material motivation. The people who work as volunteers have some spiritual intentions and motivation. Some of them want to help other people, others hope to get some experience in this kind of work because they want to connect their lives with this sphere of activity. Also there are people who have overcome some situations or difficulties in their lives and now they want to help others.

In Belarus we also have volunteer movement. For example in Grodno you can work in the organization taking care about homeless animals. Some young people go to hospitals with Christian priests. Also there are people who go by bicycles around Belarus to clean the countryside.


  1. There are many ways for young people to be involved in social life. Tell me about some of them.
  2. Have you ever joined a youth organization?
  3. What questions can you ask about the campaign Education Free for Everybody?
  4. What issues would you recommend to discuss at a monthly meeting of a debate club?
  5. A lot of young people think that there is nothing better than having money. Do you agree with them?


  1. Today many young people take an active part in social life. What issues are important for them?
  2. Have you ever taken part in an interesting international event? Why (not)?
  3. What would you like to learn about the activities of cheerleaders in Minsk?
  4. Which youth organization would you recommend to join and why?
  5. If you had a chance to start a campaign, what kind of campaign will it be? What would you campaign for?


  1. Today young people take an active part in social life. How do they do it?
  2. Would you like to join any of the organizations youve heard about? Why (not)?
  3. What questions can you ask about the recent event organised by the BRSM?
  4. What campaign would you recommend to start? Why?
  5. Not all young people in Belarus have joined youth organizations. What stops them?


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