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What Belarusian sights would you advise a foreigner to visit?

Whether you need inspiration for your trip, Belarus has everything you need to plan your perfect holiday. Everything denotes harmony on this land. Medieval castles, small village churches, remarkable landscape, sheer beauty of cool forests with primeval nature which are a paradise for hunters, and clear like tears silent lakes. Belarusian unique natural environment is host to a fascinating selection of rare plant and animal species, several National Parks and a range of significant conversation projects. Since old times Belarus has been called ‘blue-eyed”. There are more than ten thousand lakes and twenty thousand rivers are considered to be a treasure for fishermen and for lovers of such sport activities as diving and boating. A special offer is rural tourism that became fashionable nowadays!

Belarus is a unique country which is known for its rich and colourful heritage and culture. Places, people, myths and legends all come together to tell us stories that fascinate and inspire. They provide vital clues about our past and are therefore vital to our present and future. The birthplace of Chagall, Tadeush Kostsiushko, and Zhores Alferov, Belarus is full of customs and traditions, many with a very long history.

The best starting point for travelling, I think, is Grodno. Besides, Grodno is the first city on the way from Europe.

Grodno is our ancient and ever young town. It’s an eye-witness of many events that happened in it and its surroundings. The history of Grodno is in its architecture, in the names of its streets and squares, in its monuments. On the right bank of the River Neman you can see an imposing building of the Old Castle, many churches and cathedrals which are the architectural monuments of the past, the relics of the past.

Great past of Grodno is connected with the world famous names —August Ponyatovsky, Stefan Batory, Knight Vitovt, Kastus Kalinovsky, Eliza Ozheshko, Maxim Bogdanovich.

Then I will advise to go along the road of castles to Novogrudok, Mir, Nesvizh. It’s impossible to visit the country and not to visit its capital. That’s why Minsk would also be an interesting point in your route. Such places as Polotsk and Vitebsk are connected with certain events and names. Our famous Belarusian guides will tell a lot of interesting things about the history of our country.

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