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Aalto market study


The lifestyle in the Western countries (and in Russia as well) has become more and more hectic.and possibilities for stress-management and relaxing need to be intentionally looked for. In order to cope with the ever-growing demands of work people with a fast-speed career need to invest in their wellbeing. This is why spas, wellness hotels, wellness resorts and body&mind group fitness classes are growing and expanding. We also see quiet cabins in trains, silent floors in hotels and hairdresserís where you are not allowed to use mobile phone.


Saunayoga is a service product for spas, hotels and fitness clubs, which aims to respond to the growing need for high quality wellness products. The facility alone is not enough; a well-structured, standardized and tested service is the only way to attract customers and reach the full potential of the return on investment.


Saunayoga is a 30-minute exercise done in a mild temperature of sauna, between 50-60 degrees centigrade. All poses are done seated on the bench, are very simple and easy to follow and do not require any prior experience about yoga or even physical training.


Game plan 2012-13

Saunayoga as an instructed relaxing and stress management workout was launched in August 2011. At the moment there are almost 30 facilities offering Saunayoga classes and over 100 certified Saunayoga instructors in Finland, Sweden and Germany. We are currently working on the launch to the German-speaking market executed at the beginning of 2013. There will also be pilot projects launched in Costa del Sol (Spain), Hungary, Great Britain, Los Angeles and Colombia in early 2013. Russia, especially the market areas of St Petersburg and Moscow are also a high interest of ours.


Potential clients

Our main target group is high-end, for to five starsí spas, spa hotels and wellness clubs. At the moment our main product is Saunayoga. We offer the basic training (8 hours), which is required to become a certified instructor and series update training (3 hours) which will take place 4 times a year, in a seasonal rhythm (winter, spring, summer, fall). In the near future we will have other members in the silent Saunayoga family as well as a Saunayoga Studio concept and a wide range of Saunayoga accessories.


We see that in the countries where sauna and spa culture are important there is a huge potential market for our services. Facilities constantly need something new to differentiate themselves from the competitors. They also like to outsource the production (design, education, development) of their services.


By the end of 2013 we want to see our products offered in all the above mentioned countries and areas. At the moment everything we have done has been funded by our own money but we are having negotiations with investors as we speak.


Market study

Our main interest is to get a detailed list of the exclusive actors in the health & wellness industry in St Petersburg and Moscow regions. We are looking for companies with an international outlook and an open, pioneer-minded business culture. We are also interested to know how eager the Russian companies are to work with foreigners. Yet again if you can provide us information about the education system of wellness professionals and spa staff in Russia, that would be helpful.


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