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What is an assimilating sound?

Assimilated sounds in English: Assimilation is a common phonological process by which the sound of the ending of one word blends into the sound of the beginning of the following word. This occurs when the parts of the mouth and vocal cords start to form the beginning sounds of the next word before the last sound has been completed. An example of this would be 'hot potato'. The /t/ in 'hot' is dropped as the lips prepare for the /p/sound for 'potato' (Bloomer et,247: 2005).

1.1 Types of assimilation:

1. Regressive assimilation: this is leftward assimilation; when a sound changes another sound that occurs before it into one more similar to it, for example:

Have to /hæv/ + /tu/ = it is pronounced [hæf tu]

Used to /ju:zd/+/tu/ = it is pronounced [ju:s tu]

Ten minutes /ten + minits/ = it is pronounced [tem minits]

This shirt /ðis + ∫:t/ = it is pronounced [ði∫∫:t]

Horse-shoe /ho:s ∫u:/ = it is pronounced [ho:∫∫u:]

Five pence /faiv pens/ = it is pronounced [faifpens]

Inn-keeper /in ki:pə/ = it is pronounced [iŋki:pə]

2. Progressive assimilation: this is rightward assimilation; when a sound changes another sound occurs after it into one more similar to it. For example, (English s) The English plural is either /z/ or /s/ when it occurs after a non-sibilant sound. The voicing feature is taken from the final consonant of the base.These are some of the progressive assimilation cases in the language:

/ t / changes to / p / before / m /, / b / or / p /

Basket maker [bæskpeikə]

Cat burglar [kæpərglə] 176

mixed bag [mikspæg]

/ d / changes to / b / before / m /, / b / or / p /

bad pain [bæbein]

blood bank [blʌbænk]

good morning [gubo: niŋ]

/ n / changes to / m / before / m /, / b / or / p/

action planning [æk∫mplæniŋ]

American plan [əmerikæmplæn]

brown paper [braumpeipə]

bad girl [bæg:l]

bird call [b:ga:l]

closed game [kləuzgeim]

hard cash [ha:gæ∫]

/ d / changes to / g/ before / k / or / g /177

/ n / changes to /ŋ/ before / k / or / g /

action group [æk∫ŋ gru:p]

common good [komiŋgud]

open court [əupŋko:t]

/ s / changes to /ʃ/ before /ʃ/ or / j / followed by a rounded vowel sound

bus shelter [bʌ∫eltə]

nice yacht [nai∫jot]

space shuttle [spei∫ʌtl]

/θ/ changes to / s / before / s /

bath salts [bæso:lts]

earth science [:saiəns]

fifth set [fifset]


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