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Each Man is a Creator of a Temple Called the Human Body

To begin with Iíd like to comment on the metaphor that compares our body to a magnificent temple. In fact, it is a hundred percent true. A human body is e perfectly organized creation with millions of blood vessels. It has an extremely powerful engine that pumps gallons of blood every day. A human brain is a fantastic mind machine. It contains around 100 billion cells, equal to the number of stars in the Milky Way.

Nowadays people are getting more and more concerned about the food they eat, about the air they breathe and the way they look and feel. They begin to comprehend that staying active as you get older gives you more energy and helps to starve off illness. Nowadays we are offered a wide range of sport facilities to achieve general fitness.

From my own experience I can say that some of my friends are simply hooked on aerobics, shaping, stretching and bodybuilding. I must admit that a professional sportsman is always a pleasure to look at: he doesnít smoke or drink alcohol, he keeps to a healthy diet avoiding junk food and always takes regular hours.

Absolute beginners should start with some basic mobility exercises to get them moving. All sports should be made a part of a weekly routine. Regularity and moderation are two basic rules. However, we shouldnít forget that it might be appropriate to get the doctorís approval before. In fact everybody chooses an activity that appeals more to him.

From my point of view, swimming is an excellent exercise. It doesnít strain the muscles as the water supports the body weight. It also helps flexibility, stamina, and heart and lung capability. Cycling is wonderful for balance. In fact you can practice it both indoors and outdoors on a stationary bike.

Yoga is also an ideal option. Itís mostly due to the fact that both your body and your mind benefit from yoga classes, as it tones the muscles and relieves tension.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that recent research shows that just an hourís brisk walk every day maintains perfect fitness and wards off such diseases as asthma, arthritis, back aches and insomnia.

As a teenager Iíd say that the greatest way to combine pleasure and fitness is dancing. Pretty much like jogging or hiking it is one of the best ways to boost heart, muscles and lungs. It improves self-control and coordination. Doctors say that a twenty minutes session will give the heart a safe level of protection.

So all these exercises combined with healthy will inevitably provide a person with a healthy body and a peace of mind.


  1. Agree or disagree and comment on the following statements. Give a reason for your opinion.

A human body is a perfectly organized creation.

A human brain is a fantastic mind machine.

Nowadays people are getting more and more concerned about food and air.

Nowadays unfortunately we are offered nothing to achieve general fitness.

A professional sportsman presents a dull picture.

Any professional sportsman is always a pleasure to look at.

Absolute beginners should start with risky sports.

All sports should be made a part of a weekly routine.

Most sports help flexibility and stamina.

Sports usually ward off diseases.

Swimming is undoubtedly an excellent exercise.

Yoga is a dangerous sport.

You should walk every day to keep fit.

Sports provide a person with a healthy body and a sound mind.

If your body is sound your mind will be sound too.


  1. Read the following shaggy dog story and give your response.


The Secret of Long Life

Iím John Doe. Iím a journalist with an important magazine. The other day I saw a white-haired man sitting on the porch in front of his house. I could see the wrinkles in his face and neck, and his wrinkled hands. Articles on the secrets of living to an advanced age are always popular with our readers, so I decided to pursue this story and discover the secret of this manís long life. As I approached him, I said:

John: Sir, would it bother you if I talked with you for just a moment?

Man: Not at all. On the contrary, it would delight me. I get very bored sitting here, even for a short time. Until a little while ago I lived a full and active life without a momentís rest.

J: Well, they say that a lot of activity helps one to live a long time.

M: Thatís true, very true. I still feel very well, although my step has slowed down a little.

The conversation continued in that vein for a while. Although I try to be very considerate about obtaining information from older people, it seemed to me that it would now be all right to begin to ask some discreet questions.

J: Would it bother you if I smoked a cigarette?

M: Not at all.

J: Iíd offer you one, but I suppose you probably donít smoke, or drink, orÖ

M: On the contrary! Iíve always smoked my head off. And until a little while ago I went dancing every night. And as for alcoholic drinksÖ.

J: Do you mean to say that youíve done these things all your life?

M: Of course. Why does that surprise you so much?

J: Iíve always been told that doing those things is bad for the health.

M: Ridiculous!

J: I suppose that you have another secretÖ a lot of fruitÖ vegetablesÖ a lot of exercise in the fresh airÖ.

M: Donít be silly! I hate exercise in the fresh air, and I donít like any kind of vegetables.

J: This is incredible!

M: What do you mean, incredible? What are you talking about?

J: Itís just that I canít understand how youíve been able to live like that and to have lasted so long. Tell me, how old are you?

M: Me? Iím 27. Why?

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