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Master of Science training in diverse fields of science is one of the major educational programmes requiring six years of study. The programme is composed of a four-year undergraduate study and a two-year graduate study in a chosen field.

After successful completion of studies graduates are awarded the masterís degree and are prepared to the following:

∑ To do research in their professional area

∑ To train undergraduate students as teaching assistants

∑ To continue studies in doctoral programmes

Training is carried out in accordance with an individually designed curriculum under the guidance of a research advisor.

Applicants who successfully complete the undergraduate school and hold bachelorís degrees are allowed for admission to the Masterís Degree programme. Admission is competitive. To be admitted an applicant is required to take tests and examinations related to the field of study.

Students who obtained their bachelorí s degrees in engineering in NSTU may opt for the Masterís Degree programme in their field on a competitive basis.

Students holding bachelorí s degrees in fields different from the Masterís programme have to take an obligatory examination in the chosen major covering the content requirements of the Bachelor of Science programme.

Applicants who hold bachelorís degrees in engineering but who graduated from NSTU more than a year ago or who graduated from another university have to take tests and undergo an interview with the Admissions Boards at the Faculties.

Applications are accepted from 15-25 June. Applications include the following:

∑ Application form

∑ Educational documents (with full records of academic performance in related subjects)

∑ Letters of recommendation from the previous educational institution

It is also desirable to attach a list of publications, diplomas and certificates awarded at contests and competitions and other documents confirming qualification and creative potential of an applicant.


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