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You already know a lot about marketing because it is all around you. You have been a consumer for many years and you have made decisions about products you liked and did not like. Marketing is a central part of every society, influencing everyone in the society to some extent. Marketing affects decisions being made not only by buyers and sellers, but also by a diverse group including physicians, lawyers, politicians and so on.

For example, a state politician tries to decide how to allocate his promotional budget during his election campaign. Should an expensive television advertisement be used? Should there be more radio spots? Or would additional advertisements in various newspapers be a better use of the available money?

Buyers of industrial goods face other aspects of marketing. Should sources of supply be changed because of the superior quality and lower price of the new supplier? Will a new firm consistently supply the needed quantity at this price? Will the new supplier deliver the product on time to avoid costly plant shutdowns? An industrial buyer must carefully weigh many aspects of marketing in selecting the correct product and supplier.

Finally, the consumer tries to decide whether to go to the local hair stylist to have his hair done, or to visit an expensive saloon where a number of services and employees are offered.

All this makes it important for everyone to understand the marketing process not only to have a better lifestyle, but also to be able to work in an organization. Even managers need to realize marketing principles, since marketing is the major force stimulating sales and the main source of the firmís revenues.

2. Define the main idea of each paragraph.

3. Find among the underlined words in the text those that mean the same as the following:

1)Costing a lot of money.

2)Income from business activities or taxes.


4)The degree of the importance of a problem or situation.

5)The type of life you have, the type of job or house you have or the type of activity you like doing.

6)A company, organization, or country that provides or sells a product or service.

7)Continuing or developing steadily in the same way.

8)Very different.

9)Someone who is paid regularly to work for a person or an organization.

10)To take something, especially goods or letters, to a place.

11)To officially give something to someone, or decide that something can be used for a specific purpose.

12)An occasion when a machine or factory stops working temporarily.

13)Someone who purchases goods or services that will be used in the production or supply of other goods or services.

4. Match the sentence halves:

1.Marketing affects various Ö a) source of the firmís revenues.

2.Marketing concerns everyone in Ö b) deliver products on time.

3.Expensive saloons offer Ö c) his promotional budget.

4.Suppliers must Ö d) in order to have better lifestyle.

5.A state politician allocates Ö e) groups of people.

6.Industrial buyers choose Ö f) many services and employees.

7.Marketing is the main Ö g) suppliers carefully.

8.We must understand the marketing process Ö h) the society.

1. Read the second part of the text and do the exercises below:


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