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II. Speaking Exercises:


Exercise 1. Describe management, organizational productivity, managerial ability, small business using the suggested words and expressions as in example:


management to achieve, objectives, process, with and through, environment, changing example: Management is the process of working with and through others to achieve organizational objectives in a changing environment. Central to this process is the effective and efficient use of limited resources.  


organizational productivity ratio, output, inflation, period of time, total, input  


managerial ability capacity, objectives, efficiently, to achieve, demonstrated  


small business enterprise, owned, profit-seeking, managed, employing, fewer, independently  



Exercise 2. Ask questions to the given answers:


1) Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer: Research indicates that small busi­ness managers have a different managerial role profile than do managers in larger businesses.


2) Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer: It is important for managers to translate the productivity problem into organizational terms.


3) Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer: Small business and public sector organizations afford managers some unique opportunities and challenges.




III. Writing exercises:


Exercise 1. Complete the sentences with the suggested words:

adjusted, inspiring, of, rate, for, into


It is important _____ managers to translate the productivity problem____ organizational terms. Organizational productivity is the ratio ___ total input to total output,______ for inflation, for a specific period of time. Japan, with the world's highest ____ of productivity growth, is an ______example of how to do more with less.


Exercise 2. Compose a story on one of the topics (up to 100 words):


“Management is an important area of study”

“Small business management”

“Public sector management”


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