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Infinitive has a developed system of forms and functions in English.


Active Voice Passive Voice_______

Indefinite to ask to be asked___ ______

Continuous to be asking -______________

Perfect to have asked to have been asked___


Functions of Infinitive and their translation into Russian:


L .Translate the following sentences paying attention to the Tenses, the Voice and

the functions of the Infinitive.


  1. This is a device to be used in our experiment.
  2. The generator is a device to change mechanical energy into electric energy.
  3. The induced voltage causes the current to flow and the rotor to revolve.
  4. Lightning proved to be a discharge of electricity.
  5. The student is certain to know that the voltage can be increased or decreased.
  6. Heat is known to be a form of energy.
  7. This scientist seems to have been working on the problem of the atom splitting.
  8. Coal is considered to be a valuable fuel.
  9. The electrolytes appear to charge greatly when the current passes through them.

M. Translate these sentences from Russian into English.


1. Чтобы получить постоянный ток, необходимо иметь источник энергии.

2. Пирометр используется для измерения температуры горячих металлов.

3. Человек научился расщеплять атомы для того, чтобы получать больше энергии.

4. Громоотвод - металлическое приспособление для защиты от молний.

5. Проводить опыты с атмосферным электричеством очень опасно.

6. Молекулы воды движутся быстрее, когда ее нагревают.

7. Известно, что при нагревании тела расширяются.

8. Тепловая энергия-это энергия молекулярного движения.


N. Read and translate the text, explain the meanings of the words in italic type, get ready

to answer the following questions:


1. Who first produced a source of continuous current?

2. What did you know about an electron and a charge?

3. What do DC and AC mean?

4. Who first applied AC in practice?



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