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Types of coinage

class group subgroup, or type of formation illustrations
phonetic artificial rah-rah, "a type of skirt", yecky/ yucky "repulsive"
phonetic borrowing solidarnosc (Polish), dolce vita (Italian), Berufsverbot (German)
morphological compound neutral to catlick "to wash the dishes carelessly"; selflife "term of validity", free-fall "a sudden severe decline, esp. in stock-market proces, which shows no sign of stopping"; materclass; Amerenglish "Ameican English"
particle compound in- "modern, the most fashionable" in-crowd; in-group, in-language, in-thing
-in "protest, strike" sit-in "a strike when workers remain at their working places"; laugh-in "organized laughing during a speech"; read-in "competition of reciters"
block compound spelt with a break pile up "traffic jam'; trade off "exchange, substitution"
affixed compound rubber-neck "a tourist who remains in the coach and is not curious about the country"; white-collardom; topsy-turvidom; righ-wingish; show-offy
identical meaning component -basher (bang+smash) IRA-basher "person who is against IRA"; Paki-basher "a person who is against Pakistan"
-manship "ability, skill, knowhow" lifemanship "ability to prosper in life'; showmanship "skill to show off"
-hop "to move from place to place very quickly" to job-hop; to tavern-hop; to bed-hop
conversion to Micky-mouse, to hero-worship; to frontpage
backformation to freeload < freeloader, freeloading "about people who go to receptions of different types to have free meals"; to baby-sit < baby-sitter; to bird-watch < birdwatching; to massproduce
analogy   snowmobile (automobile); danceaholic (alcoholic); moneygram (telegram)
-free "devoid of what is expressed by the first component" waste-free; alcohol-free; nuclear-free; E-free "without additives"
-friendly ozone-friendly; planet-friendly; audience-friendly; customer-friendly
-happy "fond of what is expressed by the first component" travel-happy; queue-happy; power-happy
-proof "defended from what is expressed by the firs component" germ-proof; burglar-proof; depression-proof
-oriented money-oriented; computer-oriented; change-oriented; leisure-oriented; job-oriented
-wide; -intensive personnel-wide, Industry-wide; profit-intensive, neologism-intensive, labor-intensive
terminological neologism, or neo-classical built on the pattern of Latin or Greek compounds [Gr. aer "air"] > aerogram, aeronaut, aerospace, aerocapture; [Gr. mania "madness"] > discomania, Beatlesmania
syntactical with conjunction stems of different types middle-of-the-roader; no-where-goer; roam-a-phone; do-it-yourselfer; me-too-ism; me-first-ism; here-and-now; all-or-none; hard-to-get
shortened or abbreviated forms kidvid "a child who is a compulsive watcher of TV or video"; vid "short video film"; sexploitation (sex + exploitation); resto (restaurant); dinky (dual income no kids yet); super G (super giant slalom); SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)
phraseological phraseological units with transferred meanings fudge and dodge "avoidance of definite decisions"; to nose out "to find out"; talk'n chalk "traditional method of teaching"
set non-idiomatic expressions Rubic's clock/ cube; acid rain; a whizz kid "a very clever and ambitious young man, who makes a quick pogress in his career"
substitutions elder → older older (in the family and in the age)
such →that that kind of…
so → that not that simple
as…as → not this It can't be this cold tomorrow
typical → very much This is very much the case.
to have → to get He got his hair cut.
to be → to get to get born; to get caught in a heavy rain

Nonce words

Nonce word, or nonce form(ation) is a word which speaker consciously invents or accidentally uses on a single occasion, in order to solve an immediate problem of communication (circumtreeviation "the way a dog on a lead tends to walk round a tree on the opposite side to the way a its owner wants it to go").


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